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MFX Broker

En línea desde: 2006
País de origen: Rusia
Regulación: no regulado
Opciones de pago: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Liberty Reserve, transferencia bancaria, RBK Money, sistema de pago instantáneo integrado, PayPal
Depósito mínimo: 1$
Lote mínimo: 0.001 lote
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Spreads: 2 pips en EUR/USD

Acerca de la compañía:

MasterForex fue establecido en 2006. Los principios generales de la compañía son: relación con los clientes honesta y abierta, experiencia y profesionalismo de los representantes, intención de ofrecer las mejores condiciones de trading para los clientes.

MasterForex Company provee a sus clientes acceso al mercado de divisas interbancario, dirigiendo las órdenes de los clientes a la Red de Comuicaciones Electrónica (ECN).

De manera inicial, MasterForex fue un centro de tratos, no obstante, ahora la compañía es uno de los brókers Forex que se desarrolla de manera dinámica, brindando a sus clientes un rango completo de servicios de alta calidad en el mercado Forex.

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Autor de  MFX Broker: Rheggie | Fecha de   2021-04-29
The owners of MFX Broker cannot just get away with their fraudulence! I lost a thousand dollars on this broker and I just can't accept that while we are suffering the losses, the fraudsters are living their life freely. I still don't understand how one of their owners was able to actively conduct seminars on her social media when she should be punished.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Denzel | Fecha de   2021-04-19
If a company offered you a fixed annual return, wouldn't you be tempted as well? All I wanted was to earn and all I got were losses. I just still couldn't believe that the employees of this broker who sounded so sweet and polite were just playing me all along. I feel so foolish.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Vonmar | Fecha de   2021-04-15
If I see this woman again on social media, I will immediately report her. It is so unfair that thousands of people have lost their investment while these fraudsters were able to take away the money and live freely. They should be punished!
Autor de  MFX Broker: Jamiely | Fecha de   2021-04-09
I cannot believe that the owners of MFX Broker are still not caught. Margarita was even active on her social media account after the issue on the broker was spread. Aren't the authorities supposed to go after them? They defrauded thousands of people! They cannot just get away from it so easily.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Vieve | Fecha de   2021-04-01
The owners of MFX Broker must be arrested! Years have already passed yet I still haven't heard about the owners of this company being punished. They should be held accountable for what they did! I lost $3000 on this fraud broker. I trusted them because they were very pleasant to speak with and their trading services seemed great. But I was wrong because they only took my money and never communicated with me again.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Sangga | Fecha de   2021-03-23
I still can't believe that I just let these people play me. It makes me furious thinking about what they might be thinking every time I spoke with them and asked for their advice. They were probably laughing to themselves and thinking how foolish I was.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Jonathan | Fecha de   2021-03-15
I wonder where the owners of MFX Broker are now. It seems like they haven't been arrested. I think that it is just so unfair that fraudsters manage to get away with their illegal activities. Losing $3000 is no joke and I am highly frustrated that we don't even get justice served.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Jako | Fecha de   2021-03-11
Only people with no conscience could remain active on their social media after being exposed of defrauding people. When I saw Margarita conducting webinars after taking all our money, I immediately reported her account. How was she so shameless?
Autor de  MFX Broker: Saria | Fecha de   2021-03-05
MFX Broker stood out because of their quality customer service. It is very rare for the owners of brokerage firms to speak directly to their clients and provide assistance. It made me feel honored and safe when Margarita herself spoke with me to help me with my trades. Little did I know that it was only an act to keep fooling us. In the end, the broker closed down and they took all the money I invested.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Aivy | Fecha de   2021-05-03
Exactly! I felt so special that their owner itself was taking her time to communicate with their clients. Because of this, I felt that they prioritize their relationship with their clients thus I easily trusted them. But after what they did, I don't even know anymore if it was really the owner who spoke with me. I felt so betrayed and on top of that, I lost $1000.
Autor de  MFX Broker: Pavel | Fecha de   2021-02-22
MFX Broker never paid their clients. They were only great at the beginning but they showed their real intention when I wanted to withdraw my profits. They tried to stop me at first but when I was insistent, they stopped responding to me and took away my access to my account.
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