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Author of  SuperForex  review : HerbinaDate 2016-10-21

Good broker Trading with them for a year, no problems committed. Successfully withdraw 500$, it took 3 days, but anyway i've got it, so i'm satisfied with it

Author of  iForex  review : AnkneyDate 2016-10-21

iForex is one of the pioneers in the currency market. I know them since 2007 but after 1 year then I joined iForex. I found that this is a good broker, their customer service is excellent. I even communicate with their customer service almost everyday which I could not do this previous broker.Execution is not bad compared to metatrader platform. I have nothing to complaint this broker but I have good experiences with iForex. I actually make a good living every day just by investing on currency changes with this broker.I don’t use credit card but I use my bankaccount. After my withdrawls are approved, I get my money on the same day. For the moment, I make around 6000 euro every month just by using this broker. I really like iForex because if you open a real account with them, they will send daily forecast in 4 currency pairs for you every day. Their daily forecast is real and if you are an iForex trader, you can make $1000 in a week with $100 initial capital. The withdrawal is very simple. I wish all the traders can see what I've observed with iForex . Hence, I recommend newbie to choose iForex as their broker and believe me you are not regret with this broker

Author of  Markets.com  review : DebbyDate 2016-10-21

I'm using Markets.com for about 3 months by now. I have a micro account (100$) and by this time I don't have any complaints to them. If I had any questions or problems, support staff would answer fast by phone or by e-mail (from 30min to few hours). I would add their daily and weekly reviews as a plus too. Though I don't like their web trading and mobile trading platforms as they work slowly. I am a bit surprised by the bad reviews here. Thus, Markets.com appears to be giving me a good service for my tiny $100 account. Additionally, this broker has some requotes, but it’s only in fast moving markets, so it makes sense provided the time of execution of half a second. Furthermore, the spread stayed always at 3 pips, what else canyou expect for 60cent per transaction! I'm rating this broker good, because I'm new in forex and this is my first real account, so these facts should be took in advise as reading my review.

Author of  Forex4you  review : PattiDate 2016-10-21

Hi! I had bad experience with E-Global or Forex4you (as you like) broker. They took back all profit which was earned during 2 weeks since 19/01/2014 until 01/02/2014 (about 1700 dollars). There is one row in account history "Balance Correction" (you can see in statement http://depositfiles.com/files/x78vakz20). So, all my 64 trades were canceled, because of interesting reason - I was trading using old quotes. How I could trade 2 weeks and recieve only Old quotes. Ok, I could understand if they canceled trades which was during 1 hour or even 5 - all could happen - but it’s not 2 WEEKS. It's a cheater!!! In addition, they have a limitation of 100 simultaneously open positions. Furthermore, they scammed me again in money withdrawal. Instead of 513.58 EUR (the whole account, to close), they transferred only 698.46 USD to my Liberty Reserve account 10 days ago. The rate of EUR/USD at that time was approximately 1.46. They not only transferred USD's instead of EUR's, but also they transferred 35.18 EUR less than I had in my account. Hence, I wrote them 2 emails about the second issue, but I got no response. Before the withdrawal, they were responding to my emails quickly. I am going to start SCAM report procedure soon. FPA recommends sending 3 emails before the procedure, thus I'm going to send the link to this review in the 3rd email. I hope you will see that this broker is scammer. Stay away from them.

Author of  FxPro  review : VictoriaDate 2016-10-21

I know and learn a lot about FxPro from their Indonesia advisor at Gainscope.com, so I can give some reviews about this broker. In my opinion, FxPro is a Good broker and regulated too in CySEC and FSA London - Europe, I'm also ever see them in CNBC Europe and CNN too. I think they are serious broker if they put their ads in there (it is expensive you know. I fund to FxPro using debit card but my bank changed my card and number also.So I can’t withdraw because the bank number I fund was different with my new account. I told to account department about my problem. They ask me to provide letter from my bank about this replacement number. I got this letter after I almost kick the manager, so hard to get this letter from my bank. I never ask my bank to change my number. So it is the first document that they want. After that they want my signature confirm by notary public. I must to pay $100 for for my signature. I got the document and sent it to them after I waste $100 for that. However, this broker still does not resolve my problem because they said that my country is listed as a non CFT programme country. Hence, I almost lost my temple with them then they send me to sign for confirmation about my fund using old debit card. After I send it to them, I got the email from them that I can withdraw using wire transfer. I withdraw via wire transfer. I request $4000 on 26 December 2014 (friday) and I got the money in my bank on 30 december 2014 (monday). It’s really fast. At the moment, I think that FxPro is detail about withdraw money and I feel secure my money there.They are NOT SCAM. I feel happy when I trade with FxPro

Author of  BMFN  review : AmKeHoeDate 2016-10-20

I just open trading account with BMFN broker. I've tried to trade and made withdrawal for first time. So far it looks good. But one negative thing i don't like until now and I hope this broker can improve it . The customer support. I've tried to contact support team many times using the live chat but no one answer me. There is always the same message saying the support person is still with other customer and ask me to wait. I've been waiting for a long time but still the same. I've tried many times in different days and times but still the same. It makes me worry if someday I got problem with this broker but no body can help me. I do really hope this broker can improve it.

