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Dealing City review

Dealing City

Year established: 2002
Country: Russia
Regulation: Not regulated
Payment options: WebMoney
Minimum initial deposit: $50
Smallest lot size: 0.1
Leverage: up to 1:500
Spreads: 0 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

The dealing centre Forex Dealing City was formed with the purpose of providing the professional services to private investors – traders on Forex market who are exploiting the marginal trade. For conducting the operations on Forex market the company offers a trading platform DCTrader2, their own development with application of unique options.

Since 2009 the Company has launched a new server managed by a popular recently trading platform MetaTrader4. Depending on the requirements and preferences the clients are able to choose the best suiting technical option and conditions for their comfortable work.

Dealing City 8/10 (votes 4097)
Author of Dealing City: Rokitma | Date 2020-04-07
Dealing City is extremely unreliable broker. I have many trades on demo account and have trades on live account. There is a huge difference in performance between these two and a big issue for me is that my system makes easily 35-45 pips per day including the spread in demo account, but in real account, there is a constant slippage of 15-20 pips and that eats over half of the profits. That is ridicules. I have captured graphs of that happening. I will close my account with them and will never come back.
Author of Dealing City: Edwin | Date 2020-03-04
The first time I traded with them, I often made profits, even I received a decent bonus. I got $700 in the first month, the second month I received a bonus from them. But during the third month, I did not get any profit. I find out what causes it. I also often ask them, but they only suggest waiting for their analysis. I was getting suspicious, then asked my friend who was experienced in trading. My friend said that it was their game. My friend suggested stopping and looking for another broker. After listening to his explanation, I finally understood, and decided not to trade together with this broker. I will look for an honest and responsible broker.
Author of Dealing City: Predi | Date 2020-01-14
I have been reading users' reviews about Dealing City online and they seem to be liking their experience at this broker. However, even with these positive feedback, I still won't opt to dealing with this broker because they are not regulated. I know that there are some trusted brokers that are not regulated but if I will choose an unregulated broker, I will just heighten my risk of being scammed. That is why I won't risk it.
Author of Dealing City: Rosa | Date 2019-11-29
This broker is not good, their system are awful. I have good results in their demo account but the real account is totally different and very disappointing. Broker plays against clients, you can close a trading only if you are losing. If you are gaining, platform will freeze or you will have a huge slippage and a lot of requotes. I also think they manipulate the quotations. I have an account with another broker and quotes are totally different. So I do not trust in Dealing City and I do not recommend it.
Author of Dealing City: Riani | Date 2019-08-27
It has been a week I am waiting for their approval for my request withdrawal 500 USD via wire transfer. They still hold my money and keep telling it will be process as soon as possible but nothing happen for a week already. I keep follow up my withdrawal status, but always said the same thing. Trading activity does not give me a big problem but sometimes platform will freeze for 5 minutes and the execution is being slowly. I hope that they will transfer my money and improve the flaws so that I don't have to find another broker.
Author of Dealing City: Linara | Date 2019-07-23
Dealing City is a terrible broker. On last Friday night I opened a order on Oil and set Stop Loss 120 points below. Next day morning when I login my platform, I notice my account it wiped overnight. They did not hit the SL and I lost $425. I already sent 12 emails but they do not reply my single email. I suggest you guys stay away from this one.
Author of Dealing City: Sanele | Date 2019-05-28
If possible, stay away from Dealing City. My friend was a former trader at this broker and she didn't have a good experience. She said that the services are low quality. For instance, the platform is unstable and easily crashes. The customer support takes too long to respond even on live chat. The spread is higher compared with other brokers. And the withdrawal process takes around two weeks. She also noted that this broker is not regulated. If you really want to invest your money on trading, better look for a well-regulated broker.
Author of Dealing City: Fupomc | Date 2019-02-19
My experience with Dealing City not so good. Their DCTrader2 platform is amongst the worst I have ever seen. Quotes are always delayed even if you subscribe to real-time market data. I have complained several time, But they always blaming my internet connection problem. Instrument price is always 15-25 pips higher or lower than market. I absolutely dislike charts. Besides that they doesn't allow me to withdraw my account found through my credit cards. This is ridiculous.
Author of Dealing City: Youecx | Date 2018-12-04
I signed up at Dealing City with deposit of $650 and I have a very bad experience with them. I have tested their EA but had huge losses and unable made profits. After about 2 months am at below break-even. Beside this they take very long time for funding. Last months I put withdrawal request of $320 on bank from which I made deposit. They charged me fee $55 and after couple of weeks they transferred me money back on my trading account! Never work with this.
Author of Dealing City: Jintho | Date 2018-09-24
I am already losing hope with this broker. I tried trading with Dealing City by opening a demo account. Everything went well then. But when I opened a live account, that's when things just started to be messed up. Their web platform which I personally prefer is so unstable. Worse, it often disconnects when I have a winning trade. When I relog-in, the direction has already changed and my trade is already losing. Because of that, I decided to use their mt4 platform instead but to my surprise, it has wider spreads than that of the web platform. The web usually has 3 pips while the mt4 has 5. I don't understand because it's just from the same broker!
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