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Wall Street Forex Robot Ulasan
Wall Street Forex Robot


Wall Street Forex Robot

According to its developers, Wall Street Forex Robot is the smartest and most experienced Expert Adviser on Forex. Wall Street Forex Robot has automatic update and self-adapts to sensible Forex environment.

Wall Street Forex Robot trades and analyses market dynamics 24/5 with no time limits. The Expert Adviser opens positions at the lowest spread and the highest market liquidity.

Wall Street Forex Robot has been specifically developed by a team of professional traders for Forex trading.

Three reasons to use Wall Street Forex Robot:

  • Wall Street Forex Robot was developed by a team of professional traders with more than 30 years of complex experience in trading.

  • Wall Street Forex Robot is one of few time-proved Expert Advisers. The robot is based on low-risk scalping following short and medium-term trends.

  • Wall Street Forex Robot has proven its profitability over the years of Forex trading.

WallStreet Forex Robot is a software product which is 100% unbiased. It trades with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and AUDUSD. WallStreet Forex Robot has 15 minutes timeframes. The Expert Adviser requires MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 installed.


Wall Street Forex Robot 9/10 (votes 382)
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Marius | Tanggal 2019-08-16
Wall Street Forex Robot said that it will be a bot that could change my trading activities into positive ones. I have been consecutively losing my trades for the past month and I am worried that I might burn all of my funds out. Since I found no other way, I bought and used Wall Street robot. To my dismay, it only made the situation even worse. The bot made a lot of trading mistakes and costed me a huge amount of fund.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Tamina | Tanggal 2019-08-08
Wall Street Forex Robot is one of the best trading bots you can get out there. Compared with my manual trading, this bot definitely gives better results. I usually only earn around 30 dollars a week, and this is when I give most of my time on trading. But when I let this bot do all the tradings for a month, It almost doubled my profit rate. This has been a big help to me because I am earning well even without having to check my trading activities every now and then.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Ikigaye | Tanggal 2019-08-01
Wall Street Forex Robot is an average trading bot. It is not the worst but I don't think it could line up with the most popular and reliable trading bots out there. If we talk about trading activities, then it actively trades. However, it doesn't get desirable results. It would either make great a great loss or would earn so little amount. It had a couple of big winnings as well but they are still not enough for me.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Umair | Tanggal 2019-07-26
I have been trading for quite a few months already yet my transaction history is still not looking good. I have incurred a lot of losses and my account balance is gradually dropping. I was about to lose hop already and close to giving up when I saw an advertisement about a trading bot. Here is where Wall Street Forex Robot comes in. I purchased it for nearly $200 and I started using it more than a month ago. Impressively, it has been doing a great job. My transaction history is now full of winning trades and my trading capital started to recover.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Wanto | Tanggal 2019-07-19
Wall Street Forex Robot didn't meet my expectations. It doesn't trade on a daily basis so at the maximum, it could only earn 10 dollars in a week. I find it too low relative to my usual profit rate. The reason I got this bot is to help me boost my account right? So it doesn't help that it earns so little. Well, if you earn lower than 10 dollars a week, then this could be of use for you. But it is a no for me.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Eldrian | Tanggal 2019-07-15
Wall Street Forex Robot was introduced to me by my broker itself. I have been with my broker for a year and I've had a great trading experience so I also highly trust it. When they offered a trading bot, it piqued my interest and purchased the bot soon after. I don't regret the decision because I can see on my portfolio the difference that this bot has made. It regularly trades and brings in profit everyday. It boosted my profit rate by an additional 8% and I am happy with this result.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Roxann | Tanggal 2019-07-08
Wall Street Forex Robot could have been a good one if it weren't for the flashy tools that comes with it. I am a minimalist and I easily get dizzy from animations and movements on the screen. Since the EA is flashy (with its signals, and other indicators), I am unable to focus on analyzing the market. It also has some infrequent glitches that mess up the trading experience.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Gizem | Tanggal 2019-07-02
I don't regret buying Wall Street Forex broker. I bought it for almost $200 and it is absolutely worth it. I have seen enough positive reviews to be able to decide that I want this and the reviews were right. It provides helpful materials and references to aid in making trading decisions. It also gives trading signals that are often accurate. And it can be set to trade on its own and earn marvelous amounts.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Palis | Tanggal 2019-06-25
Wall Street Forex Robot is a waste of money. If you are planning to get a trading bot, I advise you to just deposit the $120 on your trading account and do the trades on your own. This bot does not do anything to boost my account. As a matter of fact, it even incurs more losses than when I was manually trading. That is why I just decided to practice and enhance my own trading skills instead of relying on useless bots and wasting money.
Author dari Wall Street Forex Robot: Nydia | Tanggal 2019-06-19
I still can't believe I finally found a trading bot that I'll have no trouble with. Wall Street Broker was my last chance in trading bots. I thought back then that if it didn't work, I wouldn't get another one. But lo and behold, this bot gave a remarkable performance and significant results. Out of 9 trades, it would win at least 5. There are times when it gets winning streak for a whole day. I am really happy with this bot.
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