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Top Invest 100 cunning knows no limits

Why are there so many scammers in the financial services market? Why is their number growing inexorably? The answer is simple: trading is in demand. Anyway, there are people behind every project. Some of them fall victim to scam, while others profit on users’ trust. In this article we are going to tell you about another scam broker which strives with every fibre of its being to look decent and reliable. In fact, this is a cunny and stone cold killer who carefully waits for his victim. Our article is about Top Invest 100.

This is an innovative company with a team of highly qualified specialists which offers its clients a wide selection of assets and continues to improve its trading technology. The company’s reputation is based on honesty, justice, and transparency. We decided not to specify all these loud statements as they usually turned out to be groundless. Novice traders and other credulous users tend to firmly believe such bombastic declarations. The magic of words sometimes prevails over reason and facts. However, before you believe someone or something, you need at least to look around.

By the way, the broker’s official website looks very good. It has a comprehensible interface and a simple design. The website contains a lot of information as well as irrelevant data. There are hard numbers, but there is no proof. Overall, the main emphasis is on high-frequency words and promises of success.

Top Invest 100 singles out CFD trading calling it one of the most favourable instruments for investment in the market. In fact, this instrument carries a high risk. Therefore, novice traders are better to refrain from CFD trading for a while. Surely, the broker offers help from its highly qualified specialists, but you can promise whatever you want, right? In addition, it is hard to believe it because if you take a look at the training section on the website, you can find only a Forex glossary there.

Trading with Top Invest 100 is available through any type of device. In order to attract users, the broker uses the МТ4 trading platform and promises traders with different skills successful trading without any effort. That is worth thinking, isn`t it?

Get your bonus while trading with us!
Top Invest 100 is always looking for a way to reward our traders.
We offer a vast array of special programs for new traders and existing clients.

Always pay close attention to the conditions that the broker offers you and never agree on doubtful bonuses as there`s no such thing as a free lunch.

First and foremost, focus on the fact that the broker is not regulated by any financial authority. It means that the broker can manipulate your trades. Thus, you open a deal at a big volume, but scammers block your deal, and you lose. As a result, you lose money. It is twice as sad if it is trading using leverage.

Even if you have found nothing indicating that the broker is using a fraudulent scheme, pay attention to the company’s service record. New companies can also pose certain risks.

The fact that you can contact the broker only via email should arouse suspicion. A reliable company always provides various communication means, including a telephone number. Top Invest 100 is registered in the Marshall Islands, since there is no access to the register of companies. Surely, it is possible to find a way to check whether such a company really exists. However, it is expensive. In addition, it is impossible to copy texts on the company`s website. Therefore, it will be hard to find a similar website with the same data. Scammers could have closed one scam and created a new one with the same documents.

There are many reasons not to believe Top Invest 100. They also include comments of traders about the broker’s activity. There are not so many reviews about Top Invest 100 on the Internet. However, they are mainly negative. Traders complain calling the broker a scam and are interested in how they can get their money back.

This is a scam! Everything Top Invest 100 does is stealing your money! They are friendly and helpful as long as you deposit your money. The moment you decide to withdraw profit they start pressuring you. There is not a chance you will take your money back! They will dump you! Stay away from this broker!

This is a 100% scam! They will fool you. They won’t return you money.

There is no chance to make profit. Scammers have access not only to personal computers but also to smartphones. This way they can fool more people as the number of computer users is less compared to smartphone users.

A horrible website. Everything they promise is total crap. Don’t lap it up!!!

A 100% lie. I’m sorry for those who believed them. Think twice before engaging in a fool`s errand.

Indeed, this is another scammer with a fraudulent scheme. Top Invest 100 lures innocent victims into a trap pouring banana oil in their ears. The broker does not immediately insist on replenishing a real account but offers to practice on a demo account. You press on a couple of buttons and see how funds in your account are growing. You believe in yourself and are ready to make quick and easy money in real life. You top up your account and then your deposit is drained. You contact the admins and they block you. This is it, a happy ending. However, this is completely the opposite of what you see in American movies.


Top Invest 100 is a real scam. You will find nothing here but for losing money. Beware, try to avoid projects like that and warn others. Take care of yourself, your nerves, and your money.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Jordan | তারিখ  2021-12-14
I was lucky enough to have someone tell me to avoid Top Invest 100. I was ready to invest all the extra money that I had and start my trading journey with the broker. But then a fellow forum member told me not to do it because he had a terrible experience with the broker. I took the safe road and just avoided the company. Then a few months later, I found articles about the fraudulent activities of the broker.
Author: Wagner | তারিখ  2021-12-01
At first, I did not want to believe that Top Invest is doing fraudulent activities. I did not want to accept that I would be losing my funds at this broker. But then I tried withdrawing my funds, and the broker just kept rejecting it. Until my account was completely frozen.
Author: Omar | তারিখ  2021-11-25
Top Invest 100 did nothing but steal my money. After making a deposit, my account was immediately suspended. The broker never allowed me to contact them again and I knew then that I had been fooled only.
Author: Trentoi | তারিখ  2021-11-15
Top Invest 100 played with my mind real good. The broker manipulated me by making me think I have control over my decisions and that I chose them myself. But the broker made me do it by rigging my platform to make it profitable. They also made empty promises that I naively believed.
Author: Walt | তারিখ  2021-11-12
Top Invest 100 was never up to good. I wish I knew this before I opened an account with them. Now, it feels like I threw away $2000 because the broker terminated my account right after I made a deposit.
লেখক top_invest_100_cunning_knows_no_limits: Kaleem | তারিখ  2021-12-09
This experience is honestly traumatizing. Until now, I still can't get myself to start a new investment. The representatives from Top Invest were very accommodating while I was still inquiring. It really surprised me that my account was gone after I made a deposit.
Author: Aeran | তারিখ  2021-10-25
I opened an account at Top Invest 100 because of their mobile platform. Brokers rarely offer this so I gave it a shot. If I did not like the experience, I would simply withdraw my funds. However, I did not expect that once I deposited, I would never get my money back again. I did not know that the broker was a fraud because they appeared decent.
Author: Jovana | তারিখ  2021-10-20
I should have listened to the advice of my brother to cancel my account registration at Top Invest 100. I was too eager to earn that I ended up dealing with a fraud broker. I even tried to defend the broker from my brother's suspicions but it turned out he was right.
Author: Peyya | তারিখ  2021-10-13
The only reason I opened an account at Top Invest 100 was their lucrative offer. I was promised that if I invest $1000, I am guaranteed to receive 30% return on the first month. They said that the profit rate will increase each month especially if I add more funds regularly. On the first two months, I added $500 and I gained a total of $700. However, I was not able to deposit on the next month which made the broker terminate my account.
Author: Sophia | তারিখ  2021-10-04
The employees at Top Invest 100 were so great at talking to their clients and they are quite persuasive. They managed to convince us all that they will provide us with amazing services and guaranteed returns for as long as we trade with them. But the truth is that after we deposit our funds, our account were immediately blocked.
লেখক top_invest_100_cunning_knows_no_limits: Jahzeel | তারিখ  2021-11-03
It was their way of attracting more clients. The broker had a team of great sales representatives that is why everything that they said were very convincing despite being a lie. I wish I never got myself involved with the broker anymore.
Author: Trand | তারিখ  2021-09-13
I was lured in to Top Invest 100 and there was no way for me to get out happy. The broker never released my profits, not even my initial capital. This broker never planned to provide brokerage services. They only used it to attract clients and gather money for their own sake.
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