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10Brokers: typical scammer with greed for money

More and more people are getting interested in trading. Before entering the market, professional traders and newbies surf the internet in the search of a reliable broker. However, they are usually puzzled by a tsunami of offers from different brokerage firms. Sometimes traders come across some brokers that are little known among market participants as they do not attract the target audience through contextual advertising as well as other well-known commercial tricks. Such brokers have their own methods that quite often work even better. They come up with other advertising tricks– simple but appealing. As a rule, in their arsenal they have employees with the gift of persuasion and sweet-talking. Their websites contain a minimum of information about trading conditions and etc. but they are full of luring and mind-boggling promises. They guarantee instant success and a big profit. Naturally, there is no information about the license. 10Brokers is exactly that type of a broker.

About company

10 Brokers is a relatively young company founded in 2017. It is mainly focused on trading with the world`s major financial floors. Its website is translated into several languages, including Arabic. According to some sources, the company’s head office is located in Estonia. However, the company does not provide any information about its location in the contacts section. The broker also omitted information about its licensee. It seems that 10 Brokers is an unauthorized broker that cannot prove the reliability and quality of its services. Besides, the fact that the company is not controlled by any financial regulator should worry potential clients. Thus, it is safe to say that this broker is another scammer that gives empty promises.

Clients can only contact the broker by phone (the phone number is specified on the website).There are no other contacts. So, traders should take it into account if they want to cooperate with 10Brokers.

Curiously enough, in the "why us" section the broker guarantees security, reliability, and stability of the company. However, there is no supporting documentation, only worlds. The risk warranty section raises even more questions.

"You acknowledge and agree that in case you cause us Damage* by any action on your part, you will be obliged to pay us a penalty(in addition to the damage without further proof) in the amount of $5,000. Moreover, you should note that you may be subject to legal action and possibly liable for any damages incurred by us and by any other third party due to such actions".

*Damage – any kind of damage, including, direct and indirect damages, loss of profits, and damages due to falsely applying for a refund (i.e. in cases where we were not in fault that should have entitled you to a refund).

Judging by these conditions, any action of a trader with an aim to make a profit by trading with the broker may be interpreted as damage to 10Brokers.

The broker offers advanced trading tools, a lot of popular assets, useful Internet resources, and attractive trading conditions, including low spreads, flexible leverage, and no commissions.

Trading conditions

After logging in to the personal account, clients are indeed offered beneficial conditions for trading: the initial deposit from $50, unlimited orders starting from zero pips. Nevertheless, the website lacks any detailed information about trading conditions. Before trading, it is advisable to contact the support service and clarify the details.

In the "accounts" section, the broker provides comprehensive information on each account type. The standard account can be opened with any initial deposit. Clients get access to the standard account if they have personal account and risk managers.

10Brokers` scam scheme

Someone from of 10 Brokers staff members calls a trader who has been fooled out of money and offers her/him help allegedly to return the stolen money. They also ask a symbolic payment for their work – a 10% commission. Usually, traders or potential victims agree to the offer without any suspicion.

Next, traders will receive a package of documents required for signing. When everything is done, clients wait for the return of their lost funds to the specified credit card’s requisites. Imagine how buffed traders are when the funds from their credit card have been withdrawn by 10Brokers.

The so-called lawyer of the company stays in touch with the client and explains that such a measure is necessary. The withdrawn money and the deposit will be returned after the refund procedure is completed. Naturally, traders receive nothing. Funds taken from the credit card disappeared along with the deposit. After that, traders cannot contact any staff member.

Notably, this fraudulent scheme is fairly popular among scammers. Swindlers such as 10Brokers make money on traders whom they or other similar fraudlers have already deceived once.

Natalia Nevskaya, 25.10.2018
I was cheated by 10Brokers twice. I was not going to trade. I was told to open an account and transfer money to it and then they promised to return my missing deposit. However, the money I replenished was somehow transferred directly to the 10Broker.com. I managed to get back half of my deposit. A little bit later my account was hacked. I received an email about changing my password. The broker did not stop on that. This fraudulent enterprise opened deals from my account, took loans. The support service doesn`t reply to my emails. I do not know what to do. I dread to think about the consequences.

Polites, 19.04.2018
Where could I find the phone number and contacts of 10Brokers? I have already been waiting for a call back for two months.

Helen, 03.05.2019
You will never get an answer from these scammers.

How do the so-called lawyers find deceived traders?

As a rule, scammers know well the company the deceived traders worked with, how much money was stolen from them, and they also have their contact details. The most staggering thing is that 10Brokers can pull off a con not only with its own duped clients but also with clients of other similar companies. Quite often such dubious enterprises exchange with each other their clients’ personal data and contacts. Traders should be aware that they have the right to contact law enforcement agencies if something similar happens to them.

Scammers offer their help to refund the deposit on websites where there are a lot of negative traders’ reviews. They leave their contact details and offer legal assistance. However, in reality, they prepare another well-planned trap for once fooled and desperate traders.

Leonid, 12.12.2018
10 Brokers is a scam broker that workers with other fraudsters like Della registered in Cyprus. Employees of both companies work together in the same office. When 10Brokers informs you that it will return your money soon, it actually means that the broker will transfer your deposit to Della. Your personal manager will spill on you an ocean of comforting words why your money cannot be transferred directly to your credit card or bank account. Then, you receive a call from Della. Its "lawyers" offer you aid to return your money back for a modest 10% commission from the fund. If you eat the bait, they get your money and disappear. They change their contact numbers and the support service will ignore you.

