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How do scammers from Tor Trade operate?

Nowadays, almost every Internet user is aware of the International Currency Market. However, few of them are able to discern a fraud while trading on Forex. It is not an easy task even for a professional trader. Therefore, newbies often fall victims to frauds whose scams are getting more and more elaborate every year. Today we will have a closer look at the young and allegedly reliable company – Tor Trade.

When inexperienced traders open the Tor Trade website, they see plenty of impressive offers. On the eye-catching trading platform, the broker offers successful stock speculation and lots of other advantages. Nonetheless, the company provides no specific information. The website itself can be hardly estimated as average. Still, people who are lacking experience or those who are craving for big gains would be definitely attracted to this broker. And this is exactly what brokers-scammers are expecting.

Traders seem to believe in that ‘magic program’ offered by Tor Trade which is no more, no less than artificial intelligence. On the website, the broker assures that its program is able to make the right decision in just half a second. It analyzes the actions of local and foreign investors and then gives a winning trading strategy. Putting it mildly, the developers of the platform are either insane or swindlers with a wild imagination.

Thus, first and foremost, it would be quite useful to look through the forums and read feedback on a broker before your start trading. Thereby, you avoid risks of being financially cheated. Additionally, there is an abundance of negative feedback on this broker. You just cannot skip them, even if you want to.

21.05. 2019 at 22:32 p.m.
Top Trade.fm is a scammer who steals money from people by phone calls with requests to register and open an account on its website. Do not let them fool you! You cannot get your money back.

10.04.2019 at 22:01 p.m.
I completely agree with Denis. Tor Trade is a scam. I lost $500 because of these cheaters.

Guys, is this a broker? Really? Have you ever heard about Tor Trade? There have been so many so-called brokers in the market recently! I cannot quite understand where they found my number because I didn't register on the website. It seems they just make cold phone calls trying to con people out of money. They are also lying about their artificial intelligence program and Forex trading.

Thanks a lot! I almost believed them! I needed the money and they promised big gains.

By the way, according to the website, the broker has been working flawlessly for more than a year. Such a barefaced lie! This is a one-day company. Its website domain name was registered on January 24, 2019. If you check the blog posts, you’ll notice that there were no posts until January 29. And last, but not least, the company has an operating history. According to Top Trade, the company was founded by a group of enthusiasts. They even managed to survive a severe crisis but quickly recovered. Besides, they have released an unknown NewCoin. They are planning to transit to this cryptocurrency in the near future.

There is no need to repeat that it is all a big lie! Even the so-called artificial intelligence program. It is just a well-elaborated scheme aimed at stealing as much money as possible from gullible people. Usually traders make a deposit in dollars. However, Tor Trade requires a minimum deposit of 500 euros.

This broker has a certain scheme. Firstly, traders make a deposit. Then, their money just disappears. Traders receive calls with promises to make up for their losses. Next, traders believe, replenish their accounts and again lose their money. It happens again and again until traders comprehend that they’ve been fooled or they runs out of money as well as ways to get them.

This is so ridiculous but Tor Trade positions itself as a protector of deceived traders. The company can even help to get money back from a scam-broker. Tor Trade asks for registration and opening a deposit on its website as a fee for its service.

Good afternoon! Vladimir Popov from Tor Trade has recently called me and offered help in getting my deposit back from a scam broker – Alfa. However, I have to register on their website and make a deposit of $200 as a payment for their service. What do you think about it?

Today I was offered to return the money from Delay Trade through the replenishment of the account on Tor Trade website in the amount of $200. Again the scam broker! I told everything that I thought about them! So, they won’t call again for sure. Don’t believe a word they said about their license! Just a bunch of crooks!

They have tried to play out the same trick with me! I am still attempting to get my deposit from kbcapitals. Unluckily I come across the other scams over and over again. If anyone knows how to return the money, please write here!

Thus, reviews on Tor Trade aren't an attempt of its rivals to compromise its activity. This is an objective assessment of the company as it is.


Tor Trade is one of the most frequent types of virtual shenanigans. It's not even a company, it's just a website full of empty promises. The broker frauds gullible traders by draining their money. Stay away from such companies as well as similar ones. Before you give away even a coin from your pocket, do not be lazy – read the reviews, study the information about the company before opening an account on its website.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Anupama | Tanggal 2021-12-09
After months of trading at Tor Trade, suddenly, my account was suspended. I invested a total of $800 to this broker and I honestly don't know why the broker suspended my account. I tried contacting it but no one answered on all the communication channels.
Author: Clara | Tanggal 2021-11-29
My biggest mistake was not doing thorough research about Tor Trade. I simply relied on what was posted on their website and on what its representatives told me. I got fooled and the result was that I lost $500 in a snap.
Author: Terenz | Tanggal 2021-11-23
When my broker reached out to me, I was hesitant to open an account because I have no money to invest. Then the representative told me about their startup bonus and I was so thrilled. I was able to use the bonus for a few months and when I was able to save up a little, I eventually deposited my own money.
Author: Naimul | Tanggal 2021-11-16
About three months after opening an account at Tor Trade, I suddenly couldn't log in to my account. I asked the broker and they said that there has been a problem. Then they asked for a deposit of $1000 for its reactivation. They did not explain what it was for and when I asked, they did not respond anymore. Good thing I did not do what they asked because I would have thrown away more money.
Author: Genie | Tanggal 2021-11-11
Whoever is the owner of Tor Trade, I hope they get arrested already. I am afraid that they might just do the same thing all over again and start deceiving people once again.
Author: Melnick | Tanggal 2021-11-04
I was invited by a fellow forum member to invest at Tor Trade. He showed me his portfolio and it was really impressive. He said that the broker helped him to make huge profits. Naive as I was, I believed him and invested on Tor Trade. Sadly, after a month, my account was disabled and I never got access to my funds again.
Author: Filipa | Tanggal 2021-10-20
Tor Trade is an absolute fraud. The owners and employees of this broker are heartless and have no conscience. They talked with me and made me believe that I am progressing in my trading activities but then when I tried to withdraw my funds, they immediately blocked my account.
Author dari how_do_scammers_from_tor_trade_operate: Doris | Tanggal 2021-12-15
I had an account manager at Tor Trade, I gave him permission to do the trades for me and everything went well. With the positive results, whenever he encourages me to add more funds, I would oblige. But then when it was my turn to withdraw the profits, the company did not approve it. Instead, my account was shut down and my funds were gone.
Author: Romeo | Tanggal 2021-10-05
When I visited the website of Tor Trade. Their trading services appeared promising. They claimed to have a stable platform with tight spreads and they said that they offer multiple trading instruments. This made me want to trading with them which is why I deposited $500. Unfortunately, a week later, my funds were gone and the broker blocked me.
Author: Nolram | Tanggal 2021-09-29
Tor Trade was able to fool their clients by claiming that they have been in the industry for many years already. My mistake was not looking up the broker on the internet and solely relying to what the company said. I wish I did my own research so that I would have been able to avoid opening an account with them.
Author dari how_do_scammers_from_tor_trade_operate: Haggy | Tanggal 2021-10-27
I got fooled by this as well. Since they were in the business for a long time already, I thought that it is safe to trust them. I should have been more thorough in knowing the background of the broker. If I did, I might have been able to avoid this disaster.
Author: Helen | Tanggal 2021-09-20
Tor Trade was nothing but a fraud and horrible company. My account manager was able to convince me to invest a huge amount of money through smooth talking and I regret falling for this trick. I lost $10000 on this company. Right after making the deposit, they immediately blocked me.
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