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On-line since: 2011
Country of origin: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Regulation: Financial Services Authority (UK)
Payment options: bank wire transfer, Visa and MasterCard bank cards, Neteller, FasaPay
Minimum account size: $10
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: up to 1:300
Spreads: from 2 pips

About company:

Mocaz Financial Markets let traders have access to Forex all over the world. The broker offers various trading instruments such as CFD, indices, and currency pairs. The company was established in 2011 in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker aims to provide innovative and transparent forex trading.

There is a great variety of account types at Mocaz Financial Markets. While some brokers have only three types of account, Mocaz offers a wider choice – it has six profiles. Thus, the Basic Micro type requires the deposit from $10 up to $100. The minimum spread is 2 pips; the leverage is from 1:10 to 1:500. No more than 200 active trades are allowed on the Basic Micro account. Another account type is Basic Mini with the minimum deposit of $500. It provides almost the same trading conditions as Basic Micro, but the maximum deposit and the number of active trades are not limited. Both types of accounts are commission-free. The Premium, Pro, and ECN account types provide more beneficial trading conditions. The leverage is 1:300 and 1:200. The minimum spread is from 0.2 pip. The minimum deposit is from $1,000 to $10,000. Thus, Mocaz Financial Markets enables its clients to choose the account type that would suit them best.

The broker provides three trading platforms. The first one is MT4 – the most popular software among traders all over the world. Mocaz Financial Markets has upgraded this platform to meet the requirements of its clients. The platform is compatible with most operational systems and is available in a form of a mobile app.

The second platform offered by Mocaz is NetStation. It is used to trade currency pairs, CFD, and metals. The third platform is Clear Pro – the latest software on Forex with a redesigned interface that enables experienced traders to easily navigate the financial markets. The platform ensures trading on CFD, currency pairs and gold.

The advantages of this trading platform:

  • fast execution and one-click trading;
  • the VWAP option that enables traders to view the average price on big orders;
  • adjustable workspace with module docking.

The client support team can be reached through phone, email and live chat. Additionally, clients can ask their questions with the help of Skype.

Money should be withdrawn through the same payment system which was used for depositing. The easier way to replenish a trading account at Mocaz Financial Markets is through a digital wallet – transactions are processed within one working day. Payments through credit or debit cards are carried out from 3 to 10 working days. It takes 3-5 days to process bank wire transfers.

Mocaz Financial Markets does not offer any welcome bonuses, but it has an affiliate program that enables its clients to get extra earnings from referring new clients. The website is available in English.

Read comments on the Mocaz broker in our independent rating.

MOCAZ 3/10 (votes 2047)
Author of MOCAZ: Huskar | Date 2020-05-14
Last week I've made profit withdrawals of $1300 through Fasa Pay and withdraw was proceeded within same day. It only takes 3 hours to process the requests. For me, it's good. I keep some extra money each month to could trade bigger volumes.Also I use currency pairs and commodities. I enjoyed the instant execution on MT4 platforms and average –2 pips spreads included with EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY pair. I recommend everybody to try trading with Mocaz.
Author of MOCAZ: Raffi | Date 2020-02-07
Mocaz was suggested by one of my friends. I have an account with them since 9 months now and I can proudly say that I made the best selection. Low spreads and fast withdrawal are the reason why I like this broker most. Especially withdrawal through Fasa pay which I have used twice to withdraw on this platform. The last withdrawal of $350 which was the second withdrawal took just 5 hours. I recommend this broker to all traders.
Author of MOCAZ: Izani | Date 2019-12-12
MOCAZ is a reliable broker. For the past seven months, I have been keenly observing my trading experience and so far, I have only had pleasant ones. I must particularly commend their customer care team because they are very responsive and professional. I think that customer relation is one of the most important things in any company because they way they treat their clients is a reflection of the whole system. So good job to this broker!
Author of MOCAZ: Bora | Date 2019-11-05
I am a client of Mocaz after my friend sugest me to trading with this broker. He is so confident to suggest me because He earned so much profit from his trading with Mocaz. 1 week after saw my friend's profit, I right away to trading with this broker. I make a real account , and ggot bonus $100 from $100 deposit. I am still trading with Mocaz broker. Hope they will support my trading
Author of MOCAZ: Raff | Date 2019-05-02
I like trading at MOCAZ because they have a good trading environment. I have been with them for 2 years and I've experienced their excellent services. For one, I like that they offer different platforms and that all these platforms work well. They are all easy to use and stable. The customer support is also admirable, taking care of every client's concern. But most importantly, withdrawals are processed quickly. I always receive my withdrawals in 1-2 days.
Author of MOCAZ: Lars | Date 2019-01-28
I am a trader at MOCAZ since 2017. I am loving my experience so far especially their platform. It is an MT4 platform so it's familiar to me but more importantly, it has very fast execution and provides analyses. In addition, it is customizable so if you have preferences like in terms of the positioning of the tabs and tools, you can have it your way. And of course, I am satisfied with their deposit and withdrawal processing. I always have smooth and fast transactions. By now, I have already withdrew around $2500.
Author of MOCAZ: pipenhye | Date 2018-11-15
I am a trader at Mocaz Brokers since June 2016 and I don’t have any complain about their service. They customized good MT4 trading platform so until now my trading and invesment work fine, I never once encountered any problem in their platform. It always works well even during high volatility. Besides their trading system I like the protection offered, which takes my risk and increased my efficiency of trading. I trade with variable success that set Basic Micro type requires the deposit from $10 up to $100. The minimum spread is 2 pips; the leverage is from 1:10 to 1:500. I able to earn around 45% in every trading. So I said to all of my friend that they should try trading in this solid broker.
Author of MOCAZ: TamirFx | Date 2018-09-04
Last few months I have been trading with MOCAZ in a live account. And I have liked their fixed spreads on the major currency pair, As like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/ NZD, EUR/NZD, AUD/NZD pair. although they hadn't any license but I decided to start trading with $100 investment. Right Now I am so pleased about their service and I am happy with earnings $800 so far. They have absolute mind-blowing execution on the MT4 platform, Also they nicely process my withdrawal in time via Skrill. That's why I have no panic with their platform and service system. So I say I am safe in invest with them, as they are transparent.
Author of MOCAZ: pipjaklom | Date 2018-04-27
I started to trade at Mocaz after I tried their demo account 2 years ago, and I din't find any difference between their live trading and their demo. The platform for working with binary options and it work fast with real time prices. Their minimum deposit is $10, which okay for me because I think is a good amount to start trade for beginner or professional. I trade with them currency pairs GBP/USD and EUR/USD and in a month the average profit I have is almost 60% from my deposit amount. I really like this broker because they allowed me to use any trading strategies, I used scalping and had good profits, my orders placed closed automatically when it reached the stop loss, I think their trading system is stable and can be trusted.This makes an ideal broker for me!
Author of MOCAZ: arilkaya | Date 2018-03-31
The Best Broker that I Have ever used... I recommend you to join Mocaz
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