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The Pardus expert advisor

The Pardus expert advisor is a mechanical trading system which was developed on the basis of time-proved and high-performance trading system.
The usage of Pardus helps get high interest from the profit suffering the minimal drawdown.
When developing the Pardus advisor the main aim was creating the most efficient instrument for long-term, profitable and low risk trading.
The algorithm of the Pardus advisor includes some solutions that were used in the reliable 3WpU Advisor. There are the analysis of several technical indicators and the whole number of candlestick patterns analysis in the basis of the expert’s functioning.
Moreover, the Pardus advisor uses a filter system that helps to avoid high-risk positions. There is also a function based on the market fundamental analysis, which helps Pardus to open positions only during such trading sessions when trading is the most efficient (including the market reaction on significant news). It helps Pardus to open positions having a high probability of making profit.
Besides, working with the permanent lot the Pardus advisor uses an efficient Money Management mechanism, which helps to increase profit in the case of optimal risks.
The Pardus advisor includes the closing bar control function; so, you enter the market at the opening price of the next time period if the trading signal remains. It eliminates the problem of discrepancy between the results of testing and real trading.
The Pardus advisor’s peculiarity contains in two different programs that are used for opening and monitoring short and long positions. It means that there are two different algorithms for selling and buying. The reason for that is the market dynamics being different when the market grows and falls.
Due to the system’s universality, the Pardus advisor helps to trade successfully with almost any major currency pair and cross-currency pair.
Depending on a trader’s decision, the expert advisor can operate in any trading conditions set by different brokers: Market Execution, Instant Execution – the data format having 4 and 5 digits after the comma.

Pardus 8/10 (votes 50)
Author of Pardus: Grisela | Date 2020-10-21
Pardus EA is what helped me recover all the losses that I made in my trading account. I am a beginner and I made a lot of trading mistakes but this EA cleaned up after me. I have been using it for more than half a year now and I have never seen trading results as impressive as this EA provided.
Author of Pardus: Meida | Date 2020-10-15
Pardus Expert Advisor is too expensive. My friend bought it before me and I am already saving up to by one for myself as well. But yesterday, my friend contacted me and told me not to bother purchasing it anymore because it is useless. Apparently, despite its high price, this trading EA still does not perform as expected. My friend is still figuring out if she could get a refund but if you are planning to buy this, better stop.
Author of Pardus: Pasith | Date 2020-10-08
Pardus is probably the best trading EA I know. I started using it early this year and it has boosted my profit rate to double already. This EA is an efficient trader. It takes advantage of price changes and opens a position at the most profitable price. I wish I got this EA earlier.
Author of Pardus: Delita | Date 2020-10-02
If I were you, I wouldn't waste my money on a trading EA that is useless. Pardus expert adviser is an expensive trading EA. I expected a lot from it because I thought that I would get what I paid for. But then after using the EA for a few weeks, it had only brought me losses. It rarely wins its trades. I already made a few modifications but it just really can't make any decent trade.
Author of Pardus: Eulyn | Date 2020-09-25
I will be honest, I was not expect too much from Pardus EA when I purchased. The only reason I bought it is because an acquaintance of mine recommended it to me and she was quite persistent. But I am at awe now that I am using it. I am so grateful that she suggested it to me. I haven't seen my portfolio beaming with positive results until I used the EA.
Author of Pardus: Nexus | Date 2020-09-21
I purchased Pardus expert advisor because it is the most expensive among the EAs that I've checked and I thought that it would mean better quality. But I only ended up getting disappointed because this EA did not contribute anything to my account. I have been using it for three months already and still nothing.
Author of Pardus: Ethan | Date 2020-09-14
I was not expecting too much from Pardus EA. All I really wanted was to have a trading assistant that would at least take care of my trading account when I'm away. But I did not expect it to make such impressive trading results. This EA has doubled my profit rate and I think it can still go beyond that if I keep using it for a long time.
Author of Pardus: Mehran | Date 2020-09-08
I only wasted my money purchasing Pardus expert adviser. This trading EA is the most expensive among the bunch but it is still useless. I shouldn't have bothered investing on it at all. All it does is show me daily market analysis. I could do that myself even without an EA. What I need is something to help me with my trades specifically.
Author of Pardus: Derro | Date 2020-09-01
I wasn't supposed to try any trading EA because I doubted that this would help me at all. But then I was swayed by the representative of Pardus Expert Adviser and I ended up buying and using the EA. To tell you what, Pardus only confirmed my doubts. I never should have really tried it anymore. Pardus was useless. It did not bring me and desirable results.
Author of Pardus: KarenYen | Date 2020-08-25
I am amazed by the performance of Pardus expert adviser. Seeing how efficient it is in making trades, I would not mind even if I pay twice its price. In just a month, it was able to earn me more than 100 dollars. I have never done that on my own before. I cannot wait for more amazing results from this broker.
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