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Online desde: 2007
País de origem: Chipre
Regulamentação: Número de registro da NFA (ID: 0382918)
Opções de pagamento: Skrill, WebMoney, transferência bancária, cartões de crédito, PayPal, Neteller
Depósito mínimo: $50
Tamanho mínimo do lote: 0.1 lote
Alavancagem: 1:100, 1:200 and 1:400
Spreads: 2 pips no EUR/USD

Sobre a empresa:

eToro traz negociação financeira para a vida de centenas de milhares de usuários em todo o mundo. Nossa plataforma de negociação fácil de utilizar ajuda a tornar a negociação em Forex: simples para começar, ótimo para aprender a negociação. Nossas ferramentas educacionais e de negociação, juntamente com excelente serviço personalizado, faz com que o Forex fique fácil de dominar. Estilo de negociação do eToro permite que cada trader, em todos os níveis de experiência, desfrutar de sua negociação. Com Forex alimentado por eToro atrás de você, aproveitando o poder dos mercados financeiros para torna-se simples e gratificante.

eToro 8/10 (votes 4043)
Autor de eToro: Odalvi | Data de  2020-12-29
I trade only currency EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF. I opened a live standard account and deposited $600 with Wire Bank. My money were available instantly to trade, so I downloaded the platform MT 4 and started right away. The spread starts for EUR/USD from 2 pips and the good part is that remain fix through news feed. My profit is around $800 per month, which is fine for me, is a nice profit. They do not charge commissions and no hidden charge. Deposit and withdraw methods are so easy.
Autor de eToro: Nuansa | Data de  2020-06-15
I think this broker has a bright future and big potential for growth and respectful reputation due to their provided services and support. I think it's justified and iron remain competitive even with the night spread. Sounds good to me and leaned not to Judge until I see it by my eyes. Their system and service are quite good and stable for clients.
Autor de eToro: Blezenski | Data de  2020-03-10
I have no problems with order execution and my customize EA runs great. I already withdraw 2 times using Web Money. My first withdrawal was $650 and second was $800 both are processed within 6-7 hours. The best part of this broker is that I got lower than 1 pip spread, which is better than the most of the brokers I am with. For me, as an experienced trader it is very convenient.
Autor de eToro: Trias | Data de  2019-12-05
Etoro is a flexible and good trading broker. Last year I opened a micro account and the platform execution is perfect with a lot of useful tools and I can customize this platform with my own EA. I use their MT4 . Besides I have been earned almost 55% profits within this time for a year. So far I never experienced any inconvenient situation in deposit or withdraw. When I take my bonus or profit, the withdraw process took less then 4 hours before I got my money. So I will continue trading with Etoro and recommend to my family and friends.
Autor de eToro: Mandy | Data de  2019-11-01
I don’t understand the people who go on the garbage that they put into etoro reviews from the injured customers who they deserve. they are a sufficient argument in favor of circumventing this office on the one hundred and tenth road.
Autor de eToro: Carlos | Data de  2019-10-29
My brother and I divorced $ 7,000 in this kitchen etoro reviews, we just started reading and understanding what we are both suckers (((((well, it’s been so sweet and beautiful to us that we will earn money here with this etoro com .. ... that we are provided with everything ... that they will teach us how to trade in the financial market, we have only been shown how money disappears from the account (if earlier the manager used to communicate with us from this etoro com every day, now his phone is out of the access zone.
Autor de eToro: Veronica | Data de  2019-10-18
As promised to these bastards from etoro reviews, I will write on all branches, so that people know and don’t go to advertisements for the employment of this govno kontora. Absolutely no conditions for work and career growth, only fraud and divorce.
Autor de eToro: Davis | Data de  2019-10-11
I do not understand how else such a company as etoro reviews exists about this shit office speaks for itself. This is the most common sharashkina office, which helps people lose. first they offer to replenish the account, everything is wonderful for a couple of weeks of trading, even there is a profit, but then practically in one night the whole account is drained. in this way, for two years I lost my savings and still can’t get them back. be careful!
Autor de eToro: Neil | Data de  2019-10-04
the most terrible broker etoro reviews of real customers are confirmation. they stupidly bred into grandmas, promising golden mountains. everything is sharpened to drain. I recommend going around this kitchen the tenth way, if you want to keep your savings.
Autor de eToro: Anita | Data de  2019-09-27
When I read about the broker etoro reviews, I was amazed at how many people cheated are on the Internet on the account of these thieves. It is a pity that in our country there is no order, that’s why they work and most likely pay who they need to cover up their scam activities. I will not mess with them.
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