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Author of  BCS Forex  review : ParaDate 2017-12-01

I cannot stand how terrible BCS Forex, they don't even dare to answer all the bad comments and they cannot even justify themselves on the forums that I have read. Upon account creation, they just wasted 2 weeks verifying my documents which basically means slow response. When it was approved and started trading with $50, it was good at the beginning then they suddenly turned to be completely the opposite after a few days. The platform froze twice for almost 5 minutes, when I called the support and told them about them problem, they kept me waiting in queue for long hours over the phone and yet my problems has not been resolved. I remember they charge twice as much commission if you dare put in a market order instead of a limit order. I am now in the process of closing my account with them. I will gladly pay an extra few dollars in order to get better service.They are not worth the aggravation and frustration.....Please do not consider them at all..

Author of  Royal Forex Trading  review : caucasianDate 2017-12-01

My brother-in-law recommended this broker to me. At first, I was skeptical to open an account with them because I found some negative reviews about them. It only changed my mind after I saw the screenshot of the withdrawal request of my brother-in-law where he requested to cash-out his profit through Skrill, and it was amounting to $105.74. Before I transferred my $1000, I contacted the Support Team to clarify the information or Forex term that I didn't understand. All my queries were answered professionally. The account funding is very easy and my starting capital appeared in my account in less than 3 days. The first trading instrument I bought was AUD/JPY at an asking price of 0.7540. I couldn't forget the market rate because that was my first time to place an order. I remember, I successfully closed my position at 0.7551. I only got a little profit, but that was okay. It's better to earn a small amount of penny than to earn nothing. From time to time, I managed to increase my trading income. In the month of November, I am very proud to say that my increases to 5%.

Author of  FBS  review : jonahtanDate 2017-11-30

from my point of view, trading with fbs broker give me bad experience only. I try their no deposit bonus which is 50 USD, it is easy to get after complete the verification account, but it is hard to gain profit for newbie like me because their minimum lot is 0.10 which is to risk if market turn out from my analysis for sure the account will margin call. My account can survive only for 3 month after it reach 70 USD then my account has been margin call because price reverse more than 70 pips. Spread for the account is not fixed because it will widen at the morning which make my take profit not triggered because of this problem. Platform sometimes will give me headache during trading activity because of their execution speed that slow to take the orders. Their other bonus for normal account also cannot be rely on because it is not support the margin and if you deposit 100 USD then you got 100% bonus, only your money will support the margin, the bonus just shows only. I left this broker because they are not reliable at all.

Author of  Atom8  review : VianistiDate 2017-11-30

If you want an appropriate broker with intent try to avoid this broker. First is I am not satisfied with the Metatrader platform services especially chart look so complicated and not clear. Secondly, was about the customer services. Last month, I have called them to ask about free trading tools offers including coding and news research. I have to sit and wait for more than 30 minutes to get connected to the staff. I just cannot imagine if I am into trouble about money process! For how long I have to wait. At this moment, I am not confident to deposit with Atom8 and still on my trading activities with the same and previous broker! Be careful guys!

Author of  Renesource Capital  review : AlfariziDate 2017-11-30

Hye trader, if you want to join renesource capital, better be careful. I have been using the service for more than 5 months and have couple of losses from the beginning. My order execution especially on TP and SL never executed properly so they don’t ever guarantee this! As such, last week I hope to secure 80 pips in profit but it went to opposite way. The fee structure is complicated with so many hidden fees. Quickly, getting all funds from the trading account and move to other Forex broker now. Hope to see more profitable trades with better and great services guys!

Author of  Rinkost Markets  review : JishumenDate 2017-11-30

I want to point out the fraudulent activity of RinkostMarkets broker. Last month I had an open trade on EUR/USD and USD/JPY pair on NFP news but suddenly there was a 72pips spike on EUR/USD pair on my platform that took out my stop. Beside this USD/JPY pair closed at the spike price about 57 pips lower than my stop. I did live chat with them they refused to adjust my account. Why they did like that? They stolen huge money from their clients making false spike.

Author of  Rinkost Markets  review : pipkannaDate 2017-11-30

3 weeks ago I made my first trading in Rinkost Markets because their minimum account size only $1 and in my first trading process all the thing until the withdrawal went smoothly and fast. After withdraw my first profit, I want to make a deposit again because the broker promising with a minimum account size of $1, the client will get the ease trading and satisfactory results. But when I make deposit of $50 the trading process is often error and then stopped in the middle and then my account automatically logout. I contacted the operator, but they did not give a definitive answer, and their service was unfriendly . I think to stop trading here because until now there are no conclusion from them for my problem.

Author of  Olymp Trade  review : KlaoaDate 2017-11-29

I use Olymp Trade as the main trading service. They have one of the best spread offer. I prefer this broker because of bonus offers and flexible conditions of accounts. I tried to trade on a demo account for the first 2 months and everything turned out great as I am enjoying trading and all the educational materials are really helpful. Then i tried to trade with real account using pairs such as GBP/NZD and USDJPY. In six months, when I gain by trading more than half of the deposit without any problems, I decided to withdraw the profit using VISA and got my money in less than 2 days in my account. Also, I invested in their PAMM service. At first I was doubtful but then I risked and tried my luck. As result I was right and I can earn consistently as much as 15% or more monthly. I recommend the broker to those who are not looking for something new, but love stability and quality of service. Some of my good friends already have experience in the PAMM with the OlympTrade and say that the performance and service at the highest level.

Author of  Windsor Brokers  review : davidDate 2017-11-29

To begin with, I started with their demo trading account, where I trained myself for one month. Their education center serves as my guide and I also contacted their Support from time to time to clear some information. I am happy to say that I always received a prompt response. That was the month of March when I decided to fund my live trading account, I deposited my 40000 Nigerian Naira and it was converted to 105.75 US Dollar. The first currency pair I bought for short position was EURUSD at an opening trade price 1.1524. with a trade size of 50 lots. I was literally amazed with the result of my trade, because the closing trade price was instantly honored. I couldn't forget the profit I earned that day because it was beyond my expectations. The total profit I earned was amounting to $36.21. Since then, I decided to fund my trading account every two weeks and I do not have any regrets because it gives me an opportunity to increase my money. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. In fact, I already referred my friends here and one of them got a Free device after he funded his trading account and comply the requirements on their promotions entitled as "Gadgets Giveaway."

Author of  Kalita-Finance  review : FxIpsitaDate 2017-11-29

Kalita-Finance is a worst broker, which I have used. Trades are executed with a very high slippage, usually within 10 pips away. They charge $120 for EAs service. Using their EAs I am not getting that much profit. Even last month my profit was $23. But they advertised that I could make upto $100 every day. So it seems they don't like profitable traders guys stay away . I am going to leave this broker.

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