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On-line desde: 2006
País de origem: Rússia
Regulamentação: Não Regulamentada
Opções de pagamento: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Liberty Reserve, transferência bancária, RBK Money, Sistema integrado de pagamento instantâneo, PayPal
Depósito mínimo: 1$
Tamanho mínimo do lote: 0.001 lote
Alavancagem: 1:500
Spreads: 2 pips sobre o EUR/USD

Sobre a empresa:

MasterForex foi fundada em 2006. Os princípios gerais da empresa são: relação honesta e aberta com os clientes, experiência e profissionalismo dos gestores, a intenção de oferecer as melhores condições de negociações para os clientes.

A companhia MasterForex oferece aos seus clientes um acesso ao mercado interbancário de moeda, direcionando as ordens do cliente para a rede de comunicações eletrônicas(ECN).

Inicialmente, a MasterForex era um centro de negociação, no entanto, agora a empresa é um dos brokers de Forex em desenvolvimento de forma dinâmica, fornecendo aos seus clientes uma gama completa de serviços de alta qualidade no mercado de Forex.

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Autor de MFX Broker: Kayce | Data de  2021-08-31
If you look at MFX Broker, you will really think that they are reliable. Especially since they establish good communication and rapport with their clients. Sadly, it was only their way to keep their clients and attract more. In the end, the broker still turned out to be a fraud and took away all the money of their clients.
Autor de MFX Broker: Ricardo | Data de  2021-08-16
Why are these people still not arrested? It is unfair that after all the losses that we've incurred, thousands of investors deceived, the owners of the company still managed to get away with what they did. It seems like only the victims are really suffering.
Autor de MFX Broker: Andison | Data de  2021-08-11
I can't believe that the owners of MFX Broker could go on with their lives like this. It is so unfair that we suffer from all the losses because of this fraudulent broker yet the people behind it were never punished. And to see that they act like nothing is wrong just makes it even worse.
Autor de MFX Broker: Kervin | Data de  2021-07-27
I traded with MFX Broker for about three months. Back then, I was believing that I am making incredible progress. Since I have accumulated a huge profit already, I decided to withdraw it. The broker rejected the request then when I tried it again, my account was shut down.
Autor de MFX Broker: Neville | Data de  2021-07-21
The owners of MFX Broker should be jailed. It is not fair for us that they are able to run away with our money and live freely while we are still suffering with our losses. Especially in my case, with my high respect and trust towards the broker, I invested $10000 right away. Never thought it would be gone in a snap.
Autor de MFX Broker: Patrick | Data de  2021-09-06
I agree! We worked so hard for the money we invested at this broker and they would just take it away from us so easily. I really don't understand why people who clearly did something wrong are still able to get away. Tons of evidence from clients are present, yet we still can't make those people accountable.
Autor de MFX Broker: Mosari | Data de  2021-07-16
Oh, I feel rage towards that owners of MFX Broker. They did very well in tricking us and making us believe that they would take good care of us. If I see these people anywhere again, I am going to make sure that they won't be able to run away again. They should be punished for the fraudulence that they did.
Autor de MFX Broker: Balaji | Data de  2021-07-06
I have been fooled by MFX Broker and I let them trick me for a full year. It's ridiculous how I did not even suspect anything about the broker when all they ever asked me was to deposit more funds. I thought it was for my benefit. I didn't think that they have been collecting more money from me through this.
Autor de MFX Broker: Salman | Data de  2021-06-28
MFX Broker has taken $5000 from me. I trusted this company so much and I became very comfortable with my account manager that is why I follow their recommendations all the time. Their advice also leads to positive trading results so I can't help but trust them. I never expected that I will never be able to withdraw my funds. All along, they have just been fooling me.
Autor de MFX Broker: Stacey | Data de  2021-06-23
When I saw one of the owners of MFX Broker on my instagram feed and saw that she has been promoting financial education, I immediately tried to contact her because of what they did to us. I just couldn't believe that after deliberately taking away our investments, she would still have the guts to go public and act like she did nothing wrong.
Autor de MFX Broker: Jackie | Data de  2021-08-05
She was very audacious for acting like nothing was wrong. And I feel sorry for those who followed her and believed everything that she was saying on her webinars. This woman was nothing but a liar.
Autor de MFX Broker: Valentin | Data de  2021-06-15
This is the worst experience I ever had. This was my first attempt to investing in Forex trading and I ended up dealing with a fraudster. To be honest, it was a little traumatizing because I really gave my full trust on the company. To find out that they have just been manipulating me all this time, it was a hard to digest.
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