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We bring to your notice an Expert Advisor for automatic trading on Forex market - Megadroid.
Megadroid advisor implements automatic trading on Forex when market is calm and there are no aggressive springs of price in it. Megadroid Advisor developers recommend using the expert only at trading with EUR/USD currency pair, as with other currency pairs the advisor works extremely unstable.
The most favorable time for applying Megadroid is night. The best time interval for operating with Megadroid Advisor is from 21:00 to 1:00 GTM. The advisor already has GTM-detector which allowed to make time setting easier, being the very core of Expert’s performance.
Stop Loss pending orders are set automatically within 31 up to 153 points depending on a trade size. Take Profit order is set at much lower values than Stop Loss - from 3 to 11 points.
Despite that Megadroid Advisor carries out not so many trades, it is proved that 95% of executed trades turn out to be profit-making. Due to that Megadroid Advisor opens trades not every night, the Expert has quite selective approach to opening, so it demonstrates 95% accuracy.  

Megadroid 6/10 (votes 75)
Author of Megadroid: Naghi | Date 2020-08-03
I have no trouble using Megadroid adviser because this trading EA is very systematic and efficient trading assistant. I have been using it for seven months already and its trading activities are getting better and better. It consistently brings in income and I could rely on it even if I don't do any trade myself. This EA is definitely more effective when used at night and it earns more than the regular trading hours.
Author of Megadroid: Thanaa | Date 2020-07-27
Megadroid adviser is not as impressive as other users claim it to be. I honestly don't understand why they are so amazed by the EA when it hasn't really done much in my trading account. All it does is provide me with market analysis which I could easily access with my broker even without the EA. In terms of profiting, this product does not contribute anything.
Author of Megadroid: Nabil | Date 2020-07-20
I am so glad that I purchased Megadroid adviser. This trading EA worked wonders for me. I never thought that I would be able to see almost a hundred dollars of profit in a single week. This EA has great algorithm and it really makes use of price changes and picks a profitable opportunity to make its trading activities.
Author of Megadroid: Abe | Date 2020-07-14
Megadroid did not give me any satisfactory trading results. I have been using it for a few months already but it still hasn't showed any good performance. Maybe this trading bot is really just useless and I only wasted my money on buying it.
Author of Megadroid: Layka | Date 2020-07-07
I have been in the trading industry for almost two years. On the first year, did not use any bot to help me with my trading activities. I simply relied on my own judgment and made decisions on my own. I get by, but it was not enough so I bought Megadroid adviser. Until now I am still using it because it has brought fortune to my account. My profit rate was doubled and I am now earning more than what I expected.
Author of Megadroid: Maru | Date 2020-06-30
Thanks to Megadroid adviser, I was able to recover my losses and redeem my trading status. I used to have consecutive losses but Megadroid changed this. This bot minimized the losses. It made more winning trades which boosted my profit rate. Now I am earning well and steadily.
Author of Megadroid: Shameka | Date 2020-06-24
After using Megadroid Adviser on my trading activities, I don't think I would be able to recommend this EA. My profit rate used to be 5.6% but after using this product, instead of boosting my account, it has rather made more losses. My profit rate has gone down to 4 percent. Purchasing this trading EA was a wrong choice.
Author of Megadroid: Irelle | Date 2020-06-17
I think Megadroid Adviser is the most useful gift I've ever received. This was given to me by another trader friend and he said that it would surely help me with my trading activities. Of course, I used it right away. Amazingly, in just a few weeks, I already saw a difference between my previous profit rate and the current rate. My account was definitely boosted.
Author of Megadroid: Krista | Date 2020-06-10
A month ago, I purchased Megadroid advisor. It promised to bring me impressive results and it claimed to be a smart trader. However, within a month of using it, I already lost almost a hundred dollars. This bot never gave impressive results. All that it brought in were losses. I am still waiting for the response of the company regarding the refund.
Author of Megadroid: Croticio | Date 2020-06-03
I have been using Megadroid Expert Advisor since last year. I can say that I can truly rely on this EA especially when I am unable to monitor my trades closely for a long time. This EA, with the right parameters, automatically trades for me. When I get back to my account and check the status, great results welcome me.
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