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Penulis ForexМart  AnneTanggal 2017-04-22

I have been trading with ForexМart for 6 months and I am totally satisfied with technical support department. I had issues with my custom EA with their platform. I inform their technical support about this issue they check my EA’s script and they found some error in my script and help me to fix it. Now my EA is working perfectly and I am able to making profit continuously. Moreover, their server is very fast and 2 pips spreads on the major pairs. I recommend ForexМart!

Penulis Cobra Trading  fxsupanartjittaleelaTanggal 2017-04-21

Initially I did not think that trading with Cobra Trading is the right decision because the broker is still fairly new broker and have not much experience. But in fact, I have the best decision ever made, Cobra Trading is solid and stable company. Cobra Trading has some of the lowest pricing in the industry and offers discounted commission tiers for high volume traders. I like this broker very well. They have multiple platform choices and already give me a profit of up to USD 5,000.

Penulis LiteForex  bucce bacevTanggal 2017-04-21

Liteforex disqualifies my trading account from participating in any of their trading competition. When I tried to ask the Live Chat, the staff told me that they found something suspicious in my account. I did nothing. I've been with them for 3 years and it's my first time to encounter this problem. I already asked them to point out which rules that I violated and am hoping to receive a response as soon as possible.You know, I couldn't sleep well, because it scares me to death. I invested the 60% of my retirement funds here. To be honest, they're the only broker whom I entrust mu money. But who would have thought that this company would barred me to partake in the trading competition.

Penulis Rinkost Markets  sergey ramorsTanggal 2017-04-21

thanks to my friend that introduce Rinkost markets to me 2 years ago. To be honest for the first time I join this broker, I can be called as novice trader that doesn’t know anything about forex but thanks to my friend and Rinkost market that teach me how to trading in forex now I can make my analysis by my own. At the early stage it was very tough for me to keep survive in this industries because it is not easy like others think. I’ve lost so many time and profit for a small amount of money but then I keep learning and improve my trading skill to gain consistent profit. I can achieve those consistent profit a year after join them and now I can gain consistent profit even I have loss but still I can cover my loss with my profit. So far I don’t have any problem with their trading platform because to me their trading platform is stable to use and the execution order also smooth to execute my orders. Their support really helpful and guide me when I need a help from them. They treat me like a VVIP customer and I’m really satisfy with their service. The other thing that I like about Rinkost market is their deposit and withdrawal process always on time like what they promise within 2-3 hours only. Overall thank Rinkost market for giving me an opportunity to generate profit by trading forex.

Penulis VTB 24  OmkarTanggal 2017-04-21

I have been using VTB24 for 3 months, it is a second broker and I wish they offered me better services from previous one. I worked on demo account for 3 weeks and after that moved on to live account. I have made deposit of $2000 during early journey of trading. In fact, I am still favoring the GBP/NZD and also EUR/USD. I realized, MT4 platform always got stucked especially during most profitable time I made deposit a $500 and not yet making any profit until now. However, I always keep in mind not to risk more than 2 % of my account however I keep on facing loss and it was under my control. Some articles about forex did provided through the website and I am fully used it to improve about forex knowledge. I loss 30 pips in EUR/USD in last trade due frozen platform. I tried to raise up to customer support but the feedback was inefficient more so confusing. I am currently thinking to quit soonest possible and looking for a better forex broker.

Penulis Royal Forex Trading  VolvoTanggal 2017-04-21

I decided to leave this broker because of their huge spreads on major currency pairs. I requested to withdraw my account's remaining balance worth 152USD. They told me that they were already processing my request and just wait 3 days for the fund. 3 days after, I checked my account to find out that no funds were credited. That day was Friday. I emailed them again. They told me that my request will be process on Monday. Again I waited patiently, but on Thursday, my account had nothing. We were like this for about a month. They kept on telling me that they were processing my request but in reality, they really had no intention of giving my money back. This happened last December, and until now, I haven't received my payout.

Penulis MaxiMarkets  ManieTanggal 2017-04-21

I have 2 accounts with MaxiMarkets, I have had a great experience after trading with them. Their system was good as they said when advertising. Deposit was very fast, and withdrawal has been fast and easy for me through the Skrill, even my last withdrawal of $1500 took just 6 hours and I got my money. There is no problem with MaxiMarkets, especially their connection. I recommend them.

Penulis Dynamic Trade  JakoplTanggal 2017-04-21

i start trading with the Dynamic Trade with their $300 no deposit i feel all was good though the account size is too big I still want to take risk and trade with this broker, Spreads are best on major pair and some what higher on minor pairs. The executions are great and I like it, I even have had orders triggered during news economic events with excellent fills... I am happy to be with Dynamic Trade because they have provided me with excellent service and advisory as of how to work with HFT without abusing their liquidity pool. They surely are the best out for me and I recommend this broker to give it a try. You will not regret it.

Penulis Renesource Capital  BaberTanggal 2017-04-21

Renesource Capital is a reliable broker, and I have been with this broker for 2 years. In the beginning, I traded with demo account and it took me 3 months to learn more about forex world. Of course, I met many losses during first trade. However, I keep on trade and learn new strategy as well as skill from attending to several forex classes that organized by Renesource Capital. Now, my trading skill was better and I have withdrawn my first profit 350$ through wire transfer. Moreover, the process of withdrawal was very fast, it took me a short time to get money within 5 hours. Additionally, everything at this broker runs fast and smooth, with no requoting or slippage. In general, Renesource Capital is a reliable broker to trade, and I hope I will continue making more profit with this broker.

Penulis FinFX  HubbsTanggal 2017-04-21

I have traded with FinFx for 2 years, and I have nothing bad to say about them. Thus, I've had a few requotes and some dropped connections from time to time and I have been slipped during news trading but nothing excessive like 20 30 50 pips or more. For example, there was a huge spike in USDCHF that caused one of my EAs to repeatedly open bonus positions that weren't present in my ECN platform. Yesterday, I was watching when it happened. Therefore, I closed those positions immediately for a small net loss (100$), and FinFx solve my problem so quick. In addition, FinFX is also having operation in Indian currency which is regulated, and they are registered by united stock exchange. I have already checked this on their website. All in all, FinFX is an excellent broker with good customer service and quick response, and I highly recommend this broker to all traders!!!

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Are you thinking of a broker to open an account with? Are you concerned by possible risks of currency trading? Do you want to test expert advisors without losing own funds? All these issues are easily resolved by choosing a reliable broker that will meet your requirements. An independent rating of forex brokers will help you find a trustworthy company.

The reviews on www.ratingfx.com will help you figure out how efficient the trading with various brokers is. The rating of brokerage companies in Russia and other countries was developed to ease the search for a perfect broker for you among lots of different companies.

Nowadays, the issue of choosing a broker is especially relevant. The today’s market of trading services is vast and you need to thoughtfully compare brokers by key parameters. Hundreds of forex brokers compete for potential clients offering up-to-date technologies, improved services, and many other opportunities and advantages. Once you get to know the key aspects that reflect a broker’s reliability, you will be able to make the top ten best brokers you are ready to work with. These aspects include: regulations, capitalization, payment methods, commissions, account types, etc. Reputation, which stands for reliability and competence, will also help assess a brokerage company.

RatingFX provides information on over 100 brokers. The list of companies is based on voting results of the website users. Every year we add new companies to the rating list so that our users can leave their feedback. You can choose the most reliable broker looking through the reviews posted by other traders and reading information on a particular company.

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