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We bring to your notice an Expert Advisor for automatic trading on Forex market - Megadroid.
Megadroid advisor implements automatic trading on Forex when market is calm and there are no aggressive springs of price in it. Megadroid Advisor developers recommend using the expert only at trading with EUR/USD currency pair, as with other currency pairs the advisor works extremely unstable.
The most favorable time for applying Megadroid is night. The best time interval for operating with Megadroid Advisor is from 21:00 to 1:00 GTM. The advisor already has GTM-detector which allowed to make time setting easier, being the very core of Expert’s performance.
Stop Loss pending orders are set automatically within 31 up to 153 points depending on a trade size. Take Profit order is set at much lower values than Stop Loss - from 3 to 11 points.
Despite that Megadroid Advisor carries out not so many trades, it is proved that 95% of executed trades turn out to be profit-making. Due to that Megadroid Advisor opens trades not every night, the Expert has quite selective approach to opening, so it demonstrates 95% accuracy.  

Megadroid 7/10 (votes 92)
Autor de Megadroid: Faris | Data de  2021-12-14
I am not pleased with the performance of Megadroid adviser. I set some parameters for it to follow but it only ignored them. Then it kept making trades which all resulted negatively.
Autor de Megadroid: Meralda | Data de  2021-12-06
Thanks to Megadroid adviser, my account is now highly profitable. This bot has helped me to earn steadily. I used to only have an average of 5% profit rate but now it has multiplied by three.
Autor de Megadroid: Angga | Data de  2021-11-29
For the last two months, I have been trying to make Megadroid advisor to work but it really does not make desirable trading results. I tried returning the product to the company but they are no longer responding to me.
Autor de Megadroid: Natias | Data de  2021-11-22
When I started using Megadroid adviser, my trading activities have also become better. I started to earn consistently and the profits increases as time passes by. This EA is definitely a good buy.
Autor de Megadroid: Armando | Data de  2021-11-16
I wanted to make Megadroid adviser to work on my account because I don't want the money I spent on it to come to waste. But I already tried everything and I think there is just no hope for this trading bot anymore.
Autor de Megadroid: Maxence | Data de  2021-11-09
These past two months, I have been letting the Megadroid Adviser to make the trades for me. So far, the results are impressive. Its performance is beyond my expectation so I can really say that buying it was worth it.
Autor de Megadroid: Manos | Data de  2021-11-02
Megadroid has been ignoring all the parameters that I set. I don't know what its strategy is, but it surely is not working. What this bot brought to my account are nothing but losses.
Autor de Megadroid: Carly | Data de  2021-10-25
Three weeks ago, I started using Megadroid adviser in my trading activities. Surprisingly, in two weeks, it was able to earn back the $150 that I spent to buy it. And now, it is starting to make desirable profits in my account.
Autor de Megadroid: Guillermo | Data de  2021-10-15
I recently purchased Megadroid adviser and I am still observing its performance. But so far, so good. The bot manages to make profitable trades and I can already see minimal changes in my portfolio. It seems that my profit rate is increasing gradually.
Autor de Megadroid: Nathan | Data de  2021-10-11
I was not supposed to buy Megadroid adviser but because of my consecutive losses, I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, it only messed my account more. I ended up losing all of my remaining funds when I let the bot make all the trades.
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