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এই ফরমের সাহায্যে আপনি ratingfx.com ওয়েবসাইটের ম্যানেজারের সাথে যোগাযোগ করতে পারবেন। এর জন্য আপনার ফরম পূরণ করতে হবে এবং মন্তব্য করতে হবে।

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তিনি BTFX  Phelpsতারিখ  2024-05-14

I can't trade on the BTFX platform due to the fake price and freezing issue all the time, also I found their spread going too high. while I have $200 invested in a mini account, some orders I can't close, therefore I lost almost $150, now I can't withdraw the rest invested and it has already been two weeks. So I want to warn others about BTFX broker.

তিনি AmigaFX  Yedinakতারিখ  2024-05-08

I have recommended AmigaFX for its excellent service, fastest platform and great trading conditions. The finest thing is their low and live execution. I can get a perfect position with this broker. Android app working fabulously. Staying put with AmigaFX.

তিনি SFX Markets  Heidi তারিখ  2024-05-06

SFX Market is not safe for my investment. I can not deal properly on their platform, as always orders executed in a fake price and did not closed at TP or SL. If I call their support team to solve the problem, then they always say the market has slippage the price you tried to get in at. I don't understand how the market always slippage prices. I have wasted my time with SFX Market.

তিনি Spread Co  Peeblesতারিখ  2024-05-02

Spread Co has outstanding platform in the market, As I have found a instant order execution and my position perfect and never slipped so far. So my strategy became profitable, even i can follow their expert trade signal too. I can withdral money instantly that I am able to run my business properly.

তিনি Rietumu FX  Farmerতারিখ  2024-04-29

Rietumu FX make me loser in the market. Yesterday I placed an order on USD/JPY pair on Friday with .2 lot size with a Stop Loss at 40 pips distance and the platform executed that Stop Loss at 45 pips and I lost $148 just in a few hours.when I connect with their support l make a call to Hantec Markets customer center support , but they refuse to adjust this loss. This fault is not from my end so why should I take liabilities? How I can get my money back?

তিনি FXGM  Rambertতারিখ  2024-04-24

I am comfort to traded with FXGM broker, I say they has outstanding platform. They provided live price on the MT4 platform, EA can be easy to use and their withdrawals are very fast. I like them and give full marks to FXGM.

তিনি AAAFx  Philতারিখ  2024-04-23

Good experience with AAAfx. The order execution happens in less than 0.5 seconds, just as they promise. The spreads are really low starting from just 0 pips. I stated with a demo account first to test out different strategies. And later on I switched to a live one. The demo works just like live account, no discrepancies. I recommend traders to try out AAAfx for its low spreads and impressive execution.

তিনি BFSforex  lilian তারিখ  2024-04-19

Stay away from them !!! I was scammed $49,000 worth of Bitcoin in Binary option

তিনি 1billionforex  Taylorতারিখ  2024-04-18

I can’t deal on the 1billionforex’d platform with an EA. I've suffered a lot with their fake price and delayed order execution. I had lost almost $1.2K so far. My trading environment is not profitable with this service.

তিনি ADS Prime  Napperতারিখ  2024-04-17

I've enjoyed scalping trading strategy on the ADS Prime's platform with an EA. Till now I haven't faced any issues, As slippage or delay executions, withdrawal issues with themselves. so I have only positive things to say about them. Because till now I, ve made $350 profits and withdrawn all the amount of money smoothly so far.

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