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EA Gold Shark ver. 5 review

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Currency pairs: EUR/USD recommended
Time frame: M5, М15, М30, Н1 (М15, М30 recommended)
Work time: 24 hours
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is a unique Expert Adviser and one of the latest and best products developed by the Finance Plus team for Forex traders. EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is based on a unique algorithm of indicators to provide maximum profits.
Options of EA Gold Shark ver. 5:
  • 3 unconventional indicators;
  • Parallel trading with several currency pairs (multicurrency trading);
  • Protection from false signals;
  • Locking and averaging of unfavorable positions to offset losses;
  • Trailing orders;
  • Inverse trading;
  • Stable trading even on highly volatile market.
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 may be used both in normal conditions and at high risks.
Having properly adjusted it, any trader, even inexperienced one, may use EA Gold Shark ver. 5 to raise his capital. 

EA Gold Shark ver. 5 8/10 (votes 913)
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Eronico | Date 2013-04-14
I will not recommend this broker to a friend because they cut my leverage after making profits for 3 months with no reason. They can't provide a valid reason why they cut my leverage. I suspect this broker is a bucket shop.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: LOndon | Date 2013-04-13
Disconnection are very common especially when trades are going on your way and it always happened when I am in a winning positions.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Speddy | Date 2013-04-10
1. Micro spreads are way too wide at asian period. 2. Micro feed servers are down already a second day in a row. Yesterday it was down for 10hours . Today in morning few hours. 3. All the deposit process take way too long (almoust 2 weeks!)
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Fxtraderinsouth | Date 2013-04-09
I don't see problems with them, withdraw in 1 hour with profits included. Spreads are fantastic, 1 pip on many pairs. Chat service has helped a lot and I have yet to have issues with orders so they are a cool broker
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Show me your love | Date 2013-04-05
I thought this would be a good broker for scalping; however, they have a spread on the EUR/USD of 3-8 points which is very unreasonable.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Plutonian | Date 2013-03-14
Downloaded the demo and it went fine. I inquire about opening a live account and they called me a few times. Found out that they are not a regulated broker and there was just something about the guys that called me that made me feel suspicious and after reading the posts here I am sure glad that I did not take the bait.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Vaklita | Date 2013-03-10
Every time I placed an order with an associated stop loss, my position was taken out and the quickly pair resumed the original direction. I lost a total of $11K. Frequently had to restart the program Platform freezes at the most inconvenient moment; always to my detriment; and always my fault when I called to complain (must be my connection, my hardware, my ISP, etc, etc.). I've been trading stocks for a long time and am aware of the volatility of the FX marketplace. However, I expect a level playing field and a broker that isn't working against me 100% of the time
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Gael_Forex | Date 2013-03-04
Trading platform is not that stable, it always freeze for a short period of time. I am looking forward for the improvement.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Majorfx | Date 2013-03-02
I'm writing this review just to let you know my experiences with EA gold. I have to quit the brokerage due to the problem of constant re-quotes, invalid prices errors, sometimes i was just not able to put a trade at all due to re-quotes. I promoted this broker a lot of forums and stuff, but almost all of them who tried decided to leave the broker due to the bad server and re-quote thing.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Freeze | Date 2012-12-01
The system is full of bugs and the support is very rude and arrogant
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