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We bring to your notice an Expert Advisor for automatic trading on Forex market - Megadroid.
Megadroid advisor implements automatic trading on Forex when market is calm and there are no aggressive springs of price in it. Megadroid Advisor developers recommend using the expert only at trading with EUR/USD currency pair, as with other currency pairs the advisor works extremely unstable.
The most favorable time for applying Megadroid is night. The best time interval for operating with Megadroid Advisor is from 21:00 to 1:00 GTM. The advisor already has GTM-detector which allowed to make time setting easier, being the very core of Expert’s performance.
Stop Loss pending orders are set automatically within 31 up to 153 points depending on a trade size. Take Profit order is set at much lower values than Stop Loss - from 3 to 11 points.
Despite that Megadroid Advisor carries out not so many trades, it is proved that 95% of executed trades turn out to be profit-making. Due to that Megadroid Advisor opens trades not every night, the Expert has quite selective approach to opening, so it demonstrates 95% accuracy.  

Megadroid 6/10 (votes 76)
Author of Megadroid: Rahul | Date 2021-06-15
Megadroid adviser is not worth it. I have been using it for two months already and it still hasn't made any progress. In fact, instead of earning even little profits, it is causing more losses. Buying this trading assistant was a useless expense.
Author of Megadroid: Analu | Date 2021-06-08
I have been trading for over a year already and my profit rate still remains low. I decided to buy a trading bot to see if it would make a difference. Thankfully, Megadroid adviser has great algorithm and it very strategic. The improvement in my profit rate is very apparent now.
Author of Megadroid: Ousamma | Date 2021-06-02
For some reason, the Stop Loss and Take Profit feature does not work properly with Megadroid adviser. Because of that, I already had a lot of losses. I cannot leave this EA trading on its own because the results would be terrible. Thus, I still monitor it from time to time.
Author of Megadroid: Dagmar | Date 2021-05-26
I cannot be more thankful to Megadroid adviser because this broke definitely changed the profitability of my account. From an average of 2% profit rate, I am now having at least 6% profit rate. Sometimes, it even goes higher than that.
Author of Megadroid: Mirela | Date 2021-05-20
Megadroid adviser was supposed to execute my stop loss and take profit orders but it did not. I still need to monitor the bot all the time because it won't do anything automatically despite setting parameters. This is disappointing because I expected more from the bot.
Author of Megadroid: Saudah | Date 2021-05-13
For the first time in my trading experience, my profit rate went past 20%. I have a very low profit rate before I used Megadroid but now, I am just overwhelmed with how excellent this EA is performing. Now, trading is more fun and enjoyable.
Author of Megadroid: Joe Jeff | Date 2021-05-07
If I were you, I won't be wasting my money on Megadroid adviser. I know that their claims are very attractive but the actual performance of the product is not impressive. In fact, the EA just causes more losses instead of wins.
Author of Megadroid: Joselito | Date 2021-04-29
Megadroid adviser has helped me to minimize the losses in my trading activities. Not only that, I am now earning so much more than I used to. So far, this EA has already doubled my usually profit rate.
Author of Megadroid: Girish | Date 2021-04-22
Megadroid is a reliable trading assistant. Ever since I started using it, my account has also become profitable. I saw how it has boosted my profit rate. It shows accurate trading signals and it does not miss to provide trading analysis and recommendations.
Author of Megadroid: Linnie | Date 2021-04-16
Megadroid adviser is just an average trading EA. It does not incur too much losses but it also does not earn much. I can say that it quick when it comes to providing news or analysis but it would not do much difference in your profitability.
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