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Atiora – regulated con broker

How can a young broker expand its clientele? A brand-new company often woos clients by eloquence and empty promises which do not have much to do with the reality. These are common traps where kitchen brokers lure credulous clients.

Atiora was established in 2015 by a team of professional traders with vast experience in European financial firms. The broker claims that it creates comfortable trading conditions and ensures transparency in everything. The firm is supervised by a watchdog and promoted through well-known marketing ploys. This aggressive policy assures people that Atiora is the best choice.

As a rule, gullible rookie traders are easily misled by such tricks. The prospects of a bonanza overshadow common sense. A person enters into cooperation with the broker skipping details in the agreement. A client provides money to a little-known project. He or she is blinded by the rosy picture painted by con artists.

Some brokers do not specify their legal address. Oddly enough, would-be clients do not consider this a big problem at all. They have been already hooked up and believe they are a step away from being a millionaire. So, they make a fatal error.

In the course of time, everything fits together, but at a cost. The Internet is flooded with dramatic reviews of the dishonest broker. Cheated customers want to warn other traders of a trap.

In principle, no one will be able to withdraw funds from one’s own trading account with Atiora. I used to trade with this broker. In my case, they defrauded me out of usd200. I failed to withdraw my profits. What a waste of time!

Don’t even think about dealing with those swindlers. You’re sure to regret it soon! They’re con artists. You will learn nothing from them. They aim to chisel money out of you.

Keep away from that company! They will do anything to swindle you out of your money. They avoid paying out your returns. They amend agreements without notice. They can debit your account, though they are not authorized. To be continued …

I tried to cooperate with them, but bad luck. At the verification stage, my identification was delayed due to negligence of managers. They misprinted a series of my passport and I had to present IDs again. As a result, they verified me for two weeks. When everything had been settled, I realized that I could not accept their conditions of depositing an account. They charge too high commissions. So, I rejected this idea. Please think twice!

If a broker obtained a license from a regulator, do not be misled by the seemingly plausible argument in favor of this broker. The question is what particular authority supervises the company. If it is registered in an offshore zone, this is of little merit. A client will hardly be able to exercise this jurisdiction. Thus, kitchen brokers take full advantage of this practice.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an offshore tax haven. No wonder, lots of firms choose this jurisdiction for running a non-taxable business. It is as clear as day. A client at one’s own risk agrees on cooperation with a dubious company. In other words, the odds are that a company is a pure fraud. By the way, Atiora’s brokerage activities are regulated by the financial watchdog at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

License and regulation
The website «atiora.com» belongs to the company Atiora Ltd. that is registered as International Business Company (IBC) in ST. Vincent and the Grenadines, Central America under the number 22938 IBC 2015. The company’s registered address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Activities of Atiora Ltd are controlled and regulated by the financial authorities of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in compliance with the International Law, chapter 149, and the Financial Services Commission under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2015. The company holds license number 22938/10/15.

Dealing with an offshore company, a client usually gets a kick in one’s teeth.

They hacked into my account and stole $360. They rip off even such petty cash! In my statements, there is no transaction of withdrawing this amount. So, these crooks insist I cannot prove that I’ve ever had that money in my account. It’s outrageous! I applied to the regulator a month ago but no reply so far. The offshore zone just greenlights bogus firms.

Sooner or later, a fraud comes to light. Like other kitchen brokers, Atiora did not operate for long. However, it does not mean that it terminated its brokerage services. In practice, con men just found a new company and carry on swindling inexperienced traders under popular scams.

Forex broker closed
The company terminated its brokerage activities

Trading in any financial market poses a risk. Any accurate forecast could be wrong. No one can guarantee that all deals will be a success yielding fat profits in a short term. Nevertheless, people venture to invest solid money in scams and expect “savvy traders” to multiply their funds. So, people are fooled by the idea of high passive income. Try to figure out why a successful trader is ready to spend his time on you.

If someone calls you and invites you to invest in a lucrative project yielding a 50% return of a deposit per month, hand up on this conversation immediately. This will bring you nothing but trouble. Think twice before you enter into any cooperation involving investment.

If you have already lost some money and you are offered free of charge assistance in its refund, this is compelling evidence that you are still hooked by the same fraudsters.

I’m pissed off about all those scams on the Internet. It just sucks – all those fake brokers, fake lawyers, and others. They seem to know and understand everything. Once you ask them for help, you will eventually come away empty-handed. They require you to pay some commissions, to add money on their telephone balance etc. I’m fed up with them!

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Author: Reda | তারিখ  2021-12-14
There is no telling which company can be trusted. Especially when you are a beginner, some of the promises of the brokers can sound very appealing. And it clouds our judgment. This is how fraudsters like Atiora were able to attract clients and take their money.
Author: Gayle | তারিখ  2021-12-09
I was peacefully trading at Atiora for five months then suddenly, the website was inaccessible. The broker shut down without returning our money and the owners and employees simply disappeared. I was never able to access my account again.
Author: Gisela | তারিখ  2021-12-01
I should have never opened an account at Atiora. Just a couple of months after my registration, the broker suddenly shut down. As it turned out, the broker was only pooling the money of its investors then disappeared after reaching their target amount.
Author: Hisola | তারিখ  2021-11-25
I was baited by the lucrative offers of Atiora. I did not think about the consequences and risks anymore. All I thought about was the opportunity to make huge profits which never came true because the broker took away my money.
Author: Alice | তারিখ  2021-11-15
Atiora gave me lucrative trading offers. I got greedy and instantly accepted the offer and I invested $1500. I never thought that this amount of money would be gone forever. I got tricked by the employee of this company and after just a few days, they suddenly shut my account down.
Author: Venkat | তারিখ  2021-11-03
Just a few weeks after I opened an account at Atiora, the broker suddenly shut down. I lost all the money that I invested to the broker. I did not know what to do because I still couldn't comprehend what was happening. I thought it was only an error but then I started to see articles saying that the broker was a fraud.
Author: Nikka | তারিখ  2021-10-20
I can't believe I trusted a terrible broker. After depositing money to Atiora, my account was immediately blocked. I tried contacting them but the only response they gave me was that they did not receive any money from me thus the closure of my account.
Author: Matheiu | তারিখ  2021-10-13
How do fraudsters like Atiora even attract new clients? I believe this broker was already banned from our region but for some reason, I still hear stories from people who have been deceived by the broker. I just can't believe that they will do all sorts of things just to fool more people.
Author: Kovit | তারিখ  2021-10-04
My account manager at Atiora showed me various trading results that he has done before. It made me believe that he really does well in his trading actions so I let him manage my trading activities. However, within only two days, my account balance went down to $5 from $100. And the broker was forcing me to replenish my account.
Author: Kyaw | তারিখ  2021-09-28
I trusted Atiora because the representative whom I spoke with was very pleasant to speak with and he sounded like he is really knowledgeable about the market. I never thought that I was being manipulated and tricked. Unfortunately, I ended up losing more than $1000 to this broker.
লেখক atiora_regulated_con_broker: Barun | তারিখ  2021-11-12
They used pleasant customer support to earn our trust. I was well guided by their employee as well and it made me trust them so much that whenever they advise me to add more funds, I would follow them. Sadly, I was only being manipulated and I just let them do it to me.
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