Helen, 15.10.2019
I don`t know what to do! I lost more than $1,300. I did everything in my power to bring to justice this scammer. I contacted the police, used a chargeback, and hired an attorney. However, I achieved nothing. I only lost even more. At the moment, I am writing exposing articles about these scammers. However, they do not care about it and continue with their shenanigans. I suspect that banks might be also involved in its schemes. I have three loans and a mortgage on my house because of this knave. I hope they will get what they deserve.

Svetlana, 10.11.2019
Could you tell me please where exactly did you go after being cheated? I contacted the police immediately. However, it has been a year and the investigation did not budge an inch. I gave the officers the screenshots, contact numbers, emails, voice messages and even the phone number these rascals used to plunged the Any desk program. Still, the police officers did nothing. Maybe we should work together. We could contact the TV or demand more actions from the police. No man is an island.

Hica, 7.06.2019
10Brokers scams traders out of a large amount of money and even ask them to take loans for that. To lull traders’ vigilance, the broker allows to withdrawing a small sum of money from the account. When the deposit starts to increase, traders cannot take back their deposit due to the problems with the website connection and other various reasons. The support service does not answer. Its staff members may offer traders help with money withdrawal and ask for personal data such as credit cards or e-wallets. As a result, they get money from traders’ credit cards and naturally do not return money from the trading account.

Iniz 10.06.2019
10Brokers is a sham company similar to Trade5000. I deposited €6,000 to my trading account. When my deposit rose to €15,000, the broker simply withdrew money from my account as I allegedly refused to pay off commission. This is how these scammers work!


10Brokers is a scam broker greedy for easy financial gain. Trading with this broker may lead not only to the deposit loss but also to other financial problems. Do not let luring but dubious promises cloud your mind. All this broker wants is your money.

The majority of people who had "pleasure" to cooperate with this broker call it a crooked enterprise. They warn traders to stay away from the broker and not repeat their mistakes. After making a deposit, traders will never get it back. Victims of this broker also notice that it is a stroke of a pure luck if a trader has just lost the deposit and no money has been withdrawn from the credit card. Therefore, under no circumstances should you sign any documents received from a lawyer.

This document gives fraudsters legal permission to withdraw money from the credit card bypassing 3D SECURE and without any notification.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Christa | তারিখ  2021-12-09
I invested a total of $5000 at 10Brokers. On the first few months, I was earning quite well and it made me want to invest more. I never thought that the broker would be manipulating my account to show positive trading results. When I tried to withdraw some of the profits, the broker dumped me.
Author: Chantale | তারিখ  2021-12-01
I got a call from 10Brokers and the representative invited me to open an account with them. At first I was hesitant but the representative assured me that I will be fully guided all throughout the journey. I believed it only to be betrayed. After depositing the money, my account became inaccessible.
Author: Gabbie | তারিখ  2021-11-16
I guess I was easily deceived by 10Brokers because of my own desire to earn easy money. This experience made me realize that money is something we work hard for to earn. When a company offers to give your instant profits, be careful because it is most likely a fraudulent scheme.
Author: Terence | তারিখ  2021-11-12
I traded at 10Brokers for a while but then all of my funds were lost. My account manager kept making trades on my account even when I already told him to stop. I was shocked when I suddenly had zero balance on my account because of the activities that my manager did. I tried to confront him, but the next thing I know, I was already blocked.
Author: Aldrein | তারিখ  2021-10-25
The representative from 10Brokers were smooth talkers. They were able to make me believe all their lies even when they seemed too good to be true. I ignored my gut feeling because I was already hooked by their promises. As a consequence, I lost the $1000 that I deposited to the broker.
Author: Grace | তারিখ  2021-10-20
The representative who called me was very polite and nice. She explained everything to me so clearly that is why I was convinced to open an account at 10Brokers. But then, after depositing the money, nobody from the company responded to me again. A few days later, I could not access my account anymore.
Author: Kenny | তারিখ  2021-09-30
My experience at 10Brokers is something that I will no forget. This broker tricked me and lied to me. I trusted my account manager with every decision and all those time, she was only manipulating me. I ended up depositing a total of $5000 to this broker and all of that was gone with them.
লেখক 10brokers_typical_scammer_with_greed_for_money: Shelba | তারিখ  2021-11-25
The same thing happened to me. After letting my account manager take over my trading activities, everything was ruined. I lost all of my investment and the manager did not even apologize. The next thing I know, the company already suspended my account.
Author: Zukka | তারিখ  2021-09-23
The biggest mistake I have made was opening an account at 10Brokers. This experience was short but very traumatic. I invested a large amount at this broker because they gained my trust quickly. But after just a few days, my account was deactivated and my money was gone.
Author: Jasmin | তারিখ  2021-09-13
At first, 10Brokers had a smooth-running platform with useful trading tools. You would really believe that you are trading like you should. But sadly, everything was manipulated by the broker. The trades that we were making were all fabricated so that we would think that we are doing well. Once we try to withdraw our profits, that is when the broker will suspend our accounts.
লেখক 10brokers_typical_scammer_with_greed_for_money: Sohaib | তারিখ  2021-10-13
While using a demo account at 10Brokers, I had an amazing experience. So I decided to invest for real. The experience was great for a month but after that, things became a mess. The platform started to act up, crashing every now and then. And in the end, I lost complete access to my account.
Author: Josef | তারিখ  2021-09-10
The employees of 10Brokers are hopeless. I don't think they will get back to doing any good deeds. Tricking us and lying to us seemed very natural to them. They made themselves so believable that is why I think they have been doing it for a long time already. I just feel so frustrated that they don't even get punished.
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