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তিনি ForexMart  Gerrendতারিখ  2021-10-25

My way of trading is improving a lot thanks to all information I found in its website. Spreads are competitive and all its payment methods are effective. Trading platform that they provide to me is good to use and I can trading without any error like freezing during trading, and the execution is fast enough to take all the orders. So far trading platform is good to use and I’m not face any requotes and platform freeze. Yesterday, I just withdrew my profit $600 when I deposited $850. Their process took me only 8 hours to get money, it’s so quickly. In addition, their customer support is pretty knowledgeable and helpful. My trading involves currency like EUR/USD,USD/JPY, JPY/GBP.

তিনি InstaForex  MOnnaতারিখ  2021-10-25

I have a profitable scalping trade with InstaForex broker in a standard ‍account. As their MT4 platform's execution well and the spread is fixed. Honestly, I didn’t get any negative requotes, even I have found easy charting tools. Also, I am using mobile apps too, so I can manage my orders from any situations. Till now I have Deposited $200 and almost earned $450. My profit withdrawn is so easy via Neteller, which take 6 hours. So pleased with InstaForex broker. This broker also suitable for beginner because they have lowest minimum account size and they provide trading analysis which is helpful for beginners.

তিনি InstaForex  Jimmyতারিখ  2021-10-25

I have been trading with Instaforex for more than a year already. Overall, the experience is amazing. I am able to profit well due to their excellent services and various trading programs. However, I will be honest. Sometimes, there are technical difficulties in the platform but they are always resolved immediately so there is really not much effect on the trading activities.

তিনি ForexMart  Sonyaতারিখ  2021-10-25

Before I opened an account at Forexmart, I had quite a difficulty connecting with them. Their representative was a little slow in responding but after establishing communication and when I already had an account, I can already reach them easily.

তিনি InstaForex  Behulaতারিখ  2021-10-25

I have been trading with InstaForex for a long ago! So far, I never had any difficulty with them. Tightest spreads and fast platform good broker for newbie and professionals trader. Their execution is rapid. The best part of this broker they always processed my withdrawal within one hour. Good customer service on the live chat as well. Will keep working with them.

তিনি ForexMart  Riazতারিখ  2021-10-25

I've found a better result with ForexМart broker in a fixed spreads account. Overall my trading experience is satisfied with their a lot of service and features. their server is stable, so the platform has the fastest execution, Also it is included with many technical analyses and indicators tools too. Even I have used Expert Advisors (EAs) in my trading. Till now my EAs works and getting a $372 profit so far. I've withdrawal almost my profit via Neteller. I know ForexМart have CySEC regulation and they are safe.

তিনি FXCL  Xevarতারিখ  2021-10-24

FXCL is far the best broker I have ever used. It has the best trading atmosphere than other brokers. Their execution speeds are very quick; their support is responsive and helpful. Withdrawals so far have been very speedy. They promised that it would appear in two days, but it came just in two hours. Excellent broker!

তিনি PriorFx  Mohnotতারিখ  2021-10-24

PriorFX platform is so disgusting and awful.c As I got variable spreads and their price quotes aren't live. Also, the order execution is delayed and my position is slippage on the MT4 platform. Even I can't set my own customized EA for scalping and it didn't work. So I had made a withdrawal request of $342, but it proceed almost five days through Skrill. So I PriorFX broker so far.

তিনি SuperForex  PotaFXতারিখ  2021-10-22

I have experienced SuperForex MT4 platform in Standard MT4 Trading Account. I enjoyed their platform for fast execution in my trading. So I can always open an order where I want to set. In their platform, I have added an EA too, which has worked fine till now. I never had any technical problem with SuperForex, and I never had any financial problem in withdrawal via Skrill account. Their payment is proceeded within the time after requesting the withdrawal. So I'm satisfied to trade at SuperForex platform.

তিনি PhillipCapital  Debraতারিখ  2021-10-22

PhillipCapital has a floating spread and this is the main problem I have with this broker. I often get different amount of fees on my trades and sometimes they are just unreasonably high.

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Are you thinking of a broker to open an account with? Are you concerned by possible risks of currency trading? Do you want to test expert advisors without losing own funds? All these issues are easily resolved by choosing a reliable broker that will meet your requirements. An independent rating of forex brokers will help you find a trustworthy company.

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