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On-line since: 2003
Country of origin: Cyprus/Canada
Regulation: Unregulated
Payment options: Wire transfer and credit cards
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.05 lot
Leverage: up to 1:400
Spreads: 3 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

xTrade was established in 2003. xTrade is an innovative company, which developed one of the most reliable and unique web-platforms for trading at Forex market. xTrade trading platform was developed by professional traders. The main criteria of the company’s work are: professionalism, financial mobility and the trading network time rate.

xTrade 8/10 (votes 4277)
Author of xTrade: Ricther | Date 2020-06-03
I've never found such a kind and professional support team. They are always ready to help us. Withdrawal is very fast. And I have never faced any problems with it. There is no restriction to scalp, that is why my trading is very profitable. I'm a newbie and I went to the basic account with minimum deposit of $100.
Author of xTrade: Mallorey | Date 2020-04-01
I started trading at xTrade a few months ago. So far, I can say that the experience is great. My trading activities have been profitable thanks to their reliable trading platform and the analyses that they regularly provide. Whenever there are concerns, their customer support team can easily be contacted. In my current profit rate, I believe that I will be seeing greater results in the future.
Author of xTrade: Echa | Date 2020-02-27
First of all, X Trade is very generous. From the wide leverage of 1:400 and a very low minimum deposit of only $100. I opened a live account of $1000 deposited through Wire Transfer, I will say this platform is good for trading. Their support services is helpful and friendly. I had some positions closed during the night because of their server which closed, and they restored my positions and give me back my funds of $1000. The broker is honest.I don't have complains about their fee policy because is transparent, no hidden commissions there.
Author of xTrade: Marie | Date 2019-09-27
I find it very convenient that xTrade has a mobile application for the trading platform. As someone who usually travels for work-related matters, having a mobile app comes in handy as I can easily monitor my open positions. I am also impressed with the customer service of this broker. They are very responsive and are accommodating even with the trivial questions.
Author of xTrade: Terrasi | Date 2019-08-21
I have an account with xTrade since 4 months now and I can proudly say that I made the best selection. Low spreads and fast withdrawal are the reason why I like this broker most. Especially withdrawal through skrill which I have used twice to withdraw on this platform. The last withdrawal of $250 which was the second withdrawal took just 35 minutes. I recommend this broker to all traders.
Author of xTrade: Czakro | Date 2019-02-13
Trading CFDs is one of the innovative methods in forex trading and is a little bit complex. But because xTrade already had years of experience, trading it even for a non-pro like me is less complicated. It helps that xTrade is updated with advancements and provides excellent assistance to their traders. They have a very reliable platform and customer support. Instead of anxiousness, I am rather enjoying my trading experience at this broker. I recommend this especially to beginners.
Author of xTrade: pipsayangku | Date 2018-11-29
xTrade is an amazing and fabulous broker for me, I trade with this broker for the past 2 years and till now I like their services. Started with their welcoming bonus which was added to my account as soon as I regist my real account, I made a deposit around their minimum account size $100 to $250 and until now every week I earned almost 50% of that. I trade currency pairs EUR/USD and USD/JPY, its easy to use their platform and I had sometimes positive slippage. When I had problems or questions the support was really polite and helpful. I think xTrade is so good and I recommend this broker to all of my colleagues.
Author of xTrade: Sipho | Date 2018-09-19
I say xTrade broker are a professional broker, As they ensure me a stable platform and highest service in the market. I have used he MT4 platform, which has the best execution quality with advanced features. As of one-click trading, I have used this tools and I can manage an order within seconds with the best graphing, analytic and automated. While xTrade broker has a web-based platform too, so I can do anything from any place. If the market going high volatility, I didn't see any big requotes or slippage so far. Almost $1.5K profit I have been withdrawn via Skrill account. Really the xTrade broker are a safe and nice platform in the market I ever have seen.
Author of xTrade: DavidYoung | Date 2018-07-19
xTrade has a reliable platform for me so far. Because all of my positions were perfect for the best execution. Especially the one click is awesome, it can open or close a trade instantly. Their service are professional, as all of my orders can be seen best graphing, so the analysis is clear too. Even the automated trade didn't fail with them, as all their pricing always fixed on the platform. while I have used their web-based FXTrade WebTrader platform but I can do all things from any place. They have safe payment, as all of my withdrawal happen within time via Skrill account so far. Actually, the xTrade broker is an outstanding platform, which needed for me to make money in the forex market without any trouble.
Author of xTrade: Ian_McLaren | Date 2018-01-29
I have been trading with xTrade broker and rate their all services are professional. Especially the MT4 platform is so fast than me. Because by the one-click trading I can manage a trade with the best execution quality with advance function. Also, all of my orders are best graphing, analytic and automated. Even I didn't see any big requotes or slippage with them. when the market going high volatility mode, but their pricing always fixed 2 pips on EUR/USD. Sometimes I have used their web-based FXTrade WebTrader platform too, where I can do anything from any place. They are safe for transactions money, all of my withdrawal happen within time via Skrill account so far. Almost I had withdrawal $5K profit from my MT4 account. Actually, the xTrade broker is a nice platform for me, where I can make money without any trouble.
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