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Autor de NewForex  SofialimData de  2019-08-16

I've experienced a better performance with NewForex broker. Especially their MT4 platforms are stable, which has the fastest execution with many features. Their spread is fixed, so I had set an EA, but the trading function isn't easy for me. As I've depended on manual trading. So I've followed their technical analysis and made $450 profit so far. So I am satisfied and withdrawn $400 profit via Neteller. I think Instaforex is the best

Autor de Interactive Brokers  sheliandraData de  2019-08-16

I just switched to Interactive broker from another broker after I found out the negative reviews about this another broker. So I got recomended from my friend to join whith them. I open small account, the process was very seamless and easy. Last week, an erroneous 36 pip spread spike stopped meout of a EUR/JPY trade, and I called the sipport and they were onto it right away once confirmed with the LP and my account was refunded immediately. I already gained almost 12% of my profit.

Autor de AMarkets  LeonDarmaData de  2019-08-16

When I joined this broker for the first time, I used their demo account, everything was fine. The spread is always 3 pips regardless of the currency pair and the execution is really fast. But,when I opened a real account, only the EUR/USD pair is at 3 pips. And it still goes beyond that. Their spread varies and can reach up to 7 pips on normal market condition. And the execution is going to slow. Sometimes I can't open a position because the price has already changed. And that's because the platform takes long before it executes.

Autor de eToro  RodgerData de  2019-08-16

Having read about etoro reviews and worked with them for some time, I realized that this company is definitely not a broker. They several times hindered my withdrawal of funds, although they promise in the contract that there will be no problems. They also fool around with opening deals. In general, I can say that they are clearly not brokers, but rather scammers.

Autor de Tropical Trade  TeroData de  2019-08-16

TropicalTrade is a reliable Forex trader but it is still not perfect. In terms of spread, I'd say it is pretty competitive. The platform is also stable enough to handle any market condition. The customer support team are responsive as well. However, when it comes to the educational aspect, the broker doesn't provide much. They ask for payment to have access to their more advanced materials. I found out that other brokers make all materials available to their clients so I hope this broker could do the same.

Autor de 4XP  BenData de  2019-08-16

That is what they do. They put all the blame to the traders. They told me that my internet connection is probably terrible. They also told me that I still need to work on my trading skills to avoid mistakes. Then they made me agree that an account manager could access my account. They told me that the manager will help me recover my losses. But in the end, he just wiped my account clear. I lost everything and the broker terminated my account.

Autor de ACM Forex  UgeneData de  2019-08-16

Same experience here. They made us all feel comfortable and safe in their facade of having a great trading environment. Trading was very convenient and it was too good to be true (which happens to be a reality). If only I could turn back the time, I would not ignore the bad reviews anymore and would opt for a more trusted broker.

Autor de MFX Broker  PoblacioData de  2019-08-16

I was scammed by MFX Broker. It hurts more because I genuinely trusted them. I really thought that they were my ally in this Forex market. They told me that I will be guided well so I didn't have to worry about my trading activities. To be fair, I was really assisted but it was only to make me fully trust them. They asked me to deposit more funds a couple of times, to which I adhered to. My total investment amounted to $3000 and it was all taken away by this broker.

Autor de St Binary  TelsaData de  2019-08-16

I lost $2500 at St. Binary broker. In the first two months, I didn't encounter much problems. I was doing my trades normally, earning quite decently. Because of that, I was easily convinced to add more deposits. After adding some fund, the platform suddenly changed its performance. It lagged a lot, there were delays and slippages, and orders were not executed properly. This resulted to losing half of my fund. When I asked for the withdrawal of the remaining, my account was terminated.

Autor de Synergy  FrenxieData de  2019-08-15

I never imagined myself ever becoming a financial investor but here I am, trading currencies and other products at Synergy FX. I must say, this broker is a really good one. This is my first broker and I was fortunate enough to land on a reliable one. If this was a terrible broker, I probably wouldn't have continued on this market. The services that Synergy offers are excellent. From the platform to all the transactions, everything goes on smoothly. It has been three years since I started and I enjoy my overall experience.


Are you thinking of a broker to open an account with? Are you concerned by possible risks of currency trading? Do you want to test expert advisors without losing own funds? All these issues are easily resolved by choosing a reliable broker that will meet your requirements. An independent rating of forex brokers will help you find a trustworthy company.

The reviews on www.ratingfx.com will help you figure out how efficient the trading with various brokers is. The rating of brokerage companies in Russia and other countries was developed to ease the search for a perfect broker for you among lots of different companies.

Nowadays, the issue of choosing a broker is especially relevant. The today’s market of trading services is vast and you need to thoughtfully compare brokers by key parameters. Hundreds of forex brokers compete for potential clients offering up-to-date technologies, improved services, and many other opportunities and advantages. Once you get to know the key aspects that reflect a broker’s reliability, you will be able to make the top ten best brokers you are ready to work with. These aspects include: regulations, capitalization, payment methods, commissions, account types, etc. Reputation, which stands for reliability and competence, will also help assess a brokerage company.

RatingFX provides information on over 100 brokers. The list of companies is based on voting results of the website users. Every year we add new companies to the rating list so that our users can leave their feedback. You can choose the most reliable broker looking through the reviews posted by other traders and reading information on a particular company.

You can filter the companies by relevant categories to facilitate the search.

Comments of other traders, who have already used services of several brokers, will help you find a company that you can trust with your money. Taking into account their evaluations, you can choose a broker that will meet most of your demands.

Forex rating is based on the votes left on the website www.ratingfx.com.

Leave your feedback on our website and help determine the most reliable forex broker.

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