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Corner Trader পর্যালোচনা

Corner Trader

On-line since: 2012
Country of origin: Switzerland
Regulation: -
Payment options: bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER
Minimum account size: CHF 50
Minimum lot size: 0.05 lot
Leverage: 1:50 and more
Spreads: floating and fixed

About company:

Cornèr Bank Group is a financial group, founded in Switzerland. The company’s history goes back more than 50 years. Traders prefer to work with Cornèr Bank because the broker is notable for its broad experience and stable provision of services.

Five years ago CornèrTrader launched an innovative platform that allowed to expand a vast range of brokerage services. Thanks to CornèrTrader platform, clients can diversify their portfolio and access currency markets all over the world. The platform features extremely high quality of service. Its functionality allows to make record-breaking profits. All clients highly appreciate small fees and a high-speed execution of order.

Choosing a reliable broker, take a look at feedback from CornèrTrader clients. If you have already worked with this broker, please share your experience with other traders.

Corner Trader 3/10 (votes 1915)
লেখক Corner Trader: Dannyel | তারিখ  2022-11-06
Cornèr Bank Group is a reliable broker. They are fair service and respond to me. Here I deposited $300 but within half a year I can make it $1.5K. As I found the fastest Mt4 platform and easy to deal in a live price. So I hope I can reach my target to make a profit of $2K. All the best to Cornèr Bank Group.
লেখক Corner Trader: HyungFX | তারিখ  2021-10-26
CornèrTrader is not a reliable broker for me. I have been trading with them, and I was having profitable positions, but suddenly their platform hung and closed all my orders. When I got back to the platform, my fund decreased by more than $250. I have called their support team regarding that problem, but their answer is not helpful at all. I'm so disappointed with this broker. I've sent a withdrawal request. After I get the money, I will definitely close my account at this broker. I don't want to continue my trading with them.
লেখক Corner Trader: Claire | তারিখ  2021-07-15
I was disappointed with my experience at Corner Bank Group. Their platform malfunctioned all the time and their customer support is hard to contact. So when there is a problem, it does not get resolved right away because we cannot communicate with them.
লেখক Corner Trader: Josh | তারিখ  2020-10-01
Corner Trader is an unprofessional broker. I have invested my money here and I got 50% profit after I deposited quite big amount of money and suddenly they blocked it. I don't know why they blocked my profit and it was half of my deposit amount. I have called their customer service and they said I broke their rules. Still, I got only unclear reasons and they didn't help at all. I'm very disappointed, and I decided to stop trading with them. I will look for another broker who is being honest with the customer.
লেখক Corner Trader: Grasia | তারিখ  2020-08-07
I don’t know is this a joke or what because I also have account with another broker and they never cancel my profit because profit is more than deposit amount. They don't know what to say and i got no clues what is going on there. Tried to email them several times but no one is replying.
লেখক Corner Trader: Jwito | তারিখ  2020-08-07
Corner trader was not fair at all. It was very hard to enter the market even there is quiet market, because Meta Trader always wait for the moving price. If the price against us, Meta Trade will deal with us that mean when we are enter the market we have to have lost position, but if we enter market in the profit position, Meta Trader will requote our position.
লেখক Corner Trader: Jack | তারিখ  2020-06-03
I've some weird experience on the Cornertrader platform with Corner Bank broker. As my order didn't execute on timely and If I have opened any positions than it didn't close. Also, their service has some lack of better pricing, charts and EA trading too. Besides, I want to withdraw some profit but they didn't transfer my money to the Neteller account on time. So I am disappointed with the Corner Bank broker.
লেখক Corner Trader: Deniel | তারিখ  2020-05-01
I trade with Corner Trader, Last week after a $1500 deposit I only get $450 profit. Though usually profit could reach almost 45% of the existing deposit. They give the reason for the change in spreads due to increased dollar value. The spreads are floating from 2.5 pips and I think they are just playing with traders. I will stop trading on Corner Trader temporarily until they fixed the value of certain spreads. And I think the company needs some improvement. The customer supports need to have a proper training. There are some restricted rules that makes me confused.
লেখক Corner Trader: Yeji | তারিখ  2020-01-27
I have been trading for over a year with Corner Trader and for my 2 years of trading this has been the worst broker I have ever traded with. Please be aware and not to open an account with them. They hunted my Stop loss and took out my trade. They manipulated my trades last week so I requested to withdraw all my funds amounting $10000. They declined my request and told me that the available amount is not enough. They even charged me $15 if I wanted to process my withdrawal.
লেখক Corner Trader: Crosnel | তারিখ  2019-11-29
Corner Bank Gorup is a Swiss bank and it is well-regulated. I opened an account here because I am sure that my fund will be secured with them. In terms of security and honesty of the broker, there is no problem. The problem lies on their platform. I must admit, they do not have the best trading platform. It often lags and is frequently shaky. They try to fix it ASAP but after a few days, the problem will be back again. So if you are thinking of joining this broker, you might consider this downside.
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