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Unitmarkets broker problems

"In order to withdraw your funds, you need to top up your account" - this phrase could be the slogan of Unitmarkets.com brokers. The term ‘broker’ is not quite appropriate here, however. In this company, cash flow goes only in and never out. Today, members of Unitmarkets.com are actively attracting new Russian-speaking customers from CIS (former Soviet countries). They resort to aggressive techniques from MLM to psychological abuse in order to bring in new clients, or rather their money. New traders are being skillfully manipulated by the broker whose only goal is to keep the trading account topped up on a regular basis.

Equity Flow: waste of money

After taking a closer look at the Equity Flow's website, it becomes crystal clear why there are so many negative reviews about it in the network. This broker is a typical scammer similar to Tor Trade whose fraudulent scheme we have discussed earlier. Equity Flow also offers allegedly successful trading with the help of artificial intelligence program and gives empty promises of quick and easy earnings even if a trader knows nothing about trading strategies, fundamental and technical analysis.

Unscrupulous swindler Сartel Finance: a story of a massive fraud

Does anybody want to waste their money in a con game? Welcome to Сartel Finance! No offense, we just want to warn people. The company under discussion is surprisingly cynical and unscrupulously audacious – these are the most suitable words to describe this swindler. The motto of Сartel Finance could be something like “a massive fraud brings massive profits”. Indeed, this broker cheated its clients of hefty sums.


There is no need to speak English to understand what FOREXCOPY means. This is the case when the name corresponds to its literal meaning. FOREXCOPY is a service that allows you to duplicate orders of other traders. Probably, you have always dreamed about trading "like that cool guy". The main purpose of this service is to make this dream come true. Many brokers have introduced this service and have been offering their clients to use it for a long time.

How do scammers from Tor Trade operate?

Nowadays, almost every Internet user is aware of the International Currency Market. However, few of them are able to discern a fraud while trading on Forex. It is not an easy task even for a professional trader. Therefore, newbies often fall victims to frauds whose scams are getting more and more elaborate every year. Today we will have a closer look at the young and allegedly reliable company – Tor Trade.

How bonuses on Forex work

When choosing a broker, a trader is offered a lot of promising deals. The advertisements for various bonuses are especially eye-catching. Obviously, bonus campaigns should not be the main criterion for choosing a broker as there are more important characteristics. However, it would be foolish to ignore them at all. A trader should use this opportunity to increase the initial deposit without any major efforts.

Is BNB Options trustworthy?

Here is a typical blank check company. It’s main goal is to cheat traders out of their money. As a rule, newbies and credulous people fall victims to frauds. The question is, is it reasonable to step on a rake and repeat the sad experience of scammed traders? The answer is obvious. So, it is up to you to decide what broker to choose. In this article we will try to explain why BNB Options can be called trustworthy in no way.

How to benefit from investing in PAMM accounts

Our review today is devoted to the PAMM concept which is abbreviated as Percentage Allocation Management Module. There is a great deal of information on this scheme of using a PAMM trading account as well as specifics of such investment, though the information is sometimes misleading. In this article, we are going to figure out the essentials.

How and why CFD1000 deceived traders

Big money always involves risks of big losses and attracts the most sophisticated types of deception. Unfortunately, Forex is not an exception. Some brokers that enable traders to make online currency transactions turn out to be scammers. Such companies abuse the trust of clients, playing against traders and their money.

AvaTrade freezes clients` funds

Along with the growth of the brokerage market, the number of so-called bucket shops, Ponzi schemes, and fraudsters is increasing. One of the biggest risks which can be taken by a trader is cooperation with a dubious company. In this case, a trader may have difficulties in withdrawing funds. Contact with the support service does not always help in trouble and it seems that the money is lost.

Forex contests on demo accounts

Forex brokers hold various contests on a regular basis aiming to encourage trading activities. Are these contests of any practical merit? Does it make sense to take part in them? What should you bear in mind? You will find answers to these questions in the article.

InstaForex: brand says it all

Consumers look for signs that would guide their trading choice. And, doubtless, quality is the key point. Sometimes products have some special marks indicating their quality. However, there is a much better way to prove the product’s quality – to establish a brand which has an image based on facts rather than on stories. This is exactly the strategy of InstaForex.

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