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On-line desde: 2008
País de origem: USA
Regulamentação: FSC
Opções de pagamento: Transferência bancária, Net Teller, Paypal
Valor mínimo do depósito: $300
Tamanho mínimo do lote: 0.01 lote
Alavancagem: 1:100 - 1:400
Spreads: a partir de 0.5 EUR/USD

Sobre a empresa:

ICM Broker é uma instituição financeira especializada em serviços de execução e compensação on-line para investidores de varejo e institucionais. ICM Brokers tem escritórios nos EUA, Austrália, Reino Unido, Líbano, bem como um escritório de atendimento ao cliente em Dubai, UAE. Além disso, ICM Brokers tem clientes e escritórios IB afiliados em mais de vinte outros países do mundo. ICM Brokers mantém todos os depósitos de seus clientes com instituições financeiras de primeira linha e seguras, incluindo HSBC e o Banco Audi. ICM Brokers auxilia seus clientes em quaisquer idiomas de preferência.

ICM Brokers 8/10 (votes 4027)
Autor de ICM Brokers: Hermosa | Data de  2020-12-18
ICM Broker is a recommended broker. I'm totally satisfied with the platform and the server worked very well for me, with no delays also their support is helpful anytime. I have made money easily more than $300, and so far I have not face any issue with their service, technical issue, or the money withdrawing process. To withdraw money, it's always easy without commissions. Thanks to my friend for recommending ICM Broker to me.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Tamsir | Data de  2020-06-17
Their trading performance wasn't good due to delayed filling my orders. They change the spread already given order more than 5- 6 spread so night time. I need to find another broker that suits my daily activities. I've been experienced many requotes and slippages and it is very bad. I'm not satisfied. I will not give them a try anymore, I hope they improve their system.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Ronxoa | Data de  2020-04-15
I disappointed a bit with ICM Brokers because most often they have some difficulties on withdrawal of money. Their withdrawal system not so fast as I wanted. I have not received my last withdrawal for last 16 days. I can see amount in my account but they have not done my payments. I contacted with their support and they said Finance department is working on it, you will be notified when its done. Now I am worried about money.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Derawan | Data de  2020-03-12
I’ve made a request for withdrawal 3 weeks ago via local depositors for $510 but they reject my request because of their server problem. The second time I made a request with the same amount the same thing happened to me. When I ask their financial support they said their server will be okay within 2 weeks and I accept their excuse because I never encounter this issue. Suddenly, they close my account and I don't now how to take my money back. i was call their customer support but i didn't find feed back, i was try by email, call center but still nothing feed back. I am very dissapointed. The trading platform is not good as it seems. Customer Support is not knowledgeable and dependable.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Avedtra | Data de  2020-01-22
I think that ICM Brokers is a decent broker. I started trading with them four months ago and so far, I can see that their trading platform is really stable. Their website also contains every information that a trader needs. However, their spread is a little too wide for me especially since I am a beginner. There are times that it widens unreasonably and it would cost me a huge amount.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Umin | Data de  2019-12-09
For 3 months trading, I have never had a problem with ICM Brokers trading platform but I feel it is incompatible with many other things. Their spreads are quite high but small commissions. After make around 4 times trading, I feel my order will be filled with big slippage even if the price is unstable or without traffic news. I sent the complainment email but their support putting off too much in replying to emails. I think there is no way to trade with them, but I still not close my account yet because I still have not received some of my money back.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Farah | Data de  2019-09-04
I have a standard account with ICM Broker for the past 6 months. My first deposit was $500, and I waited for about 1 week to be available in my account after I called their support team many times a day. Anyway, I traded on MetaTrader 4 platform with a spread of 2 pips for EUR/USD. The spread and the platform aren;t stable during volatility times. The platform crashes and has delays. I called theirs support team, nothing to do with it. I made a profit only my first month of trading $400, then I lost all the profit and deposit. I closed my deposit because I can't trade with delays.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Liafn | Data de  2019-07-31
I tried ICM Brokers for 2 months they have nothing special . They do not take the orders to the real Market. what was amazing, they takes 30 seconds to execute my orders. The most worst thing is that their withdrawal fee. Last week I withdraw $380 through wire transfer and they charged $93 as a processing fee. This is too much I am changing this broker as soon as possible.
Autor de ICM Brokers: Eglio | Data de  2019-06-06
I opened an account at ICM Brokers due to a recommendation of a friend I met online. I really though that I would have the great trading experience but as it turns out, this broker has a very high spread and commission fee. For the past four months, I haven't made any significant increase in my account balance yet because all of my supposed profit were spent on the fees. I'm still thinking about switching to a new broker as of now.
Autor de ICM Brokers: GPierre | Data de  2018-07-27
I regret opening an account with ICM brokers. I deposited $300 through Paypal. The process was easy. The money was immediately credited to my account. And with that, I started trading. I incurred both profits and losses but more on profits. So I have been earning quite a good amount in a month. I'd also like to point out that I was using their modified long straddle option and this strategy helped with the earnings. With that, I was able to acquire around $1500 profits. When I wanted to withdraw, they did not allow me. They were suspicious about the high increase rate of my equity. They also mentioned that they needed to do some adjustments in my account because of my lot limit in trading. So I just let them check my account because I know in myself that I did an honest trading. But two days later, they got back to me and resolved the issue by giving me back my initial deposit of $300. And that was it. My account was closed and I was advised to look for another broker. They didn't need to tell me to look for a different broker because it would just be pure insanity if I open an account with them again.
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