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On-line since: 2008
Country of origin: Bahamas
Regulation: Securities Commission of the Bahamas
Payment options: bank transfer, bank cards, Skrill, Neteller, ACH
Minimum account size: $500
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: up to 1:6
Spreads: fixed

About the company:

SureTrader specializes in intraday trading, allowing investors to buy and sell securities within the same trading day.

About company. Safety of funds

SureTrader is a division of Swiss America Securities, Ltd., founded in 2008. The broker is registered in the Bahamas and is regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas.

Let’s see what is an intraday trader and why SureTrader is a unique broker. The FINRA and NYSE define a system intraday trader as any trader who makes four or more deals (including the opening and closing of a position on a security or stock option) within 5 working days. According to the FINRA rules, clients who are considered day traders must have at least $25,000 on the account. However, customers can trade with a smaller capital, since SureTrader is not a member of FINRA and is registered in the US. As a result, the broker is not required to follow the established rules.

SureTrader is controlled by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. The Bahamas serves as an offshore jurisdiction for companies that provide financial services. This is the downside of the broker. We recommend you to think carefully before investing a large amount of money in offshore companies. The company’s license does not set any minimum capital requirements. Thus, if the broker turns bankrupt, the risk of losing the invested funds becomes much higher than when you are working with the licensed companies.

In general, SureTrader is an excellent option for novice traders.

Trading conditions

SureTrader offers trading stocks and options. Moreover, the broker’s clients can trade on the over-the-counter market. Unfortunately, the broker does not provide access to other popular securities: mutual funds, bonds, and futures.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is $500. This is the most profitable offer in the industry when it comes to trading securities. It is also an excellent opportunity to conduct trading for beginners who do not have $25,000.


The standard commission for trading shares is $0.005 per share and $1.95 for one deal, provided that a client trades at least 1,000 shares a month. Commission for options trading is $0.50 per contract and $4.95 for every deal.

Clients have to pay an interest rate of 7.5% APR for holding positions on margin overnight.

In addition, a $50 fee is charged if a trader conducts less than 15 deals per quarter.


The leverage is 1:6. This is a very reasonable offer when it comes to trading securities.

Trading platform

SureTrader clients can choose one of the three different versions of the SureTrader platform: Active Web, Desktop/Pro, and Mobile.

Active Web is available for free, clients trade directly in the browser. All you need is stable Internet connection. The platform provides real-time data on quotes, charts, as well as Bloomberg live feed.

Traders who want a platform with extended settings and additional charting capabilities can use SureTrader Desktop or SureTrader Pro. This version includes an advanced graphical interface, windows fixation, and real-time profit and loss data. This software is available for $49 per month.

In addition, you can place your orders using a mobile application. At the moment, SureTrader Mobile is available for iOS via AppStore/iTunes. The monthly fee is $35.

Support service

SureTrader can contact the support service team via Skype, online chat, and email. The broker also has phone numbers for American and Canadian customers for fax and voice messages. The VOIP numbers are available for traders from the US, the UK, and Australia.

Payment methods

The broker accepts deposits made via credit/debit cards. SureTrader charges a commission of 3.5% for withdrawals via bank cards. Withdrawal of funds through ACH and electronic wallets (Skrill and Neteller) is charged with a $40 fee.

You can withdraw profit only through ACH or bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

The application for withdrawal of money is processed within 1-3 days. After that, the money goes to the customer's account within a week.


  • free demo version;
  • minimum deposit is as low as $500;
  • low commissions for trading shares and options;
  • fast execution of orders.


  • registered in an offshore zone;
  • trade fines (a client is fined $55 for an open position after 3:30 pm EST);
  • additional costs for the trading platform, low trading activity, and withdrawals.

SureTrader 1/10 (votes 2185)
Author of SureTrader: Maori | Date 2022-06-16
I think SureTrader is the worst platform in the market. Although my experience isn't good on their platform, I found that their order execution is too slow and I've seen the price always different from the live market. Therefore they aren't reliable, while their payment service is good, but the trading fee is awfully high.
Author of SureTrader: Dzikri_Luthfi | Date 2022-03-14
I am happy to be dealing with International investors at SureTrade Platform. Here I can earn money regularly through the PAMM system. I say they are usually responsible for traders and highly professional for advanced traders. While their platform execution is always perfect and smooth in the live price quote. Also, I haven't had any technical or financial issues yet. So I am grateful to SureTrade Platform.
Author of SureTrader: Bawank | Date 2021-05-19
Their minimum deposit is too high, and it's not accessible for a beginner trader. Anyway, I won't open an account and trade with them because one of my friends told me that they are not a reliable broker. His trading profit stuck, and he can't get it. The support team also useless and ignorant. So, not taking a risk.
Author of SureTrader: Opeka | Date 2021-02-10
I traded with some other brokers before finding SureTrader. Without a doubt, SureTrader has been honest and reliable broker. I have never had any trouble with them and whenever I had a query their live support are always on hand and ready to help me. There execution and spreads are top class. If you were searching for a legit broker I would highly recommend SureTrader.
Author of SureTrader: Janis | Date 2020-12-04
Opening an account at SureTrader is not worth it. I am telling you now so you don't make the same mistake I did. Their trading platform is terrible. You wouldn't be able to profit at all because it will not execute your orders at the right price. On top of that, it completely ignores the Stop Loss and Take Profit and it will always close the trade at a losing position. I lost half my capital simply because of these issues.
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