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IfamDirect exits market embezzling clients funds


En línea desde: 2006
País de origen: Reino Unido
Regulación: -
Opciones de pago: transferencia bancaria, efectivo
Depósito mínimo: $100
Lote mínimo: 0.1 Lotes
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Spreads: desde 0.2 pips

Acerca de la compañía:

IfamDirect es una compañía de corretaje que ha estado operando en el mercado forex desde 2006.

El bróker ofrece un rango extensivo de instrumentos comerciales, cinco tipos de cuenta, spreads bajos y fijos, además de tasas mínimas de comisión en los instrumentos del mercado bursátil y ECN. Los clientes de IfamDirect aprovechan el devengo de intereses sobre los fondos de depósito que no están involucrados en las operaciones y las inversiones.

Ifam Direct brinda una plataforma híbrida de operaciones, IfamTrader 4, que combina las características básicas de MetaTrader 4 y los desarrollos únicos de la compañía.

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Autor de  IfamDirect: Amit | Fecha de   2020-06-30
It was my sister who had an account at IfamDirect. Until now she is still devastated and she still hasn't regained her confidence in decision making. She feels like everything would turn out to be a mistake because of what she experienced with this broker. That is understandable because she fully trusted this broker and deposited quite a huge amount. Fraudsters can really ruin someone's life.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Vasja | Fecha de   2020-06-22
I was a client of IfamDirect. This broker is horrible. They made me believe that I would be able to earn well as long as I follow their recommendations. At first, following them gave me positive trading results. They took advantage of my bliss and asked me to add more fund in my account. Since I was too happy about the results, I easily complied. But then, after that, my trades no longer profited. I had huge losses and eventually lost everything. The company tried to ask me to replenish my account but when I refused, they immediately terminated my account.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Candius | Fecha de   2020-06-16
Back in 2016, I deposited a total of $900 at IfamDirect. This broker showed up in my advertisements in that year and I got very interested. I saw that they had promising services and it did not take long until I finally opened an account. It only lasted for a few months because complaints started to emerge and the company ran away with our money.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Ipud | Fecha de   2020-06-09
My total investment at IfamDirect is $1200. I opened at account with this broker in 2016 but my trading activities also stopped in 2017 because the broker disappeared. It was too late when I learned that the broker was a fraud and as you would have expected, I lost all of my investment. I don't know what happened to the owner but I do hope they get punished.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Janich | Fecha de   2020-06-01
It has been years already since IfamDirect was exposed of their malicious scheme. But the trauma that they have caused me still lingers. No matter how much I try, I cant seem to still have the courage to start an investment venture again. I am afraid that I will once again be fooled and betrayed by a broker. It is very hard to trust again. That is why I wish that no one falls victim to frauds ever again.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Giraldo | Fecha de   2020-05-19
I had an active account at IfamDirect for about a year and a half. My trading experience was great at the start. It only started going downhill after a year when I started showing my interest in withdrawing my funds. I made my first withdrawal request and it was rejected together with the instruction of verifying my account again. I did what they told me to do and made another withdrawal. This time, they said that there is a problem with the bank. On the third time, my request was put on queue. I waited for it to be processed by a month has already gone by and there was still nothing. Until the broker closed and I completely lost access to my account.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Abian | Fecha de   2020-05-12
I traded with IfamDirect for a year and it was the worst experience that I had. It was a year of trickery and lies. For a year, I trusted the wrong company. I wasted my effort, time, and money on a broker that only aims to take their clients' money. This broker, especially the employees are very good at deceiving people. I only trusted them because they appeared to be trustworthy! I never thought that they would ever turn out to be a fraud.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Julnelle | Fecha de   2020-05-06
Back when I was still trading at IfamDirect, they still did not have this issue and I had a decent trading experience with them. The platform was manageable and I was able to earn well. The customer support team is also approachable and they really help out their clients.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Lamsi | Fecha de   2020-05-28
Well not anymore. This broker turned out to be a fraud after all. You are lucky if you were able to take back your money. But in my time, everyone had a problem withdrawing their funds. I, for one, was never allowed to withdraw my money. Not even my own capital. At first, the experience was really great. The trading platform was always running smoothly. But then the day came when we just lost access to our accounts the broker disappeared.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Vien | Fecha de   2020-05-05
My experience at IfamDirect is horrible. If only I could turn back the time, I would do everything just to stay away from this broker. I would never have entertained their calls and messages. But what's done is done. All that is left of me is regret. Regret that I trusted a scam broker. It was hard not to when they sounded and seemed professional. I really thought that I was trusting the right broker. Well, I am starting to accept the reality now and I am trying to move on. But I still want this broker and the people behind this to be lawfully punished.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Ilaria | Fecha de   2020-04-20
IfamDirect ran away with my money. I was trading with them for almost a year and my trading activities were going well. I decided to wait until I reach a year of trading before withdrawing my profits. However, I haven't yet reached a year and this broker suddenly disappeared. I just suddenly couldn't access my account anymore and no one from the company is responding to my emails. The just went away taking all of our money.
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