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Million Dollar Pips review

Million Dollar Pips

Million Dollar Pips

General Properties
Currency Pair: EUR/USD
Timeframe: M1 
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Work time: 24 hours 
Work with decimal point figure: 5
Forex advisor Million Dollar Pips is in action around the clock, however, trades are opened in very short time periods. Million Dollar Pips advisor opens a few orders and closes sharply fixing a small number of points. One of Million Dollar Pips advantage is that the Advisor sets Stop-loss and Take-profit levels during a high market dynamics. With Million Dollar Pips advisor it is recommended to trade with EUR/USD pair.
Worth paying attention that testing of this advisor strategy is carried out only by M1 ticks of EUR/USD pair.
There is an opinion that similar Forex-Advisors bring profit only in MetaTrader4, as ticks are synthesized inside of M1 bar in MT. In such a way, before the bar is shaped the tester looks forward, aside from that, on a real account ticks are rectilinear between extreme bar points and they never move as in MT tester.
By Forex traders responses this advisor performance in the demo monitoring is quite tempting. But a disadvantage of this advisor is that on a live account huge drawdowns are possible. The thing is that Million Dollar Pips Forex advisor opens and closes a great number of trades for a few seconds that may impact the live trading account negatively while trading. 

Million Dollar Pips 9/10 (votes 99)
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Choksan | Date 2021-04-08
Million Dollar Pips set my expectations too high. The sample trading history on their website was too good and I thought that this bot would do same for my account. But then its results were not impressive. In fact, most of the time, it only incurs losses.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Ferine | Date 2021-04-01
I know that Million Dollar Pips already claimed that they have a high profit rate but I was still surprised when I finally saw the results after a month of using it. It exceeded my expectations! I never thought that I will be able to earn more than $100 in a month when I have a small capital.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Heber | Date 2021-03-26
Please, if you are buying the Million Dollar Pips trading bot, I hope that you are not expecting to become a millionaire after a year. I know that this was how this company advertised their product but it is just not true. I have the same starting capital as their sample, but I am still so far from reaching a million. I have to be honest, its profit rate is too low. Yes, it will still give you some profits but just lower your expectations.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Ynna | Date 2021-03-19
When I bought Million Dollar Pips, I had high expectations. Of course, they have huge claims, so I am expecting it to make big changes in my account. Well, I am happy to share with everyone that this trading bot did not disappoint. I currently have a high profit rate, even beyond my expectation. This bot is very consistent in its performance.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Lance | Date 2021-03-15
Other traders have already said that trading bots don't really help that much, but because I wanted to see it for myself, I still bought my own trading bot. Million Dollar Pips seemed promising so I chose it. However, the other traders were right, bots don't really do much. This bot did not bring me impressive results. It just kept giving me daily market news which I could see even without a bot.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Abbu | Date 2021-03-05
Million Dollar Pips has a high profit rate. When I purchased it, I did not expect to become a millionaire. And although I am still far from that now, with how well this bot is performing, it is not impossible for a user to become a millionaire. If I had a larger capital, then it is very possible.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Rachel | Date 2021-03-01
My experience using Million Dollar Pips was less than what I expected. I was disappointed because it already lost a lot after just a week. As of now, I have already disabled the bot in order to stop the losses.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Nevis | Date 2021-02-19
When I decided to buy Million Dollar Pips, I thought that my trading activities will finally change. It does not matter if I don't earn as high as a million but I expected this trading EA to boost my account. Unfortunately, it did nothing to help me. My profit rate remained the same. I am deeply disappointed.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Ewaldus | Date 2021-02-11
Aside from the high profit rate that Million Dollar Pips is giving me, I also appreciate how responsive their customer support team is. Whenever I contact them, they promptly answer and provide me with the assistance that I need. Using this trading EA made my trading portfolio better than ever.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Weinha | Date 2021-02-05
Everyone would be impressed when they visit the website of Million Dollar Pips. But we should not be swayed by this. I have been using Million Dollar Pips for three months now and it still hasn't brought me good trading results. It did not add much on the growth of my profit rate. If I had a huge capital and this is how this bot performs, I still would not be a millionaire.
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