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IfamDirect exits market embezzling clients funds


Online desde: 2006
País de origem: Reino Unido
Regulamentação: -
Opções de pagamento: transferência bancária, dinheiro
Depósito mínimo: $100
Tamanho mínimo do lote: 0.1 lote
Alavancagem: 1:500
Spreads: a partir de 0.2 pips

Sobre a empresa:

IfamDirect é uma empresa de corretagem que opera no mercado cambial desde 2006.

O broker oferece uma extensa gama de instrumentos de negociação, cinco tipos de conta, spreads baixos e fixos no mercado, bem como comissões mínimas em ECN e instrumentos do mercado de ações. Os clientes da IfamDirect se benefíciam de apropriação de juros sobre fundos de depósito não envolvidos em operações de negociações e de investimento.

IfamDirect fornece uma plataforma de negociação híbrida, IfamTrader 4, que combina as características básicas do MetaTrader 4 e próprios desenvolvimentos exclusivos da empresa.

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Autor de IfamDirect: Cecil | Data de  2021-10-14
When I opened an account at IfamDirect, I used my bank card to fund it. I never thought that the broker would be able to take my money from my bank without my permission. This fraud company is beyond understanding.
Autor de IfamDirect: Nery | Data de  2021-10-06
It would have been better if I lost all my money because of my lack of experience and wrong trading decisions. But losing all my money to a fraud is just unacceptable. I did not even have a good fight. It was unfair right from the beginning.
Autor de IfamDirect: Jaroslav | Data de  2021-09-27
IfamDirect was a broker that had a lot of potentials. Their trading conditions are favorable and their platform was remarkably excellent. I don't understand why they chose to deceive their clients instead of providing honest services when they could have been an amazing broker.
Autor de IfamDirect: Sharief | Data de  2021-09-21
I was wrong to think that since the broker was asking for a high deposit, then the quality of their services would be paramount. It did not occur to me that I will only be defrauded by this company. I guess this shall serve as a lesson for me to think carefully of my decisions.
Autor de IfamDirect: Diya | Data de  2021-09-15
IfamDirect just disappeared without returning our funds. The broker did not say anything. We were all trading as usual then suddenly, we could not access the website nor could we contact them. As it appears, the broker went bankrupt thus not paying the clients. But since we trusted them, the least they could do was inform us.
Autor de IfamDirect: Lendar | Data de  2021-08-16
IfamDirect is an ordinary broker. I opened up an account with this broker with $1000 and make some profit. When I tried to withdraw profit, they hold for a long time more than 35 days. And in the meantime, I found that they are trading against me and I was started losing my trade trades because of their platform manipulation. They closed my profitable positions. I have nothing good to say about IfamDirect broker.
Autor de IfamDirect: JC Antonio | Data de  2021-08-16
After making a deposit at IfamDirect, I was contacted by my account manager. He was very friendly and he assured me that he would be assisting me with anything I need. After a week, he suggested that I make another deposit to make way for higher returns. I did what he suggested and it really did good to my account. However, after that, my account manager never stopped asking me to deposit again. He would contact me only to tell me to add more funds and not to assist me anymore.
Autor de IfamDirect: Heike | Data de  2021-07-27
IfamDirect is nothing but a huge fraud. I invested a total of $600 to them and when I tried to withdraw the profits of $100, they got so mad and proceeded to suspending my account. I tried getting an explanation from them but I got nothing. In the end, I was not able to access my account again.
Autor de IfamDirect: Judy | Data de  2021-07-21
IfamDirect did not release my money. I asked for the withdrawal of $100 which was only a part of my total profits. But they did not allow it and even charged me with fees for a violation. They did not even say what my violation is. I tried withdrawing again but they did not really give me anything.
Autor de IfamDirect: Yessa | Data de  2021-09-06
As for my case, I lost $5000. I also don't remember how I ended up invested such a huge amount on this broker. I think they were taking money from my bank card without my permission because I got surprised with my bills when it came to me. A huge accumulation of money was transferred to the broker.
Autor de IfamDirect: Karilyn | Data de  2021-07-16
Out of the many brokers in the market, I decided to choose IfamDirect because of their promising trading conditions. Besides, they do not require high initial deposit. But I was wrong. Instead of getting benefits from it, I only ended up losing all the money I invested. The broker terminated my account right after I made a deposit.
Autor de IfamDirect: Ilyas | Data de  2021-08-31
The appearance of IfamDirect was really deceiving. They managed to make themselves look reliable and reputable. I just wish I did not get swayed by this and made a thorough research about the company. If I did, then I wouldn't have to lose my money.
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