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IfamDirect exits market embezzling clients funds


En línea desde: 2006
País de origen: Reino Unido
Regulación: -
Opciones de pago: transferencia bancaria, efectivo
Depósito mínimo: $100
Lote mínimo: 0.1 Lotes
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Spreads: desde 0.2 pips

Acerca de la compañía:

IfamDirect es una compañía de corretaje que ha estado operando en el mercado forex desde 2006.

El bróker ofrece un rango extensivo de instrumentos comerciales, cinco tipos de cuenta, spreads bajos y fijos, además de tasas mínimas de comisión en los instrumentos del mercado bursátil y ECN. Los clientes de IfamDirect aprovechan el devengo de intereses sobre los fondos de depósito que no están involucrados en las operaciones y las inversiones.

Ifam Direct brinda una plataforma híbrida de operaciones, IfamTrader 4, que combina las características básicas de MetaTrader 4 y los desarrollos únicos de la compañía.

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Autor de  IfamDirect: Shawen | Fecha de   2020-09-22
IfamDirect was one of the many fraud brokers that appeared to be trustworthy. This broker put an effort in building up their website and spreading good word about their company. Eventually, they were able to attract clients including me. I believed that in my trading activities, I was doing very well. Because I was happy, I immediately obliged when I was advised to deposit more fund. The problem started when I tried to withdraw my profit. At first, they were saying that there was a technical issue so it can't be processed yet. Until they just stopped responding to my messages and in the end, my account was terminated.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Farida | Fecha de   2020-09-16
For more than a year, I traded with IfamDirect. I used my bank card to transfer fund to my trading account. Deposits are transferred instantly. But none of my withdrawal requests was ever processed. I tried to withdraw my profit thrice but the company would always disapprove it. They were giving excuses which they can't seem to be able to fix at all. When I lost my patience, I just decided to close my account and take my fund. But the broker only closed my account without giving me my money.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Azan | Fecha de   2020-09-08
IfamDirect appeared reputable. Their website is one of the best ones I've seen in terms of design and ease of navigation. Their customer support was also responsive. They displayed a sense of security. It was inevitable for some people to open an account with this broker. I too, became their client and victim. I invested $500 and everything was thrown away. This broker closes the account of their clients who show interest in withdrawing their funds.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Irneli | Fecha de   2020-09-01
All I can do now is regret that I ever made business with IfamDirect. I foolishly believed that they are a reliable broker. I was easily fooled by the great results that I had during the start of my trading experience. I did not know that my account was simply manipulated and whatever was displayed on my account was all fake. I lost $300 on a horrible fraud broker.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Nizam | Fecha de   2020-08-20
A few years back, I tried trading at IfamDirect. I was only using their demo account back then but there has already been a lot of errors. It was always difficult to open a single trade on my desired price because the platform is slow to execute orders. There were even times when the platform would freeze. Because of that, I decided not to switch to a real account and I stopped demo trading with them. I am thankful now that I did because this broker was actually a fraud.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Iann | Fecha de   2020-08-12
I had a trading account at IfamDirect for three months. In that duration, I was able to make a few decent trades. These made me establish a trust with the company. Also, the customer support team was responsive which added to reliability. However, complaints against the broker started arising. Many clients have been complaining about the non-release of their funds. I was alarmed so I tried withdrawing my profit. To my dismay, the broker rejected it. Not long after, the broker closed down.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Samson | Fecha de   2020-08-25
I had a similar experience. Everything seemed to be going really well while trading with IfamDirect. My account manager also advised me not to withdraw my profit right away because it is better to keep it there for higher profit opportunity. I listened to him for a year. But when I decided that it's fair time to withdraw a part of my profit already, the broker did not allow it. My account was suspended for a week then it was back. And then after a few days, it was just completely gone.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Martina | Fecha de   2020-08-03
For a year, I traded at IfamDirect. In that whole year, I did not attempt to withdraw any of my profits because this is what my account manager advised me. Besides, I also really wanted to see my money growing. However, something happened and I needed to take some of my profits. I requested for a withdrawal which they declined. I tried to request a few more times but it ended up being rejected all the time. Until one day, I just completely lost access to my account and the customer support team did not respond to me anymore.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Vilma | Fecha de   2020-07-27
I have been a client of IfamDirect for about seven months. The trading experience per se is average. It is not something that would stand out among the rest of the brokers. But their bonuses are really great. They have all kinds of bonuses and it is their main attraction. However, this broker is still a fraud. Those bonuses would be credited to the client's account but they would never be available for withdrawal. As a matter of fact, even the client's own money will never be released again.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Yesenia | Fecha de   2020-07-21
Nowadays it is just impossible to distinguish a fraud broker from a legitimate broker. Fraudster are really good at deceiving people. IfamDirect for instance did not show any sign of malice and I, as an aspiring trader, believed what they said about their company. I gave my trust to them because their representative was very pleasing to speak with. But then after some months of trading, their true color came out and all of my investment was gone.
Autor de  IfamDirect: Nabbi | Fecha de   2020-07-13
I had an account at IfamDirect for a year. In terms of trading activities, I would say that I haven't really had any big issue. The platform is not perfect but it still runs decently and I was still able to earn. However, withdrawal of funds was the real issue. This broker did not allow any withdrawal request because according to them, they still need to complete the process in getting a license. I waited but in the end, the broker just closed down and my money was gone.
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