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ProFinance পর্যালোচনা


On-line since: 1995
Country of origin: Great Britain
Regulation: -
Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER, bank wire
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.25
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: from 0.5 to 1.5 pips

About company:

Pro Finance Service that provides its clients with access to the foreign exchange market was founded in 1995. One of the founders is Henry M. Quinlan, a well-known American businessman and the head of Omni Publishing. This year, another office has been opened in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Online trading was launched in 1999.

Over the years of its existence, Pro Finance Service has achieved excellent results in the sphere of finances and services. One of the company's achievements is its own ProTrader platform, which was appreciated by many traders. The advantages of the trading platform include transparence, high-speed order execution, as well as accurate fixing of prices and events.

Other advantages of ProTrader:

  • no re-quotes, no commissions;
  • orders can be set inside of spreads;
  • market swap for rollovers;
  • holding opposite positions allowed;
  • access to data on all quotes and transactions in the system;

Beginning traders are given a training account that has the same price flow and order execution speed as a live one.

The oldest financial company, which can be called a pioneer in online trading, offers a steady work on Forex with latest technologies. Pro Finance Service keeps making its services even more reliable and lucrative.

If you have traded with this company, please leave your feedback about its services. Your comments will make a broker search simpler and more effective.

ProFinance 3/10 (votes 1928)
লেখক ProFinance: Zako | তারিখ  2021-07-21
I can't believe that I found a broker with favorable trading conditions. Most of what I saw before had at least one downside. But now, I finally found the right broker for me. ProFinance does not require a high initial deposit, they have a stable platform with tight spread, the execution of orders in instant and the charts are always updated.
লেখক ProFinance: Alberto | তারিখ  2020-09-25
ProFinance is a reliable broker. They always provide the best service, the platform works well and makes me able to make profits. Deposit and withdrawal process is easy and fast. Customer support always available and so helpful. Last time I withdraw $570 through MasterCard and I got the money within 3 hours without any fees. I would recommend ProFinance to all traders.
লেখক ProFinance: Santha | তারিখ  2020-08-11
Platform is stable and works with several servers. Deposits and withdrawal methods are effective. I trade with Profinance quite regularly and I'm really satisfied with their service. The company cares about its customers and does a lot to improve their trading conditions.
লেখক ProFinance: Hugh | তারিখ  2020-06-04
I love trading at ProFinance. This company has been my broker for the past two years and this broker never failed me. They have the smoothest and most advance platform. I never encountered any technical issue. Moreover, their platform could even handle high volatility. Thanks to the profitable trading environment, I was able to gather favorable trading results.
লেখক ProFinance: Hendras | তারিখ  2020-05-05
I don’t have much issues about that. I still remember that I don’t have to wait for so long for withdrawal normally it would take less than 5 hours for processing to be done. I think Profinance is safe for trading activity. reliable broker, it is consider as one of the high reputation forex broker service provider in the region. For me, spread is okay and reliable 0.1 pips especially for most desire currency pair EUR/USD. The contest organized by Profinance was good and useful
লেখক ProFinance: Zakiul | তারিখ  2020-03-20
I have been working at Pro Finance Service for more than two years already. I started at this broker with just enough capital to start my trading activities. I chose this broker because they are affiliated with a popular regulatory authority and it gives me a high sense of security. So far, I think that I made the right decision in choosing this broker because they have been providing their best services since day 1.
লেখক ProFinance: Yudhistira | তারিখ  2020-01-29
I started to trade with Profinance after a friend recommend them to me. I opened a demo account and after the trail period expired I opened a live account with a deposit of $2000. I choose this type of account because the commission was significantly lower then the mini account. For a standard account the commission is on average $15/lot and for mini account on average is $20/lot. I use the Android Trading platform and works fast in execution with real time prices and no re-quotes. I trade with them currency pairs, energy commodities such as Brent Crude Oil Futures, precious metals Gold and Silver. MY profit is over $1500 currently but at the beginning I was making only $500 . Till now the broker is honest and doesn't manipulate the prices on the platform.
লেখক ProFinance: Poppy | তারিখ  2019-10-25
I opened a Standard account with Tifia for arount 5 months ago. My first deposit was $1000 made with the system Skrill, and credited instantly to my account. I trade with them on MetaTrader 4 platform, using the currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/EUR, USD/JPY. My profit is not to much but is good for me as an extra income $250 a month. Till now I didn't had problems with them. To withdraw was easy and without hidden commissions.
লেখক ProFinance: Incae | তারিখ  2019-09-18
I have been trading with Pro Finance Service since the beginning of the year, I having very enjoyable experience with them. I do use ProTrader which is an add on that has some cool Order executions are very good and consistent from the beginning, I had no problem with that. I am a constantly profitable trader, I have 3 accounts with them, all in profit, some of them in bigger profit. I have made more than 10 times I got them all without any problem. No issues so far
লেখক ProFinance: Mosa | তারিখ  2019-07-31
Pro Finance Service has been in business for several years already. And throughout the years, people remained trading with them and new clients are dealing with them. I think this is enough reason to trust them so I opened an account a year ago. So far, my trading experience has been well except for some losses which is mostly my fault. But aside from that, I'd say that this is an honest broker. There were no problems when I deposited and withdrew my funds. As a matter of fact, my withdrawal was processed within just 2 days.
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