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EA Gold Shark ver. 5 review

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Currency pairs: EUR/USD recommended
Time frame: M5, М15, М30, Н1 (М15, М30 recommended)
Work time: 24 hours
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is a unique Expert Adviser and one of the latest and best products developed by the Finance Plus team for Forex traders. EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is based on a unique algorithm of indicators to provide maximum profits.
Options of EA Gold Shark ver. 5:
  • 3 unconventional indicators;
  • Parallel trading with several currency pairs (multicurrency trading);
  • Protection from false signals;
  • Locking and averaging of unfavorable positions to offset losses;
  • Trailing orders;
  • Inverse trading;
  • Stable trading even on highly volatile market.
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 may be used both in normal conditions and at high risks.
Having properly adjusted it, any trader, even inexperienced one, may use EA Gold Shark ver. 5 to raise his capital. 

EA Gold Shark ver. 5 8/10 (votes 918)
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Sarah | Date 2017-05-04
8 of 10 deals, opened by this advisor, have been a total failure. I cannot count on the bot to conduct successful trades. It has lost me more than $400 on eur/usd.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Collins | Date 2017-04-18
I can say that I have been enjoying a very strong trading signals provided by this EA, I have been using EA Gold Shark ver5 for 4 months now bought it for $120, and I have never experienced any serious issue, I use the time Frame M30. So far I have no regret of using this EA.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Idris | Date 2017-03-31
I have complained so many times to the customer service of EA shark ver5, about the issue I have been having using this EA, but the customer service seems helpless. It happens that I bought this EA about 2 months ago with $120 after the purchase of this robot and its download I have not been able to gain access to it, always bringing an error message which, I have complained over and over with no response from the customer service.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Debra | Date 2017-03-31
EA Gold Shark ver.5 is a bad advisor, so I advise you don’t buy it to use. Last year, I bought this EA with 130$, because I was impressed their adverting on many forums. Therefore, I hope I will earn good profits, but it was completely terrible. Since I used this EA, I have lost all my funds with total near 1000$. Initially, I used in my demo account for 3 months, and everything was effective. However, I lost lots of money when I moved to use in real account. Thus, I didn't see its effectiveness at all in my real account. EA Gold Shark ver.5 is a horrible EA, and it scammed me lots of money. Hence, I’m going to look for another advisor to use, and I don’t recommend EA Gold Shark ver.5 to anyone!!
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Jorel | Date 2017-03-17
Using with this advisor – EA Gold Shark ver.5, I have to say that I regret buying this advisor to use. Thus, I bought this EA in last year with 120$, and I'm quite disappointed with this advisor. It is an unreliable EA, which turns to loss almost everytime it's on. Also, it opens with high slippage and I can’t make any profits in trading. Indeed, this advisor constantly provides incorrect entry and closing signals that make me many losses in trading with total in now – 800$!! I trade in forex 4 years, so I use many advisors to support me in trading. However, EA Gold Shark ver.5 is the worst advisor I have ever experienced among many advisors. It’s so bad. At the moment, I am going to look for another EA to use, because these losses at this EA were enough for me. All in all, I advise you should stay away this advisor – EA Gold Shark ver.5!!!
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Fbeautyx | Date 2017-03-15
Bought the adviser only 1 month ago. I'm a day trader and I use the time frame M15, trading pair recommended EUR/USD. I had a nice profit this couple of weeks because of the strong signals on the market from the bot, it turned out on profit of 1500$. The profit is depending on the volume which you trade of course. The platform works fine no complains there. It has sometimes some delays, but it happened only 2 times in one month so I'm OK with that. It's a nice robot easy to use and fast execution of trades.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Frazier | Date 2017-03-09
From my point, EA Gold Shark ver.5 is a great advisor, and you can trust to buy it for using. In fact, this EA has been tremendous help to me in trading when I started using it. I bought this EA in 6 months ago with 130$, and I think I have a right decision in buying it. This EA makes me have winning trades, so I always have joy in trading forex as well as using this EA. This EA is a reliable forex robot, because it gives me correct and specific signals in trading. Indeed, I just earned profit 350$ with pair USD/JPY in 3 days ago, because I receive the support from this EA. All in all, their customer service is really helpful, and I am satisfied with its performance. EA Gold Shark ver.5 is an excellent choice for every trader who wants to get constant profits, so I highly recommend it to all trades!!!
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Ballack | Date 2017-02-22
It is an unreliable robot, which will drown your trading account within hours of work. It sends wrong signals and works with slippage - 30 pips and sometimes more.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Shandy | Date 2017-02-21
EA Gold Shark ver 5 is a good EA, I have really enjoyed this advisor. Last year, when I find an advisor on the internet to use after quitting my previous one, and I buy EA Gold Shark ver 5 with 150$. I’m sure that this price is reasonable, because this advisor helps me to earn more profit in trading. Thus, my fund has grown up to 1000$ since I used this advisor. Therefore, I think EA Gold Shark ver 5 will be my last advisor, because I don’t want to change another one. Overall, in my opinion, this advisor really is the most unique one and the best development for trading in Forex. Hence, I advise you should try this advisor – EA Gold Shark ver 5!!!
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: BlackSwanfx | Date 2017-02-15
This adviser is really a Shark, I lost quick all my funds using it. I traded on standard mode, after that I made adjustments and still made me lose time and money. The platform crashes when using it from 10 trades, 8 got lost from crashing. I wouldn't recommend it, except of money you lose time also trying to making it work.
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