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Dealing City

Año de creación: 2002
País: Rusia
Regulación: Not regulated
Opciones de pago: WebMoney
Depósito inicial mínimo: $50
Tamaño de lote más pequeño: 0.1
Apalancamiento: hasta 1:500
Spreads: 0 pips en EUR/USD

Acerca de la compañía:

El centro de transacciones Forex Dealing City se formó con el propósito de brindar servicios profesionales a inversionistas privados, traders del mercado que están aprovechando el margen. Para conducir las operaciones del mercado Forex, la compañía ofrece la plataforma de trading DCTrader2, su propio desarrollo con aplicación de opciones únicas.

Desde el 2009, la compañía ha lanzado un nuevo servidor administrado por la reciente plataforma de trading MetaTrader4. Dependiendo de los requisitos y preferencias, los clientes están dispuestos a escoger la opción técnica más adecuada y las condiciones para que su trabajo sea cómodo.

Dealing City 8/10 (votes 4097)
Autor de  Dealing City: Meghan | Fecha de   2022-01-20
I know that Dealing City is not a regulated broker, and now I feel guilty after joining them. I've been trading with them for 5 months, and I have lost my profit that I gained in 5 months. Everything was working perfectly, but they didn't give me the money I wanted to withdraw until now. I have to keep calling their customer support, but lately, they didn't respond to my email. They also change their trading conditions without notifying me. I feel like this broker is just a scam.
Autor de  Dealing City: Zarkia | Fecha de   2021-06-27
Dealing City has wide collection of lots fit for newbie traders. Their website is very inspiring. Fast and easy to access with lot of information. I like their bonus program and scalping strategy. They grant me the edge to practice my strategy in a live account without losing my funds. I feel trouble-free with them and their services are quite good.
Autor de  Dealing City: Ernesto | Fecha de   2021-04-19
Dealing City is not regulated. True, their services appear promising, but I would not risk my money on a broker that does not guarantee the security of my funds. Also, their customer support is not that accommodating to queries.
Autor de  Dealing City: Sachi | Fecha de   2021-01-06
I have been trading with Dealing City broker for 7 months. I earned a profit, and I intentionally didn't withdraw once I got it, kind of savings. But last month, I want to withdraw all profit that I earned in 7 months, I have sent a withdrawal request, but they refused my request. I have no idea what I did. I have called customer support many times. First, they said my documents are not qualified to make withdrawal, and after that they said I against the rules and they found unusual activity. Until now, I have no idea where my money is. Look how they run the business, they stole my money. All I earned is gone there. My advice, stay away from this broker. They are a fraud.
Autor de  Dealing City: Sunny | Fecha de   2020-06-09
Their trading platform interface is not clear, and spreads should be lower. I should get a bonus but until now I have not received a bonus. the withdrawal process is also very difficult. the deposit is very high. Better look for another broker and not to regret like me. My first deposit was $ 5,000, but yesterday I lost my connection which caused a loss of $ 3,430.
Autor de  Dealing City: Rokitma | Fecha de   2020-04-07
Dealing City is extremely unreliable broker. I have many trades on demo account and have trades on live account. There is a huge difference in performance between these two and a big issue for me is that my system makes easily 35-45 pips per day including the spread in demo account, but in real account, there is a constant slippage of 15-20 pips and that eats over half of the profits. That is ridicules. I have captured graphs of that happening. I will close my account with them and will never come back.
Autor de  Dealing City: Edwin | Fecha de   2020-03-04
The first time I traded with them, I often made profits, even I received a decent bonus. I got $700 in the first month, the second month I received a bonus from them. But during the third month, I did not get any profit. I find out what causes it. I also often ask them, but they only suggest waiting for their analysis. I was getting suspicious, then asked my friend who was experienced in trading. My friend said that it was their game. My friend suggested stopping and looking for another broker. After listening to his explanation, I finally understood, and decided not to trade together with this broker. I will look for an honest and responsible broker.
Autor de  Dealing City: Predi | Fecha de   2020-01-14
I have been reading users' reviews about Dealing City online and they seem to be liking their experience at this broker. However, even with these positive feedback, I still won't opt to dealing with this broker because they are not regulated. I know that there are some trusted brokers that are not regulated but if I will choose an unregulated broker, I will just heighten my risk of being scammed. That is why I won't risk it.
Autor de  Dealing City: Rosa | Fecha de   2019-11-29
This broker is not good, their system are awful. I have good results in their demo account but the real account is totally different and very disappointing. Broker plays against clients, you can close a trading only if you are losing. If you are gaining, platform will freeze or you will have a huge slippage and a lot of requotes. I also think they manipulate the quotations. I have an account with another broker and quotes are totally different. So I do not trust in Dealing City and I do not recommend it.
Autor de  Dealing City: Riani | Fecha de   2019-08-27
It has been a week I am waiting for their approval for my request withdrawal 500 USD via wire transfer. They still hold my money and keep telling it will be process as soon as possible but nothing happen for a week already. I keep follow up my withdrawal status, but always said the same thing. Trading activity does not give me a big problem but sometimes platform will freeze for 5 minutes and the execution is being slowly. I hope that they will transfer my money and improve the flaws so that I don't have to find another broker.
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