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Owners of MFX Broker wanted

MFX Broker

Atas talian sejak: 2006
Negara asal: Russia
Peraturan: Tidak dikawal
Pilihan pembayaran: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Liberty Reserve, bank wire, RBK Money,Integrated instaneous payment sistem, PayPal
Saiz akaun minimum: $1
Saiz lot minimum: 0.001 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: 2 pips pada EUR/USD

Mengenai syarikat:

MasterForex telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 2006. Prinsip asas syarikat ialah: hubungan yang jujur dan terbuka dengan pelanggan, pengalaman dan pengurusan profesionalisme, niat untuk menawarkan keadaan dagangan terbaik untuk pelanggan.

Master Forex Syarikat menyediakan kepada pelanggan akses pasaran mata wang antara bank,arahan transaksi pelanggan kepada Komunikasi Rangkaian Elektronik (ECN).

Pada mulanya, MasterForex merupakan pusat urusan, namun, kini Syarikat adalah salah satu daripada broker Forex dinamik yang membangun, membekalkan kepada pelanggan dengan pelbagai perkhidmatan yang berkualiti tinggi di pasaran Forex.

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Pengarang of MFX Broker: Oscaar | Tarikh 2019-11-12
I am so mad about what happened to my fund at MFX Broker but what maddens me even more is that I can't do anything about it. I met someone who was also a fellow trader at this broker and she also lost quite a huge amount of money. The owners are really good at fooling people. They sound and appear trustworthy that is why I also invested a huge amount. Now I learned not to trust so easily because even the companies that look promising could just turn out to be a fraud.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Opmero | Tarikh 2019-11-04
The day I hear that the owners of MFX Broker have been caught and punished will be the happiest day of my life. As an average person, I cannot do much about this problem. I can only send complaints to the authorities but there is no guarantee that my complaint would be addressed. It has also been quite a long time already since their fraudulence have been found out but why are they still free? I had a little more than $8000 left on my account and I will never get a hold of that money anymore. I've accepted that fact but I cannot accept that these people are not punished by law.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Verabie | Tarikh 2019-10-29
How shameless can these people get? Are there no reports about the punishment given to these fraudsters? I can still see Zhiznevskaya freely using her Instagram account and even conducting webinars. How can people still subscribe to her even after everything that they did to their clients? I just really hope they are not planning to create another company to deceive people again.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Demahora | Tarikh 2019-10-22
When I heard the news that the owners of MFX broker were wanted, I knew right then that there would be no hope in retrieving my fund. I have been hearing complaints about the withdrawal already but I didn't think it was going to be this grave because the people from this broker sounded professional and trustworthy. I now learned my lesson that no matter how decent anyone may seem, I must still never give my full trust. Especially when it comes to financial investments.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Isarya | Tarikh 2019-10-14
I have been devastated for a long time that it affected my performance on my day job. Now, I have started to accept that there is no hope in retrieving my money anymore. However, I can't stand that fact that the people behind MFX Broker are not punished accordingly. I hate that they are able to live freely doing whatever they want to. The other one even has the audacity to conduct webinars on her social media account. I also wonder, how can anyone still trust them? Do they not know what they did to their former clients?
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Weston | Tarikh 2019-10-11
I really took the effort to save up in order to start an investment in the Forex Market. MFX Brokers is one the popular brokers n my area so I chose to invest on this one. My initial capital was $5000 then I made a few more replenishment. The trading experience itself was great. The platform was excellent and the trading fees are not that high. However, these are all in vain if we are unable to withdraw our fund. As it turns out, this broker is a fraud, and I chose the wrong broker.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Truong | Tarikh 2019-10-01
These people don't deserve freedom! For a retail trader like me, the amount that I invested on this broker is a huge deal. It is not just an excess on my savings but I really saved up just to have a trading capital. I worked hard to enter the market and look at what these fraudsters did? They wiped away the hope that I had to at least improve my financial status. Because of what they did, I did not only lose my money but my confidence as well. They are horrible.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Gnawa | Tarikh 2019-09-17
I made a lot of complaints against MFX Broker. I am glad now that they have been recognized to be a fraud because that would mean they won't be able to fool people anymore. However, I hate that they are still not jailed until now. They continued to go about their business and live freely as if nothing grave happened. This broker took more than 8,000 USD from me. I can't be at peace if these people won't be punished properly.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Hipps | Tarikh 2019-09-10
When you deal with people online, there is always the risk of being scammed. That is why it is of utmost importance that we make a thorough background check on the broker you are about to deal with. MFX Broker appeared to be reliable. But look at what it did to the clients that trusted it. The owners never cared about their clients. They simply wanted to get their money by making assertive claims and enticing offers.
Pengarang of MFX Broker: Veronica | Tarikh 2019-09-05
Why are these people still not jailed? Zhiznevskaya is freely posting on her socials networks as if she did nothing wrong. They should be held accountable on the fraudulence that they did to us. I was a cooperative client who listened when they told me to deposit more fund on my account. I allowed them to make some of my trading activities because they said they wanted to help me out. But in the end, all that they really are after is my money.
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