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Million Dollar Pips

Million Dollar Pips

General Properties
Currency Pair: EUR/USD
Timeframe: M1 
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Work time: 24 hours 
Work with decimal point figure: 5
Forex advisor Million Dollar Pips is in action around the clock, however, trades are opened in very short time periods. Million Dollar Pips advisor opens a few orders and closes sharply fixing a small number of points. One of Million Dollar Pips advantage is that the Advisor sets Stop-loss and Take-profit levels during a high market dynamics. With Million Dollar Pips advisor it is recommended to trade with EUR/USD pair.
Worth paying attention that testing of this advisor strategy is carried out only by M1 ticks of EUR/USD pair.
There is an opinion that similar Forex-Advisors bring profit only in MetaTrader4, as ticks are synthesized inside of M1 bar in MT. In such a way, before the bar is shaped the tester looks forward, aside from that, on a real account ticks are rectilinear between extreme bar points and they never move as in MT tester.
By Forex traders responses this advisor performance in the demo monitoring is quite tempting. But a disadvantage of this advisor is that on a live account huge drawdowns are possible. The thing is that Million Dollar Pips Forex advisor opens and closes a great number of trades for a few seconds that may impact the live trading account negatively while trading. 

Million Dollar Pips 9/10 (votes 120)
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Tiffany | Tarikh 2021-12-10
I am impressed with the high profit rate of Million Dollar Pips. Indeed, you can have the chance to become a millionaire it you invest enough. The EA trades systematically and it earns a lot in a short span of time.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Elvis | Tarikh 2021-12-03
I decided to buy Million Dollar Pips because of the guaranteed high returns. I believed this claim but unfortunately, it was not true. I used this EA for a month and it did not help me at all. It kept earning and losing alternatively hence, there was no progress.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Jeffrey | Tarikh 2021-11-25
The trading results that Million Dollar Pips bring to my account are impressive. This EA went beyond my expectations. It is no wonder that the company advertises its product the way it does because this EA really has a high profit rate.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Stefan | Tarikh 2021-11-19
I used Million Dollar Pips for a while but I also had to stop using it because it does not perform as it should. This EA only messed up with my account, creating losing trades instead of winning ones. In the end, I just disabled it.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Ariana | Tarikh 2021-11-12
Million Dollar Pips has a high profit rate. Ever since I started using it a few months ago, my trading account has started to recover from all the losses that I have made.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Pham | Tarikh 2021-11-08
I stopped using Million Dollar Pips a month ago because it no longer contributed to my profitability. It was only great on the first few weeks but later on, its trading activities were no longer acquiring desirable results. They were mostly losses already.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Willow | Tarikh 2021-10-28
Definitely living up to its name. Million Dollar Pips is bringing me huge profits. Its performance is beyond my expectation. Buying it is indeed worth it as I no longer need to worry about my trading activities.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Devin | Tarikh 2021-10-22
I have only been using Million Dollar Pips for a month but I am already losing too much. I was expecting profits from the trading bot but it gave the opposite. I complained to the company but they did not say anything to me.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Micken | Tarikh 2021-10-14
I stopped using Million Dollar Pips in my account because it only makes terrible trading activities. It brought negative results which ruined my account. It was supposed to help me grow my profit rate but it did the opposite.
Pengarang of Million Dollar Pips: Nixx | Tarikh 2021-10-07
Million Dollar Pips helped me to boost my account. I have been using it for almost a year already and it made consistent winning trades which resulted to high profits. It is also very careful in taking risky trades so the losses were minimized.
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