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Scalper Day

Expert Advisor Scalper Day – Your Expert in Forex World!

Intraday scalping is one of the most popular techniques of working on Forex. 
The intraday scalping allows a trader to get profit from extremely short-term trades. In order to apply scalping strategy to Forex the trader needs experience in working with short-term timeframes and know all details of Forex market functioning. However, many scalpers, being under constant pressure, sometimes because of their inattention or a lack of information about the market, get lost and bare losses consequently.
Thus, to make your Forex scalping easier, we offer you an expert advisor “Scalper Day” for intraday scalping strategies. The EA “Scalper Day” is a trade robot, and robots, as it is assumed, do not make mistakes!
The short-term trades’ Expert Advisor “Scalper Day” is:
  • The analytical software that takes decisions for you and earns money every second.

  • The trading robot “Scalper Day” is adapted for MetaTrader 4.
  • Over 15 high-professional and experienced on Forex IT-specialists and traders were working to create “Scalper Day”.
  • Scalper Day” is tested, it is absolutely harmless and effective.
  • The EA “Scalper Day” was designed for scalping strategy. Today “Scalper Day” advisor works with all currency pairs.
  • Scalper Day” does not have work time limits.
Scalper Day” has been making money for over 4 years!
The EA “Scalper Day” can be applied to 4 or 5 sign quoting rates. The minimal lot is 0.01.
Still using “Scalper Day” a trader has to keep to overall capital management rules, i.e. operate with up to 10% of deposit opening the position.

Scalper Day 7/10 (votes 76)
Author of Scalper Day: Vee | Date 2021-06-14
Based on my experience, Scalper Day is a fast earner. It works well on both short-term and long-term trading but I usually use it for short-term trades. And I can already see some great results. I am absolutely happy that I decided to purchase this EA.
Author of Scalper Day: Nick | Date 2021-06-08
Scalper Day EA has its good and bad days. It works well during a calm market condition but you cannot rely on it during news announcements as it won't be able to handle the volatility. Because of that, I learned to use it only on calm markets to avoid risks.
Author of Scalper Day: Pakorn | Date 2021-06-01
Wow, Scalper Day EA definitely went beyond my expectations! This trading assistant makes trades consistently and it knows when there are trading opportunities and it grabs them. So far, it has already doubled my profit rate and I have only been using it for three months.
Author of Scalper Day: Savni | Date 2021-05-26
I have been using Scalper Day EA for three months now. It brings me profits most of the times but there are also some trades which incur huge losses. If you ever plan to buy this EA, do not expect great results all the time.
Author of Scalper Day: Upuii | Date 2021-05-19
I started using Scalper Day EA a few months ago and I can already see the difference in my trading portfolio. Now, I am seeing more winning trades than losing ones and the losses are not even that high. I think that this is a very good and worthy investment.
Author of Scalper Day: Khumbo | Date 2021-05-13
Expert Adviser Scalper Day has a decent profit rate. I started using it three months ago and it is able to bring me some great results. However, you cannot expect the EA to be winning all the time. There are still some instances when it would make a mistake and end up losing a huge amount of money. But the good thing is that the majority of its trades are still winning so it is still profiting.
Author of Scalper Day: Randall | Date 2021-05-06
You can really see results in as fast as one week with Scalper Day EA. Because it actively trades every day, it is able to accumulate huge profits. I swear, I was surprised when I saw how much I earned in just a week. It was more than my usual weekly profit.
Author of Scalper Day: Daisy | Date 2021-04-29
Expert advisor day is great with intraday trading. Definitely, it works perfectly for scalping but it does not do very well with long-term trading. If that is what you are looking for, I would not suggest that you buy this EA because it won't help you with long-term trades.
Author of Scalper Day: Orkhan | Date 2021-04-22
Scalper Day EA is not very impressive. I was expecting it to trade short positions and earn from it but it did not. Instead, it randomly opened positions and closed them at long price. This EA has already costed me almost hundred dollars within just a couple of weeks of using it.
Author of Scalper Day: Ignacio | Date 2021-04-15
Scalper Day EA is a reliable trading assistant. From the moment I used it, my trading activities have become more systematic and profitable. Indeed, it was able to boost my portfolio and maintain a high profit rate.
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