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TeleTRADE D.J review


On-line since: 2001
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: Unregulated
Payment options: Wire transfer
Minimum account size: $2,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:100 and 1:200
Spreads: 5 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

TeleTRADE D.J. Company was founded in 1994. TeleTRADE D.J. has more than 120 representative offices in Russia and CIS, countries of Western and Eastern Europe, China and Turkey.

TeleTRADE D.J. provides the wide range of consulting services at the world financial markets – international currency exchange market Forex and the American stock markets.

TeleTRADE D.J. Company’s mission consists in arrangement of conditions which will make any person to be able to use his/her capital, both professional and financial, for making maximal profit at the international financial markets.

TeleTRADE D.J 1/10 (votes 2241)
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Harry | Date 2019-11-14
In short, the story is this: the reptile was taken from this reptile for his activity in Russia and he fled to Europe, somewhere by a miracle he managed to fake it and get a job in the European branch of Teletrade. I can say that Sergey Shamraev is a fraudster who is already deceiving customers there. An acquaintance said that with the help of his programmers, he made sure that customers from Europe connected to his fake accounts. As a result of such work, he merged those accounts, and customers can not prove anything. Despite the fact that everything is tightly regulated in Europe, he managed to stir up such a scheme. What surprises me most is how the Europeans have not yet exposed his fraudulent scheme.
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Judy | Date 2019-11-13
you can not trust such scammers as Sergey Shamraev. It has long been known that it attracts European customers to offshore., Thereby assuring them that they can evade taxes. when clients were led to this nonsense, Shamraev forced us to persuade clients to transfer accounts to offshore. realizing that this is a matter of jurisdiction, I immediately quit.
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Oliver | Date 2019-11-11
I’m wondering how it was possible to take again to work in TT Cyprus, this scammer, who didn’t understand in what way saved some copies of the certificate, despite the fact that he was taken from him, while he announced that it was Sergey Shamraev who was the scammer ! Teletrade also received a criminal case because of him!
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Bobby | Date 2019-11-08
I worked with this swindler a few months ago, as it turned out Sergey Shamraev is a real fraudster who takes possession of clients' money by deception, here in Cyprus clients are protected by law and it is not so easy to deceive them as in other countries, but he comes up with such schemes that he can deceive and merge money, even in Cyprus, he will not have problems. I watched this all and quit because I see no prospects here.
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Jeremy | Date 2019-08-21
I have $50 only for invest. I get a recommendation from my friend to join this broker, but still couldn't trust any broker. Is this broker can be trusted? Is this broker great for a newbie?
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Symba | Date 2019-05-30
I like the teletrade, how they work, the terminal is not buggy, they give good bonuses with acceptable performance, I also have no problems with the input, I tied the card only once, figured it all out, put them right onto the card, conveniently.
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Cook | Date 2019-05-26
Through Teletrade I began to trade through an affiliate link, I can not say anything bad about them. Of course, I am not yet a pro, but I haven’t seen anything that would be complimentary.
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: John | Date 2019-05-19
Teletrade is first of all a recognizable brand and whoever says nothing, but the story speaks for itself, I sell not only from them, but also they are honored.
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Nuno | Date 2019-05-14
For more than two years I have been trading with TeleTrade. I write reviews as I am quite pleased with the cooperation, because I could not find what I needed before. Teletrade provides favorable conditions for trade, constantly creating new projects. For all the time of cooperation there were no problems. They helped open an account, replenish, if you have questions about trading, do not refuse to consult. When an urgent need to withdraw profits, so no problem, everything quickly and efficiently. Pleased with the cooperation, I wish the company prosperity in the future!
Author of TeleTRADE D.J: Bob30 | Date 2019-05-07
In the teletrade there are good trading conditions and recently I have been watching how their service improves. Now it's better to pip. For example, before, when I just tried to trade, then the standard on the account could not close transactions below 10 points from the stop and profit, but now it is possible and it is very cool. The level of trailing stop is now too tight and now it is minimal on 4 points, but before that it was necessary to wait until the price passed 15 points and only then it works, but often the market did not pass them and the stops closed, now it is convenient and you can quickly bring the deal to breakeven. In addition, in the office there is always someone to discuss the situation on the market, which is also a plus for me, since I often go to the office and it is much better to solve the problem directly than with those support.
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