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IG Markets review

IG Markets

On-line since: 2001
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Regulation: Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and a member of the London Stock Exchange (LSE)
Payment options: Wire transfer, checks, credit cards and Moneybookers
Minimum account size: $1000
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: up to 1:200
Spreads: 0.8 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

IG Markets is a part of IG Group Holding which includes several companies rendering financial services both for private investors and professional brokers.

IG Markets Company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Great Britain. IG Markets is the member of London Stock Exchange (LSE).

IG Markets comes as a market-maker in the financial derivative market offering contracts for difference CFD with shares and stock indexes and also margin trading at Forex currency market. The company’s clients turn out to be brokers, investments managers, trading companies and private investors.

IG Markets 8/10 (votes 4094)
Author of IG Markets: Daryl | Date 2020-04-06
Trading at IG Markets has become profitable for me. My whole trading experience is pleasant because this broker offers quality tools for trading. Their required minimum deposit is reasonable and is enough for a trader to earn. The spread is tight which allows higher opportunities to profit. I also commend their customer support team as they are very responsive and they are polite when speaking to us. I am definitely looking forward to more years of trading at this broker.
Author of IG Markets: Erna | Date 2020-03-03
IG Markets is perfectly fulfills its function. I had only a few times some slippage but it was during asian session when liquidity is poor. The platform is also good, apparently the black out was a very rare event and I hadn't any other problem. So far, transaction is okay and I can generate average profit $2000-$2180 each week. If you guys planning to join IG markets I advise just go and they will never let you down.
Author of IG Markets: Adellia | Date 2019-11-28
As I consider myself a new broker in this market since I have been trading for only a year, I was looking for a broker with a small minimum deposit and and small volumes for my profile. So, I opened a Mini account 9 months ago, and deposited $450 and I am very careful when setting my leverage.I could see that spreads for majors like EUR/USD and EUR/GBP can reach 1.8 during the day, but it never surpass such level, for me, is competitive.So far I have made two withdrawals of the profits I made, the last one $415 via Wire Transfer, and I could see that no hidden commission was added. So far so good.
Author of IG Markets: Mart | Date 2019-10-02
I usually trade the major pairs especially the EUR/USD pair. So far, I am able to trade well at IG Markets and their platform could handle high volatility which is a good thing. The lag is not tremendous unlike with other brokers. Customer support is also outstanding and dependable. And most importantly, withdrawal transactions are processed efficiently.
Author of IG Markets: Cici | Date 2019-08-26
Best broker so far, after 5 years of Forex trading, I finally found one that is reliable and ready to pay you your money whenever you request for it. I have been watching the Market to see how they respond and quite honestly I feel more comfortable trading with them. Most importantly I have made $1500 while trading with them for 9 months and the customer service are always ready to help me
Author of IG Markets: Jano | Date 2019-02-18
I was looking for a potential forex broker for my investment. IG Markets was one of the brokers I bumped into and it seemed very promising. Since it is regulated, I decided to go with it. I wasn't disappointed because it proven itself true to what it and its other traders claim about it. It provides real-time exchange rates and the platform is undoubtedly stable. The customer support communicates well with the clients and are very attentive to our concerns.
Author of IG Markets: Xenli | Date 2018-12-03
IG Markets has been my forex broker for around three years now. I wouldn't have last this long in this broker if it didn't provide excellent services. First of all, I love their platform. It has advanced charts, simple but sophisticated layout, fast execution, and helpful tools. They also give importance to their clients' feedback. They continuously improved not just their platform but also their website and its contents according to clients' suggestions. You can never go wrong with a broker that listens to its traders.
Author of IG Markets: piptunaskarya | Date 2018-09-21
I am satisfied doing trading in IG Markets, they are an excellent broker and have very good trading quality. They provide good services trading and the result of my trading deposit is very profitable about $700 to $1200 in a week. Besides they also offers bonus programs to its clients and provides an opportunity for getting special benefits. I think I have choose a right broker seem I don’t face any issue but won big profit and high bonus. I write my comment about IG Markets performence because I want to promote this broker to every trader and every one.
Author of IG Markets: Akash Watwani | Date 2018-08-07
Horrible! IG AE turned me down for not having enough funds when I was ready to deposit intially $2,500 in their accounts. I understand they offer margins but I don't expect to blow up my account by making unsizable trades beyond my risk limits. Also, I did offer to keep increasing my trading account each month. Also, I don't understand their policies as they are not even ready to disclose what is the minimum amount of liquid funds to open an account with them. I'd rather go to Interactive Brokers as they offer much better spreads in India and they have a minimum $10K deposit, thanks Akash
Author of IG Markets: pipdidyouseemyback | Date 2018-03-22
IG Markets is a fair broker better than all the rest i have tried. Trading with them I can generate consistent profit about $2000 to $3000 in a month. It is good to trade with them because deposit and withdraw process run so fast and the platform easy to use even in the mobile applications. Besides whenever I have questions about new platforms and how it works, they answered it quickly in accurate and understandable way. So far trading platform is good to use and I’m not face any requotes and platform freeze during the process. Last week I withdraw 30% profit directly from my trading account via wire transfer, which was completed within 3 hours. I'm very pleasantly impressed by their trading conduct so I invite my friend as much as I can to join this broker.
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