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MFX Broker

Trực tuyến từ: 2006
Quốc gia khởi nguồn: Nga
Quản chế: không được quản chế
Quyền chọn thanh toán: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Liberty Reserve, điện ngân hàng, RBK Money, hệ thống thanh toán tích hợp tức thời, PayPal
Kích thước tài khoản tối thiểu: $1
Kích thước lot tối thiểu: 0,001 lot
Tỉ lệ đòn bẩy: 1:500
Chênh lệch: 2 pip đối với EUR/USD

Giới thiệu về công ty:

MasterForex được thành lập vào năm 2006. Các nguyên tắc chung của công ty là: mối quan hệ trung thực và cởi mở với khách hàng, kinh nghiệm và tính chuyên nghiệp của các nhà quản lý, ý định cung cấp các điều kiện giao dịch tốt nhất cho khách hàng.

Công ty MasterForex cung cấp cho khách hàng quyền truy cập vào các thị trường tiền tệ liên ngân hàng, chỉ thị các lệnh của khách hàng với hình thức Mạng lưới Truyền thông điện tử (ECN).

Ban đầu, MasterForex là một trung tâm giao dịch, tuy nhiên, hiện nay Công ty là một trong những nhà môi giới ngoại hối phát triển năng động, cung cấp cho khách hàng đầy đủ các dịch vụ chất lượng cao tại thị trường ngoại hối.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Nemi | Ngày of  2019-05-14
Margarita is still active in her Instagram account and she's still posting matters regarding Forex trading. After all that they did, she still has the audacity to promote Forex trading. I don't think there is any update regarding their case on fraud and it is upsetting. Igor could be living his life somewhere while their former clients are still struggling after what was done to them.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Lito | Ngày of  2019-04-30
Let me share my story. Forex trading is not as popular in my country. Only few people are knowledgeable about it. I knew about it from one of my finance class and got interested in it since then. Since I had no one to ask about it from my local friends, I relied solely on online reviews, claims, and articles. MFX Broker was one of the promising brokers I found and talking to their representative made me open an account with them. It was a good start. I had a pleasant trading environment. But when I requested for a withdrawal, their treatment to me changed. The platform became unstable, the support team unresponsive. I didn't hear from them for weeks even though I've followed up my withdrawal multiple times. Until I received a termination notice. After that, my account was gone together with my funds.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Avemo | Ngày of  2019-05-09
These fraudsters target those who are vulnerable and inexperienced. That's why I feel really bad to those who are only on the start of their trading journey and unfortunately landed on MFX Broker because they definitely didn't have a good start. Based on what I've been reading so far, clients started to notice that something is wrong when the company refused to release their funds. I am regularly checking on updates regarding this issue but it doesn't seem like they've been punished yet and it is so frustrating.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Simona | Ngày of  2019-04-23
I've actually watched one of Margarita's webinars after the disappearance of Igor. I was very frustrated that I couldn't get a hold of their representatives when I have at least $5000 in my account. So I decided to see her webinar that she still proudly promoted amidst the chaos. And you know what? She was impressive, but negatively impressive that she was still able to remain composed talking about how to manage one's financial concerns as if nothing happened. As if she herself didn't steal other people's funds. These people are monsters.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Paige | Ngày of  2019-04-08
I thought that showing one's face to the public could be an assurance that they would do business with honesty and integrity. But I guess that is not the case with MFX Broker. How can they be so confident to meet clients and speak in front of many people knowing that they have malicious intentions towards us? It's just very heartbreaking and infuriating that I have entrusted my funds and all my efforts to the wrong people. Now it's hard to even believe in myself because I'm afraid I would make the wrong decisions again.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Plemor | Ngày of  2019-04-17
That's how thick-faced they are. They probably also think that they are powerful when they have a lot of money that is why they are this confident. But after what they did to their clients, I doubt that anybody else will ever trust them again. Well, I hope no one would be fooled again. These fraudsters should be punished extremely enough so they won't have the guts to attempt scamming other people again.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Jacov | Ngày of  2019-04-04
