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EA Gold Shark ver. 5 revisão

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Currency pairs: EUR/USD recommended
Time frame: M5, М15, М30, Н1 (М15, М30 recommended)
Work time: 24 hours
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is a unique Expert Adviser and one of the latest and best products developed by the Finance Plus team for Forex traders. EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is based on a unique algorithm of indicators to provide maximum profits.
Options of EA Gold Shark ver. 5:
  • 3 unconventional indicators;
  • Parallel trading with several currency pairs (multicurrency trading);
  • Protection from false signals;
  • Locking and averaging of unfavorable positions to offset losses;
  • Trailing orders;
  • Inverse trading;
  • Stable trading even on highly volatile market.
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 may be used both in normal conditions and at high risks.
Having properly adjusted it, any trader, even inexperienced one, may use EA Gold Shark ver. 5 to raise his capital. 

EA Gold Shark ver. 5 8/10 (votes 923)
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Jeff | Data de  2020-07-03
I am impressed with how efficient EA Gold Shark works. I have only been using it for 2 months but I can already see the difference in my trading results. My profit rate has gone up to 7 percent and it is a half more than my previous profit rate. Certainly, if I keep using this EA, my profit rate would grown even more.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Zild | Data de  2020-06-26
I have been using Gold Shark EA on the M30 time frame and it is working wonderfully. It keeps trading on the right positions and close it on profit. Ever since I started using this EA, my losses have been minimized and my profit heightened.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Luxbe | Data de  2020-06-19
EA Gold Shark is an average trading EA. I can't say that I was impressed because there was nothing outstanding about this EA. It does earn, but at a very minimal amount. Nonetheless, it could still accumulate to a huge amount in the long run. But that would take a long time and to be honest, I am not that satisfied with its performance.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Jekaterina | Data de  2020-06-15
I am using EA Gold Shark on the M15 timeframe. This trading EA is a restless trading assistant because it would really work all day. It is very active in its trading activities and this is giving me positive results. My account has been boosted by a huge percentage and I am really happy that I finally decided to get my own trading EA.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Blaise | Data de  2020-06-05
If I were you, I would not buy EA Gold Shark anymore. I had high expectations from this product because the company claimed it to be efficient. But then after using it, it only ruined my trading activities. Take note that I only used it on EUR/USD pair which should be the most popular pair but it still did not deliver a decent result. Because of this, I lost nearly a hundred dollars.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Sausa | Data de  2020-06-01
EA Gold Shark has truly helped me a lot in these trying times. I have only bought it a few months ago and I have lost focus recently because of what is happening in the world recently. I am glad that I purchased this trading adviser because I am having great results despite not being able to monitor my trades diligently.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Declan | Data de  2020-05-25
EA Gold Shark works best only on few trading pairs. You cannot use it on any pair except the major pairs. It is especially most useful with the EUR/USD pair. With other pairs, the performance is below average. If you already have it, just focus on trading the EUR/USD pair so that you can earn profit. Using it on other pairs would be useless.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Steve | Data de  2020-05-19
I love using Gold Shark EA on the EUR/USD pair. I have been using this EA for three months already and impressively, it was able to bring me great trading results already. On the first month, it earned back the $130 that I spent on it and now I am earning pretty well. The company itself is also easy to contact hence there would be no problem when it comes to communication.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Larraine | Data de  2020-05-12
I have been using EA Gold Shark for a couple of months now. So far, this EA hasn't shown any significant results yet. But I must say that it is still earning somehow. The profit is little, to be honest, but it still technically contributes. It still does not remove the fact that this EA is a slow earner and if you are looking for something that would boost your account, I don't think this is it.
Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Towidhul | Data de  2020-05-05
EA Gold Shark has been helping me for a few months now. In the first month that I used it, I was already impressed because it was already able to earn back its cost. The following months were purely profits only. This EA is an active trader and it is able to assess the market well. Most of its trades were opened and closed on the most profitable positions.
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