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IfamDirect exits market embezzling clients funds


Online desde: 2006
País de origem: Reino Unido
Regulamentação: -
Opções de pagamento: transferência bancária, dinheiro
Depósito mínimo: $100
Tamanho mínimo do lote: 0.1 lote
Alavancagem: 1:500
Spreads: a partir de 0.2 pips

Sobre a empresa:

IfamDirect é uma empresa de corretagem que opera no mercado cambial desde 2006.

O broker oferece uma extensa gama de instrumentos de negociação, cinco tipos de conta, spreads baixos e fixos no mercado, bem como comissões mínimas em ECN e instrumentos do mercado de ações. Os clientes da IfamDirect se benefíciam de apropriação de juros sobre fundos de depósito não envolvidos em operações de negociações e de investimento.

IfamDirect fornece uma plataforma de negociação híbrida, IfamTrader 4, que combina as características básicas do MetaTrader 4 e próprios desenvolvimentos exclusivos da empresa.

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Autor de IfamDirect: Martina | Data de  2020-08-03
For a year, I traded at IfamDirect. In that whole year, I did not attempt to withdraw any of my profits because this is what my account manager advised me. Besides, I also really wanted to see my money growing. However, something happened and I needed to take some of my profits. I requested for a withdrawal which they declined. I tried to request a few more times but it ended up being rejected all the time. Until one day, I just completely lost access to my account and the customer support team did not respond to me anymore.
Autor de IfamDirect: Vilma | Data de  2020-07-27
I have been a client of IfamDirect for about seven months. The trading experience per se is average. It is not something that would stand out among the rest of the brokers. But their bonuses are really great. They have all kinds of bonuses and it is their main attraction. However, this broker is still a fraud. Those bonuses would be credited to the client's account but they would never be available for withdrawal. As a matter of fact, even the client's own money will never be released again.
Autor de IfamDirect: Yesenia | Data de  2020-07-21
Nowadays it is just impossible to distinguish a fraud broker from a legitimate broker. Fraudster are really good at deceiving people. IfamDirect for instance did not show any sign of malice and I, as an aspiring trader, believed what they said about their company. I gave my trust to them because their representative was very pleasing to speak with. But then after some months of trading, their true color came out and all of my investment was gone.
Autor de IfamDirect: Nabbi | Data de  2020-07-13
I had an account at IfamDirect for a year. In terms of trading activities, I would say that I haven't really had any big issue. The platform is not perfect but it still runs decently and I was still able to earn. However, withdrawal of funds was the real issue. This broker did not allow any withdrawal request because according to them, they still need to complete the process in getting a license. I waited but in the end, the broker just closed down and my money was gone.
Autor de IfamDirect: Remika | Data de  2020-07-09
I have joined Ifam Direct previous month they have a stable platform. What's good about this broker is that in this type of account, there is no required minimum deposit so you can just deposit an amount you can afford. There are no slippages and requotes in the platform. I always get the order on the price I desire. Their customer support is easily reached.
Autor de IfamDirect: Chikim | Data de  2020-07-07
I was able to trade with IfamDirect for seven months. The trading experience was average. There were losses and profits here and there but I did not sense any suspicious activities. Everything seemed rather normal to me. I was even surprised to see that there were many complaints against the broker. Apparently, the broker did not release my fellow traders' money. I didn't know because I did not withdraw my money. The broker left even before I had the chance to withdraw and they took all of my money.
Autor de IfamDirect: Amit | Data de  2020-06-30
It was my sister who had an account at IfamDirect. Until now she is still devastated and she still hasn't regained her confidence in decision making. She feels like everything would turn out to be a mistake because of what she experienced with this broker. That is understandable because she fully trusted this broker and deposited quite a huge amount. Fraudsters can really ruin someone's life.
Autor de IfamDirect: Vasja | Data de  2020-06-22
I was a client of IfamDirect. This broker is horrible. They made me believe that I would be able to earn well as long as I follow their recommendations. At first, following them gave me positive trading results. They took advantage of my bliss and asked me to add more fund in my account. Since I was too happy about the results, I easily complied. But then, after that, my trades no longer profited. I had huge losses and eventually lost everything. The company tried to ask me to replenish my account but when I refused, they immediately terminated my account.
Autor de IfamDirect: Candius | Data de  2020-06-16
Back in 2016, I deposited a total of $900 at IfamDirect. This broker showed up in my advertisements in that year and I got very interested. I saw that they had promising services and it did not take long until I finally opened an account. It only lasted for a few months because complaints started to emerge and the company ran away with our money.
Autor de IfamDirect: Ipud | Data de  2020-06-09
My total investment at IfamDirect is $1200. I opened at account with this broker in 2016 but my trading activities also stopped in 2017 because the broker disappeared. It was too late when I learned that the broker was a fraud and as you would have expected, I lost all of my investment. I don't know what happened to the owner but I do hope they get punished.
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