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Hantec Markets

Online desde: 2010
País de origem: the UK
Regulamentação: FCA, ASIC, AFSA
Opções de pagamentos: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, AirPlus, UATP
Depósito mínimo: $1,000
Tamanho mínimo do lote: 0.1 lote
Alavancagem: 1:200
Spreads: a partir de 1.5 pips

Sobre a empresa:

Hantec Marketsé uma empresa de corretagem que oferece aos seus clientes condições atrativas para negociar online. As atividades do broker são regulamentadas pela Autoridade Conduta Financeira (FCA), enquanto a sua empresa afiliada australiana atua de acordo com a Comissão Investimentos e Títulos Australiana (ASIC) e a Autoridade de Segurança Financeira Australiana (AFSA).

Há duas plataformas de negociação para escolher - MetaTrader 4 e Currenex. Hantec Markets fornece uma variedade de instrumentos financeiros, incluindo 50 pares de moeda, ouro, prata, e CFDs. A plataforma contém 30 indicadores técnicos, micro e mini lotes e serviços de hedging. Além disso, não leva mais de uma hora para abrir uma conta e começar a negociar com a Hantec Markets.

A empresa coopera com 16 grandes bancos para garantir a liquidez adequada e poder competitivo.

Em 2014, o brokerr foi premiado com dois troféus de prestígio, Melhor Broker der FX Broker do Sudeste Asiático e Melhor Broker de FX da Europa Ocidental, pela revista Financial World.

Você pode encontrar informações mais detalhadas sobre a Hantec Markets no rating de corretoras de forex. Por favor, deixe seus comentários sobre esta empresa de corretagem e ajude outros traders a escolherem o melhor provedor de serviços de negociação.

Hantec Markets 7/10 (votes 3182)
Autor de Hantec Markets: Rosa Sudiardjono | Data de  2019-09-09
My first experience with demo account was good with Hantec Markets, but after I opened a real account and deposited $550 with Skrill, the problems started. Delays on the platform MetaTrader 4, or crashing and taking my positions with it. I lost 15 pips on EUR/JPY because of the delays and I was unable to close my position. I called their support team, but they can't figure out why they have this delays because they see their server working fine. Well is not true. I lost $300 within the first 10 days. I will withdraw my funds because I can't trade in normal market conditions.
Autor de Hantec Markets: Jiinaly | Data de  2019-08-05
I have recently started trading with Hantec Markets and I am very disappointed with them. On 1 August, they closed my last trade USD/CHF by hitting SL by increasing spread about 40 pips. My trade SL was 0.9778 and when my trade got close by hitting stop loss, that time market price was 0.9757. now think about how my trade got hit SL at 0.9778? I was not happy when I discover that.
Autor de Hantec Markets: Merna | Data de  2019-06-13
I requested for a demo account at Hantec Markets but sadly, it is available for 30 days only. I used it anyway and the platform seemed to run well. The execution is fast and I didn't experience much lagging. However, I did not continue to a live account because the minimum deposit is too high. My practice with the demo account is not enough for me to confidently deposit a thousand dollars on a real account. I hope they start another account type suitable for beginners. Also, the trial period for the demo account needs to be longer.
Autor de Hantec Markets: Piaunt201 | Data de  2019-03-05
Hantec Markets is not processing my withdrawal after 22 days, very scamming behavior. I put in my request to withdraw $400, via Skrill but they are dragging their feet for that small amount. They had told me the maximum is 3 days for withdrawal. Their representatives are well trained to give no clear answer. Now they put my call on hold for as long as I hang up. I am saying full truth about them never go with them.
Autor de Hantec Markets: fxkatro | Data de  2018-12-14
I opened a live trading account in Hantec Markets last week because I tried their demo account which worked fine and I really interest to get profit and bonus more then 30% that they said. After register my account I made a deposit of $1000 as their minimum account size, but no one position could be executed without a delay. The execution become slow and platform got freeze for few minutes. I call the support to fix it because it's my first trading but they said its becasue of my trading condition or internet because another traders can make trading and got profit. I really can't understand that. I'm hopeless now, all in this broker is not a suggested for everyone.
Autor de Hantec Markets: JanDeJong | Data de  2018-10-03
I want to say negative comments about hantec markets because I got poor performance on the MT4 platform and their service so far in a standard account. I have experienced that their prices and execution are delays from the real market. So I can't apply scalping strategies due to slippage. Till now I have tried hard but I had lost $125 invest money. Also, I can't trade with an EA and the FX asset manager also failed to works. The worst things are Hantec Markets canceled my two withdrawal of amount $120. So I warn to traders that be careful from Hantec Markets.
Autor de Hantec Markets: BillJoyce | Data de  2018-07-31
After trading with Hantec Markets broker in a standard account I have experienced only worst service. As their prices and execution are delays from the real market and I can't apply scalping strategies due to slippage. Till now I have tried hard but I had lost $125 in the different pairs. Also, I have customized the MT4 platform by setting FX asset manager, it also failed to work. The worst things are Hantec Markets canceled my withdrawal of investing $200. So traders are aware from Hantec Markets.
Autor de Hantec Markets: Niccospip | Data de  2018-06-11
I closed my account after I had many trades with my Stop Loss limit changed. I called their support team which of course doesn't know a thing. I was trading major currency pairs EUR/JPY and EUR/CHF. The quotes were changing a lot during volatility times. I lost 300euro during two months of trading with the broker. I don't recommend such broker where manipulates the prices.
Autor de Hantec Markets: fxissoo | Data de  2018-02-09
Had an account for 3 months in Hantec Markets really makes me feel confident that this broker not a broker for beginner. Last year I chose to join and trading here because I read some reviews from traders that said this broker provide best trading platform and their mobile application easy to operate. There are two trading platforms to choose from – MetaTrader 4 and Currenex. Hantec Markets provides a variety of financial instruments including 50 currency pairs, gold, silver, and CFDs. Their trading system is complete and easy to use, but I am a beginner and only have limited capital. While Hantec Markets set a fairly large deposit of $ 1000 in each trading. I feel that the value is very big, as the profit they give is only about 20%. I think I should look for another broker that gives beginner the opportunity to start trading success even with small capital.
Autor de Hantec Markets: Monikafx | Data de  2017-12-29
I trade with Hantec for some months now but the past month I started to have delays in execution and I tried to reach for the support team, they just put me on hold for ever. I have a standard account with a first deposit of 1000$. I managed to double my initial deposit within 3 months. I withdraw 500$ and after that I started to have problems with the MT4 for Mobile. My trading involves major pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY. If they will fix their problems with the platform and severs maybe the broker can be trusted otherwise it looks like quote manipulation.
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