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We bring to your notice an Expert Advisor for automatic trading on Forex market - Megadroid.
Megadroid advisor implements automatic trading on Forex when market is calm and there are no aggressive springs of price in it. Megadroid Advisor developers recommend using the expert only at trading with EUR/USD currency pair, as with other currency pairs the advisor works extremely unstable.
The most favorable time for applying Megadroid is night. The best time interval for operating with Megadroid Advisor is from 21:00 to 1:00 GTM. The advisor already has GTM-detector which allowed to make time setting easier, being the very core of Expert’s performance.
Stop Loss pending orders are set automatically within 31 up to 153 points depending on a trade size. Take Profit order is set at much lower values than Stop Loss - from 3 to 11 points.
Despite that Megadroid Advisor carries out not so many trades, it is proved that 95% of executed trades turn out to be profit-making. Due to that Megadroid Advisor opens trades not every night, the Expert has quite selective approach to opening, so it demonstrates 95% accuracy.  

Megadroid 6/10 (votes 76)
Author of Megadroid: Rimuru | Date 2021-01-13
For the past five months, Megadroid adviser has been my partner in my trading activities. I am so happy that I decided to purchase this EA because it has really boosted my account. My profit rate has already increased by 8% and it even increases a little every month.
Author of Megadroid: Junnel | Date 2021-01-07
I am using Megadroid adviser since 2019. Honestly, this trading EA is not that impressive but it is decent. As per their recommendation, I am only using it on the EURUSD pair and it earns (although, still by a little amount). If I were to go back in time, I probably won't buy this EA anymore because I don't think it's worth it. A year has passed before the EA was able to earn back the amount spent on it.
Author of Megadroid: Kierra | Date 2020-12-30
It has been half a year since I started using Megadroid Adviser. I decided to use it because I could not handle my emotions and this year, the trading assets have been very unstable. Hence, I bought this EA and let it help me manage my trading account. Thankfully, I found a reliable and efficient trading EA. I currently have a 15% profit rate and I think that's really great.
Author of Megadroid: Bendik | Date 2020-12-23
Megadroid adviser has been my partner in trading since 2018. This trading bot has really made a huge difference in my trading account. This is very consistent in bringing in profits and I can even depend on it when I am busy because it can trade and earn on its own.
Author of Megadroid: Nadyne | Date 2020-12-17
The reason I bought Megadroid Adviser was that it was recommended to me by a fellow trader. I only met him online through a forum and he was sharing his experience and it really was interesting. I asked him for more details and that is when he explained to me that he was using this bot. He then encouraged me to purchase it as well. Eventually, I bought it and used it. I was so disappointed when I used it on my trades because it only made a mess. I tried to contact the trader who recommended it to me but he never responded to me again.
Author of Megadroid: Jaida | Date 2020-12-10
Megadroid Adviser is a reliable trading assistant. This product has been with me for five months now. Last month, I tried to leave it trading on its own and amazingly, it was able to bring in impressive results. This trading EA is worth investing in.
Author of Megadroid: Mahir | Date 2020-12-03
Megadroid adviser is a useless trading EA. I should have not wasted my money on this because it does not bring any profit to me. As a matter of fact, it even incurs losses. The signals that it is giving are always wrong and I end up losing the trade. I completely stopped using it now before it makes more losses.
Author of Megadroid: Romuald | Date 2020-11-26
Megadroid Adviser changed the course of my trading journey. I used to be very indecisive and hesitant which I think was the cause of all the trading mistakes I made. I kept hesitating until I have already lost the opportunity. But with Megadroid, I have been confidently following its signals and so far, the results are really great. I can also let it trade on its own which is another great thing about it.
Author of Megadroid: Younis | Date 2020-11-20
Based on my experience, Megadroid is a trading assistant which we cannot fully rely on. It does provide accurate signals at times but this is not always the case. It still gives false signal sometimes and it leads to losses. Basically, it can help you earn more but don't expect a huge increase in your profit rate.
Author of Megadroid: Niritta | Date 2020-11-13
Megadroid Adviser has been with me since the start of the year and my portfolio has been so much better than last year. This EA has helped me boost my account. It increased my profit rate and it is consistent in providing updated news and market analyses. Buying this EA is definitely worthy.
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