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On-line since: 2008
Country of origin: the United Kingdom
Regulation: -
Payment options: wire transfer, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Skrill, Yandex.Money, RBK Money, QIWI
Minimum account size: $500
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: 1:400
Spreads: from 1.4 pip

About the company:

MaxiMarkets is an international brokerage company established in 2014.
The broker provides an opportunity to trade through MetaTrader 4 and offers a wide range of trading instruments, relevant analytics, and market reviews as well as 24-hour customer support and professional advice.
The company’s services include a great variety of bonuses and campaigns allowing traders to increase their initial deposit.

MaxiMarkets 7/10 (votes 3152)
Author of MaxiMarkets: Legan | Date 2021-07-26
I can't deal with MaxiMarket's Platform. As their MT4 platform didn't execute my deal instantly, it could be hung for ten minutes, so I got a huge slippage. It is so awful to trade and disappointing for making a profit. Also, I can't withdrawal $120 through bank transfers, which proceed within two weeks. So I say MaxiMarket are an unprofessional broker in the market.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Mridha | Date 2021-05-14
I bumped into one of the advertisements of MaxiMarkets and I visited their website. Their offers were promising so I opened an account eventually. With my moths of trading experience with them, I can say that I do not regret opening an account with them.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Mesakh | Date 2020-12-06
I may say that Maximarket is responsible for their mistakes, and has never caused me any losses. I respect this broker. Another plus is that so far, I have always benefited from my trading for 7 consecutive months. I'm in my eighth month with this broker. Every time I get a profit, the next day I req WD, and I only wait a few hours, they have processed it and it's in my account. The longest is 2 days. But that is very rare.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Yusra | Date 2020-06-25
The real account prices are manipulated. The price quotes do not seem to match the market. Many times they will be off as many as 2-3 pips. Not recommended broker. I should get a bonus but until now I have not received a bonus. the withdrawal process is also very difficult.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Haryl | Date 2020-04-22
For one, MaxiMarkets doesn't have a regulating authority monitoring them thus it is a little doubtful if they could really be trusted. I opted not to open an account with them because we'll never know. Although I believe that there are some unregulated brokers that are decent, I still wanted to be sure. Also, I tried their demo account and their platform did not work very well.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Jin Seok | Date 2019-12-17
Most of my trades were open for several minutes to several hours, I was unable to close all my open trades until I lost $655. During this they tried over and over again to spike my spreads sometimes up to 25 pips on the majors, which I said nothing about it. But now, I won't allow my $1540 to go just like that. Support is very weak and not helpful.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Frella | Date 2019-10-18
First of all, MaxiMarkets is not regulated. A tip from someone who have been a victim of fraudulence before, it is better to stay away from brokers that are not regulated no matter how popular they may seem. Regulation assures that clients' funds are secured hence when there is no regulation, there is higher risk. Also, when I inquired to this broker, they were not very responsive and their answers don't usually give clarification to my question.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Santoso Rahmat | Date 2019-09-12
I finally closed my account with Maxi Market Broker after waiting 3 weeks for my request to withdraw all my funds. I traded with them 5 months, the first 2 months there was nothing wrong. I trade major pairs such as EUR/USD,USD/JPY. After I withdraw my first profit of $2500 the 3rd month, the platform MT4 started to crash, to had crazy spreads and the broker manipulates the prices. I had negative slippage almost every week for 10-15pips. I tried to call support they put me on hold for several days, when there is finally an answer they can't help. Well I requested to withdraw my funds and searched for other broker.
Author of MaxiMarkets: Demya | Date 2019-03-07
I had a little chat with my boss last month and we talked about investments. He mentioned that he is trading at MaxiMarkets and that he is progressing well with this. He also encouraged me to try it out but when I checked, it has a high initial deposit requirement. For just a mini account, I need a $500 capital. Since I am inexperienced, I can't risk that much money. I guess this broker is more suited for people who are really serious with trading investments and who already have enough knowledge and skills.
Author of MaxiMarkets: pipignati | Date 2018-12-17
I joined MaxiMarkets last month because really interest of many comment that said they get many profit and easy to operate platform in this broker. I started with their minimum account size of $500, I trade on CFDs with quick enought trading execution and I got profit around 15%. I am currently using my mobile for trading right now because I have to go abrout but I experienced freezing of platform two consecutive times. Did anyone experienced the same way about the mobile platform system? Is this broker only good for use through a computer ? I think its not flexible and not easy to use trading broker.
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