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My 60 Seconds

On-line since: 2013
Country of origin: Russian Federation
Regulation: -
Payment options: wire transfers, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER
Minimum account size: $50
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: -
Spreads: -

About company:

60Seconds (My60S) is a company that gained an excellent reputation over four years of operating in the global currency market. The broker’s main feature is a cutting-edge and convenient platform for working with binary options. It has all tools needed for technical analysis. The company is focused on the Russian market in particular.

The potential of 60Seconds is huge and multifaceted; it is especially noticeable when working with both conventional and innovative services. The broker’s advantages are fast commission-free withdrawals, as well as almost flawless trading conditions: small initial deposit, unique bonus programs and first deals insurance.

However, the overriding benefit of 60Seconds is an impressive number of options contracts. A huge variety of multiple types of options is breathtaking. It is possible to work with more than 150 basic assets. Among this diversity, everyone can find the appropriate financial instrument that allows them to maximize earnings. The broker provides a wide range of assets. The clients can trade indices, futures, currencies, securities, including main football clubs’ ones, etc. For the convenience of the Russian clients, operations are carried out in rubles.

Traders can use a number of specialized tools to form their trading portfolio. Another feature of 60Seconds is a unique opportunity to sell the option before the specified time, thereby ending the auction and getting compensation from the broker.

The company's bonuses system deserves special attention. They are given not only for the first deposit (about 100%) but also for the next ones; they can be easily withdrawn. Besides, the broker renders an opportunity to get insurance for the first transactions, saving the customer's own funds. The company guarantees a partial return of the deal from 5% to 20%.

The VIP account is considered to be one of the most profitable accounts of 60Seconds. It enables you to use not only special analytical services and assistance of an individual expert, but also receive about 86% of additional payments.

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Author of My 60 Seconds: Hilbert | Date 2020-05-21
I was doubt My 60 seconds, because I didn't have enough knowledge about forex. and finally my friend suggested me to join this broker. I just have a small account and the support desk is always happy to help no matter the size of your account. Account was setup quickly and with ease. I got no problem when I tried to use the platform of this company. It works perfectly for me.
Author of My 60 Seconds: Rose | Date 2020-02-16
I satisfy with their trading platform that customizes trading directly on the forex charts and included with good technical indicators so I can put my trades right on the chart anytime. Their trading process are so fast, because they use internet-trading on forex for support their trading platform and no re-quotes in every process of trading. hey have the best withdrawal processes, even 2 days ago, when I tried withdrawing $600 from my account it took only 3 hours before I got my money.
Author of My 60 Seconds: Darlie | Date 2019-11-12
I have a standard account with a first deposit $1500. I trade with short term positions and mainly after-noon, when the market is stable. The platform MetaTrader 4 has real time prices and good stable spread. My profit is close to $500 a month, trading currency pairs EUR/USD and USD/CAD, sometimes also I trade gold. 60 seconds has a nice spread of EUR/USD. I never had re-quotes and to withdraw was easy, with approval within 24 hour. I recommend this broker.
Author of My 60 Seconds: RossParker | Date 2019-02-03
Hello traders, 60Seconds are very good broker. They have a very responsive and fast platform in the market. Always I get quick execution on binary options and forex trade, Besides they have a nice collection of bonuses that I can take advantages. I have deposited $100 in an account, while I can trade with larger volume for the high leverage. 60Second's payment are transparent. So I am satisfied with Corsa Capital Investment Ltd.
Author of My 60 Seconds: Kbarhui | Date 2018-11-21
I suggest 60Seconds for option trading, because this is the broker has organized platform for option trading. I started using their live account to try out my strategies. Every time my orders are execute on my set time and my most of the trades are profitable. I earned 315$ just in first one months. Last time I withdrawal 200$ through Skrill and I received it in half an hour. Generally, I am happy with this broker.
Author of My 60 Seconds: Tequsa34 | Date 2018-01-23
I've been with 60Seconds broker for 6 months now and my impression is very positive. Their web platform is perfect for option trading. Options are executed with the real quote. That’s the real environment of option trading. I invested $350 and my average monthly profit is around $200. No problem getting my money, every months I made withdrawal requests, all processed within one business day. My last withdrawal was $150 and they send it to my Neteller account within in 4 hours. I had used other broker in the past where that was not the case and getting access to my funds was difficult to impossible so I am happy with my experience with 60Seconds so far.
Author of My 60 Seconds: Valente | Date 2017-12-15
First of all I would like to thank to my trade peer who have introduced me 60 second broker and for me they are really great and satisfied my needs as a client. In fact, they allowed minimum deposit $50 to me and it is really affordable. The most important part is, whenever I need an assistance especially for a detail explanation regarding to withdrawal and deposit support manager will always answer my query on the spot. I feel more comfortable and secure about money in account. No scam issue or manipulation happened along my journey with them. No confrontation as they have insurance on my fund. I just received profit of $300 Webmoney, superfast just take up less than 3 days to approve!
Author of My 60 Seconds: andrew | Date 2017-08-18
in my perspective after trading with 60seconds broker, I found that they is a good broker and can be rely on. I have been with them for a years and I know it is still early to judge but this is my experience for a years. What I can say is they don’t give me much problem because deposit and withdrawal always on time and platform is good to use for trading activity. this 2 things is important for a trader because if deposit and withdrawal late trader will have doubt to continue trade with broker and if platform does not good enough which mean stable, it will make trader pressure in trading and will lead to loss in trading and might get margin call. Their minimum deposit is 50 USD which okay for me because 50 USD is a good amount to start trade. To be honest I just start with 50 USD and I growth that account until it become 500 USD for 4 month and so far I use wire transfer for both transaction deposit and withdrawal without any problem. Last but not least 60seconds broker is a good broker.
Author of My 60 Seconds: Year | Date 2017-08-02
I tried to trade with several broker, but I didn’t like service of that brokers. Now I trade with the 60Seconds broker. I am very satisfied with their service. They given me a welcome bonus. I was able to earn profit around $60 just in 2 weeks. Even I already withdraw $40 form my profit via Skrill. Besides this I have another account with $1200. As a result I traded 3 months and my profit was more than 70%. So I give it 10 out of 10.
Author of My 60 Seconds: Greecepip | Date 2017-06-20
I opened an account with My 60 seconds after I tested their demo account. I have a Standard account with a first deposit of 150$, the transfer was made with the system Qiwi wallet. I applied for the Welcome bonus and got 60% from 150$ in my trading account. Their platform works fast with real time prices. I trade mainly currency EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/AUD, GBP/EUR. My first 2 months I made only 700$ profit, but now after 8 months of trading I make 800$ monthly. To withdraw money it takes up to 2 working days and I use the same system Qiwi. I recommend the broker because is honest.
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