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Al Trade

On-line since: 2003
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Regulation: -
Payment options: wire transfers, postal transfers, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, JCB cards
Minimum account size: $20
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: floating from 0.5 point

About the company:

AL Trade Inc. is a UK broker which has been providing traders with access to the forex market since 2003.

AL Trade offers both corporate and private clients to trade on the financial markets through the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Numerous benefits of trading with AL Trade contain a wide array of financial instruments, trading accounts in different currencies, hedging, ensured strict confidentiality of clients’ information and tax-free jurisdiction, 2% annual interest on free deposits, mobile trading etc.

Traders can decide on any of three account types with AL Trade according to their trading experience and financial capacity. The broker suggests choosing from Micro Account with $20 deposit, Mini Account with $ 200 deposit, and Standard Account that requires minimum deposit of $1,500.

Visit the AL Trade official website to learn more of great bonuses the company suggests.  Thus, AL Trade gives all new customers Welcome Bonus $2000 up to 20% from a deposited amount.

Al Trade 5/10 (votes 1732)
Author of Al Trade: Elisas | Date 2020-05-18
I have trade for five months with Al Trade broker. Recently I have been facing immoral behavior from this broker. They make spike when I had large orders when scalping. They took $187 form my account, making spike just in 30 minutes. I have a demo account with them so I can evaluate and I found that there is no slippage on same pair. I have to say they are on market maker business mode.
Author of Al Trade: Gosyen | Date 2020-04-15
Al trade is not a promising broker. They have high spreads, poor choice of customer support languages, not really regulated but they claim to be a regulated I think they have no idea on how to manage their clients, they have unprofessional support service. I have requested withdrawal of profit about $250, but I have to wait for so long. Only after 2 days I can get my money back into my bank account.
Author of Al Trade: Retno | Date 2020-01-10
I started to trade with this broker after I tried their demo account. But with the live account the platform has many delays and the spread is crazy high during volatility times. I called the support team to help me with this problems but they never answered. My deposit was $1000, and I lost all the money within almost 2 months of trading. I closed my account and now their support team is harassing me to open again an account so they will have this strategy for me and I will make back my lost funds.
Author of Al Trade: Dunhill | Date 2019-09-01
I have a few bad trade experiences with Al Trade since 2017. when I was open any position when the order to reach TP then my trade didn't close. Most of the time it has happened to me and I can't profit these orders. so I have tried to many times but it is a running platform. So I am disappointed and want to withdraw all of my invest from them, while the Al Trade is still running through Skrill account.
Author of Al Trade: Lyla | Date 2019-01-03
Right off the bat, I don't think this broker could be trusted. I opened a demo account with them which seemed fine. I was able to try it for a week. I am thinking of switching to live so I tried to inquire. However, for some reasons, the live chat in their website doesn't seem to work. No one answered me. It only displays "Please wait" for more than 10 minutes. I tried their phone number but it doesn't work as well. I don't know what's wrong with them but I'm sure I won't get involved with them.
Author of Al Trade: pipjakwo | Date 2018-10-24
I am a client of AL Trade for almost 3 months and so far I feel the execution of deals is slow and I could possible lose some profit. In the first month MetaTrader 4 platform was working fine but in the 2nd month after I push my deposit more then the minimum size they had delays in execution. Two weeks ago I was open a deal on eur/usd pair but a few hours later I was seen that my trade being closed below my TP point and it was always delayed to execute all of my orders, it frozen any time because their poor servers. I withdraw all of my money but I have to wait almost a week latter. I think, thats enough for trading in this broker and I want others traders to beware about AL Trade.
Author of Al Trade: WaseniyaFx | Date 2017-12-04
I had an account with Al Trade before , so they are not scam but their platform has a lot of bugs. . Firstly, their order executions were little bit slow. I was looking at most fills falling somewhere in the 2 second range and some were as high as 30 seconds. Another thing is that at high volatility market my EA disabled automatically. Once I had $433 of huge loss because their platform was disabled my trades. Although they agreed to adjust 50%. That why I stopped trading with Al Trade.
Author of Al Trade: piphanameuho | Date 2017-12-04
AL Trade is a bad broker with unfriendly service. Last month my friend invite me to join him trading in AL Trade because hi won almost 75% from his deposit as a profit. He sait the trading system and server are good and easy to operate. But when I make my trading here, I felt disappointed because the system confused. Software used frequently experiencing connection issues and trading pages filled with spam and other junk. he trading process is very long and hard with this broker, I lost my account with a deposit that I have deposited without profit or bonus. They do not provide complete information about trading rules, and leave the user if an error occurs. I gonna leave them, and I hope they can improve their trading system.
Author of Al Trade: Matter | Date 2017-11-07
I was trading with Al Trade and experienced a worst MT4 terminal ever. It could be freeze any time or could be close my profitable trades from the opposite direction of SL. If I have opened a position, it almost slippage 10 to 25 pips. Al Trade floating spread is horrible to me, I could reach 0.5 to 10 pips. Till now I had lost $1000, while I was setting an EA on the MT4 terminal but they canceled all of the profit by the EA trading. So I say Al Trade is totally fraud broker and I have also stopped trading with them.
Author of Al Trade: Aurorafx | Date 2017-10-04
I traded with Al Trade for 2 months only and I closed my account. I had a Mini account with a fist deposit of 200$, the transfer was made with WebMoney. I never got to use the withdraw service because I lost all my money due to the servers and platform MT4. It has major delays, the prices aren't real at the moment of closing a position because the broker is manipulating the prices. Any way, good that I didn't lost to much time and money with them. I traded currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/CAD , USD/JPY, USS/CHF and GBP/EUR. I don't recommend this broker!
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