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EA Gold Shark ver. 5
Wall Street Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
Forex Growth Bot
Scalper Day
Euro Smarter

সর্বশেষ মন্তব্য:

তিনি FapTurbo  Oliverতারিখ  2020-03-31

If I were you, I would not attempt to purchase FapTurbo anymore. I don't know why other are claiming that they've had a great experience using this trading bot because it did not work for me. I tried making a few adjustments just to make it work, but still nothing happened. I tried contacting the company as well but they did not respond. In the end, I only wasted my money and I have no bot to work for me.

তিনি Pardus  Ionescuতারিখ  2020-03-31

My friend has been encouraging me to buy Pardus expert adviser because she has been using it already and said that the results are great. It was only a month ago when I decided to listen to her advice, Amazingly, this trading EA is indeed a great buy! I have only been using it for a month and the results are already impressive. It is very active in its trading activities and it has lessened the risks.

তিনি Megadroid  Keatsতারিখ  2020-03-30

Megadroid adviser is not the most reliable trading EA. This is my most recent purchase and to be honest, its performance is the poorest among those that I have tried. This is the most wasteful purchase I got. I was only able to use it for two weeks then I disabled it already before it acquires further losses. Good thing, when I returned it to the company, they kept their promise and sent be back my payment.

তিনি Euro Smarter  Japerতারিখ  2020-03-30

I did not expect that it would be this great to trade using a trading assistant. After thinking for a while, I decided to buy Euro Smarter to help me boost my account. Incredibly, not only does it give me advise on which trading actions to take, it is also consistent in bringing me daily market news and analysis. My trading experience have become more profitable thanks to this trading bot.

তিনি Forex Growth Bot  Oneromতারিখ  2020-03-27

For the past six months, I have been regularly using Forex Growth Robot. I wanted to give it ample time to work in my trading account before I evaluate its performance. So far, it has been earning a few dollars. However, the profit rate is not steady and there are days when this trading bot would not do any work. Sometimes, it also does not provide a daily market analysis. In short, this bot performed below my expectations.

তিনি Scalper Day  Catherinতারিখ  2020-03-27

EA Scalper Day is a true scalper. I only started using it a month ago but I am already amazed by how fast it earns. It is very diligent in its trading activities and makes sure to place trades on profitable positions. For the first month, it has already recovered the money I used to purchase it. Now I am looking forward for profits in the coming weeks and months.

তিনি Wall Street Forex Robot  Gylianতারিখ  2020-03-26

Last year, I finally had the courage to open my own trading account. I invested $500 on my broker and started my trading activities. However, while in the process, I realized that despite thoroughly studying Forex trading, I still don't have sufficient skill in order to earn. I gradually lost half of my capital and I started to lose hope. But then my account manager advised me to try a trading bot. She recommended Wall Street Forex Robot as it works well with their platform. I did, and I was surprised by how much it was able to earn. Soon after, I recovered the losses and started to incur profits.

তিনি Million Dollar Pips  Nusratতারিখ  2020-03-26

At first, I was highly skeptic about Million Dollar Pips. I honestly did not believe that it would ever be able to earn its user a million dollars. But I still bought it anyway because I think that even if it does not reach a million, it would still earn well. Well, lo and behold, I have only been using it for two months but it has already earned the same amount I earn in half a year. If I had a higher capital then I think it is very possible that I could earn a million in just a year.

তিনি Pardus  Janinahতারিখ  2020-03-25

Honestly, I have been using Pardus EA for almost a year already but I still think that this trading EA is too expensive for its quality. I have used it for a long time already but I don't think it has earned significantly well yet. Its profit rate is on the same level as those that are more affordable that this EA. The only reason I don't stop using it is that I don't want my payment to go to waste.

তিনি EA Gold Shark ver. 5  Mharaতারিখ  2020-03-25

As a trading adviser, i have no complaints about EA Gold Shark. It has been doing so well ever since I started using it on my trading account. As a matter of fact, my profit rate has gone up to 10% because of this EA. I just have a bit of an issues against their customer support. Whenever there are updates, the EA would have a bit of an issue and I would try to contact the support but they are unresponsive.

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