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Ava Financial Ltd revisão

Ava Financial Ltd

Online desde: 2006
País de origem: Irlanda e BVI
Regulamentação: Incorporado na Irlanda como uma empresa de investimento licenciada em conformidade com a DMIFs regulamentos de investimento da UE (No. De referência: C53877) e é regulamentada – pelo Regulador Financeiro da Irlanda.
Opções de pagamentos: transferências bancárias, cartão de crédito, PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Neteller
Depósito mínimo: $100
Tamanho mínimo do lote: 0.01 Lote(Para Zulutrader e Autotrade - 0.1 Lote)
Alavancagem: 1:200 for Ava Trader; 1:400 para MT4
Spreads: 3 pips no EUR/USD

Sobre a empresa:

O Grupo AVA é Forex, é um broker online de commodities e índice de ações CFD. Fundada por uma equipe de profissionais da área financeira e internet, AVAFX foi projetada especificamente para o trader de varejo. A partir de seu centro de suporte 24 horas, design de interface avançado e escolha de 3 plataformas de negociação, Ava FX foi criada para dar ao trader individual uma completa gama de ferramentas e suporte necessários para negociar com sucesso a um custo eficaz com os traders profissionais e institucionais mais importantes.

Ava Financial Ltd 8/10 (votes 4042)
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Naka | Data de  2020-12-29
I stopped trading at Ava Financial because I don't like their service. They never provide a good service for clients. The trading platform that they provide is working worst, it's crashing too often, and all my orders are not executed properly. TP or SL also didn't work. Then, other things that I don't like is I've faced an issue in withdrawal. My requests always got rejected. When approved, it will always be transferred late, even more than a week.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Arwin | Data de  2020-06-11
I have a bad sign that the broker is starting to play tricks on you. So no recommendation from me at all. They said that when they tried to withdraw their funds, the platform started to act up and their requests were always denied. Since the platform became faulty, they started to lose their balance. Now, they can't retrieve anything.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Raquel | Data de  2020-04-09
For a year now, I have been trading at Ava Financial Ltd. So far, the overall trading experience is decent. There are some flaws such as the inconsistency in the performance of the trading platform. There are some moments when I am unable to close a deal because of technical issues. The good thing is that the technical support fixes the problem as soon as possible. Despite this, I am still able to earn enough. And the other services are great.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Luciana | Data de  2020-03-06
I opened a standard account in this broker 2 months ago, in my opinion spreads and lot I have nothing to complain but I also hope the profit will increase because now I only get 5% in every trading. This broker had me blame myself for going into trading, they are so against their clients, they do not execute any take profits, minimum deposit too high they have a bad trading quality. When I deposited $500, and I earned profit $305. I withdrew $300, but this broker made me hard in withdrawing. Thus, I waited 3 days, but I still got no money in account. Therefore, I contacted to their support, and they always said that they were checking my request. It has been over 1 month, and I got nothing.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Baek Hee | Data de  2019-12-03
Today I got the same problem to open a trade. Now i realize that why last month I only make $80 profit with them. I stopped trading here. while trading resulting small profit but I give a withdrawal request $100 with my invest money via PayPal. I faced a problem with this withdrawal then I contacted Ava Financial support but the first time they didn't give any response to my replies. Ten minute later they said it was happening for the offshore payment gateway. I think it isn't my fault but they didn't give my money. My advice for other traders, do not ever dare to trade with this broker.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Jazz | Data de  2019-10-07
A few months ago, I asked for the withdrawal of 50 percent of my total fund. I remained on queue for a month and the representatives did not respond to my messages. Then, it was rejected. I once again sent a request but this time, I was told that they are halting all withdrawal transactions for a moment, but didn't give any specific reason. Right now, even trading activities are suspended.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Rani | Data de  2019-08-29
I was a trader of this broker, and it was only 3 months. I found the problem with my deposit. The platform was always delay, and I lost $500. I was trading on MetaTrader 4 platform, metals and major curency pairs EUR/USD and USD/GBP. I called many times and they never available. I cannot close my trade because they stopped all tradings on my account. If you are a beginner then definitely don't choose this broker for yoour trading.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Vikash | Data de  2019-02-21
I started trading at Ava Financial Ltd. three months ago. At first, I was impressed because they offer a wide range of products from currency pairs to CFDs. But I was disappointed with the platform. I am using the MT4 platform which is supposedly the most popular and easiest to use across all brokers. But this one is so faulty that I can't close my trades on my desired price. I have reported it multiple times with the technical support and I appreciate their professionalism to remain calm despite all my rants but what does that matter when the platform is still not fixed?
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Uarvar | Data de  2018-12-06
I have a very bad experience with Ava Financial. On 14th November 2018 I did a request for withdraw a $350 through Wemoney a small part of my fund as of today my request is still in process. Now they are not replying my emails and not on chat. I'm starting to doubt and worry about the reliability of this broker.
Autor de Ava Financial Ltd : Paness | Data de  2018-09-26
In my 2 years of trading with Ava Financial, I would say that I have a somewhat love-hate relationship with it. There are times when this broker almost seem perfect with instant execution, accurate signals in the platform, and very tight spread. However, there are also times I get really annoyed because the platform suddenly crashes or disconnects (my internet speed is high), and the spread widens by 2-3 pips. Note that these changes happen during normal market condition. So it becomes worse on high volatility. But in times like this, I run to the support team through the live chat and after reporting to them, the problems are resolved. My advise if you ever plan to open an account with them is to not hesitate to contact the support team because they will help address your frustration.
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