Author of  SuperForex  review : MunawarmanDate 2016-10-20

I've got their no deposit bonus several weeks ago and what i can tell? Their support works good, they solve my issue in live chat, but two weeks ago there were some technical difficulties with mt4 client, now it works ok. Now i'm trying to make as much profit as possible and to make a withdrawal

Author of  Al Trade  review : FlorenceDate 2016-10-20

As I am a trader for long enough now, tested many brokers with live accounts I can say what was my fault and what is/was brokers. There might be even unethical behavior involved. I have stayed only with two brokers for more than 10 years and AL Trade is not one of them although I was trading with them for 2-3 years. At the beginnig, execution was lightning fast and the spreads were great also (they were quite new in the scene and I guess were making effort to be great and they really were great). However, things changed over the years. Especially big change happened when I became consistently profitable and started withdrawing money almost every single day. This was the option at that time, you could withdraw it for free no matter the size. I took advantage of that and everything above 50EUR profit I simply withdraw, but they didn't like that. Stop hunting - I can't say there was any of it nor crazy spread widening. So no problems here. But execution became terrible. My orders were delayed and delayed and delayed. Even when markets were quiet. Sometimes with constant requotes, sometimes orders were just floating in the air. Sometimes my orders opened 5 even 10 min after I pushed the sell/buy button and cancel it because of delays. You can imagine frustrations, when you have opportunities in front and you can't enter at all or you enter at much worst price just because the broker is messing up with you. My fault was that I got so annoyed after a while I started to trade too big. Too big risks with frustraded revenge focused mind and unreliable execution was sure way to accounts graveyard. Big psychological minus. About my 90EUR was left. Money stayed there for years. I decided to withdraw, but they said it is not possible. In addition, they told me that I must have 100EUR on my trading account to withdraw. Few months later, I came back to check account and my account was not there anymore. They have closed my account but didn't transfer money to my bank account. Is that stealing clients money? Or what is the legal reason for money lost? Scam!!!

Author of  Gainsy  review : ArcherDate 2016-10-20

Take care with Gainsy and I know exactly what I am talking about. I had account with Gainsy and deposited $75.000 there!! And my wife the same, so toghether $150.000. One not so nice day back in April 2014, Gainsy sent us an e-mail saying their website was hacked, and some clients passwords stolen. Before I could do anything, I saw lot of orders on our accounts. The tactic was: buy 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, sell 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, buy 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, sell 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, etc... In 10 minutes our accounts were practically destroyed!!! I told this broker about a guy who posted on DonnaForex having the same problem few months before, they said that they don`t know him, and that probably he must be the hacker. At that time, I believed this could be possible. Gainsy said they can restore the balance in few months, but this never happened. They also stopped to answer to my e-mails, their chat is closed since then. I cannot login into their website with my password. My logical conclusion: Gainsy is one of the most sophisticated forex criminals on net. A warning to all who invested in PAMM at GAINSY: Take out as soon as possible all your funds, not just profit. Do not ask GAINSY for their oppinion, they will lie. But I think you will have big problems to get your money, if you want get it at all.

Author of  Admiral Markets  review : MissyDate 2016-10-20

I was trying Admiral Markets as they were offering the best offer on holding giving me quite a few points in swap. I made by them around 11000$. Suddenly, after around 3 weeks, I noticed my swaps going into minus and see that they had changed it around 10 days prior without me realising (until my accumilated swaps went into negative territory). I made a complaint which they first refused but when I showed them that I had not recieved the email about the change in swaps they agreed to me and compensated £1800. So I have to give credit to them for being honest in this case. I don't know if my case was a one off or they have changed for the better or they have always been like that. But I feel that I have to leave them the feedback in appreciation. I used Admiral Markets as you always have the FCA as a backup. The best ECN account I use. I am happy with its lowest spread and excellent execution. I just want to recommend Admiral Markets to everyone, mainly their bangladesh office is just good more than I can say.

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