I had an account at MFX Broker until 2016. I was there for two years and in terms of trading experience, I did not have any trouble. The problem really is just with the payouts. I had my first and only withdrawal request for two years in May 2016. I requested for $4000. It wasn't approved on my first request. I waited for a week and sent a request again but still, it was denied. On my third try, I was getting furious at this moment. The representative told me that they are having a high volume of requests so she asked me if giving me only half of my request would be fine. Of course, at first I thought, "That's your problem, not mine." But if it meant I would be able to get my fund, then I compromised. However, it was still not sent. I already did what they asked yet I still received nothing. I told them that I will send a complaint to their regulator. They got mad at me and terminated my account without valid reason.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Thony | Ngày of  2019-03-28
I had a good start at MFX Broker-- or so I thought. I was personally assisted by a representative and she successfully convinced me to open an account at their company. At first she tried to persuade me to deposit at least $5000 but I told her that $1000 is all that I could afford. She was understanding and our conversation ended well. Of course, I had high expectations from their customer support because of the way I was treated. But when I had a question regarding the terms and conditions, they were unresponsive. I had other concerns which they also ignored and it was very disappointing. I guess they were only good when recruiting new clients and since they know that I couldn't shell out any more money, they didn't bother to assist me anymore.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Ermikiel | Ngày of  2019-03-05
At first, trading at MFX Broker is really good. I appreciate the stable platform and tight spreads. However, when I reached a profit of $100, they started bombarding me with messages. They kept asking me to deposit more and try their other services like the affiliate program. But aside from that, I've noticed a slight change in the platform. Lags has occurred frequently and the spread has become wider. I though it was a temporary issue but it becomes worse as time passes by. In the end, I lost the profit I made and even my capital was affected.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Farqal | Ngày of  2019-03-14
I had a similar experience. Although in my case, they deliberately refused to give me back my funds even when I already clearly told them that I want to end my transactions with them and close my account. I had this decision because just like you, they have been flooding me with messages about replenishing my account even though I already have enough funds. And they also kept telling me to invite more people to trade with them. I know that this is part of their job but the problem is that they become rude when I disagree to their suggestions. Naturally, I got annoyed and so decided to close my account. But then they rejected all my requests and terminated my account without paying me.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Jhan | Ngày of  2019-02-26
I already closed my account at MFX even before the issue on withdrawal has started. But before closing my account, I already encountered many problems with this broker. In fact, these were the reasons I left. First of all, their platform is terrible. It needs to be refreshed many times before it completely loads and it often lags. I also encountered a lot of delays in my withdrawals which takes weeks before being transferred. Because of the poor platform, I started losing almost all of my balance so I just decided to close my account.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Alfero | Ngày of  2019-02-19
Had an account at MFX Broker in 2015-2016. First few months went well. The broker provided a good trading environment and I was able to trade with not much of a trouble. Only a few lags from time to time. Anyway, so I had a $2500 capital and was able to earn $518. I really had no plan to withdraw from my account as I just want it to grow. But I needed money for medical purpose and I had no choice but to take $1000. So I requested and waited for approval. It was on pending status for a week and I followed up. They said it was due to technical problems so I waited again. I needed the money ASAP so I bombarded them with follow ups. But it remained pending for a month then rejected. I was very frustrated so I resorted to closing my account and taking all of my fund. This time, they didn't bother to respond anymore and just terminated my account without paying me.
Tác giả of MFX Broker: Merkes | Ngày of  2019-02-07
I've had an account at MFX Broker in 2015 until it ended its operation. I thought at first that I made the right decision of choosing this broker because their services were excellent especially the platform. Unfortunately, this was only a facade to attract more clients and make them stay until they request for a withdrawal. I didn't withdraw anything for two years because I just wanted my funds to grow in my account. But when I needed money for the hospitalization of my sister, I had no choice but take some. I requested in February 2017 but it was never transferred to me. Our exchange of emails went on from February to April with them only saying that my request is being processed and that there had just been some error. I tried to be patient but they suddenly stopped responding on the later days of April. Until I heard the news about them. I knew then that it was over, I wouldn't be able to take my money back.
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