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EA Gold Shark ver. 5 review

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Currency pairs: EUR/USD recommended
Time frame: M5, М15, М30, Н1 (М15, М30 recommended)
Work time: 24 hours
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is a unique Expert Adviser and one of the latest and best products developed by the Finance Plus team for Forex traders. EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is based on a unique algorithm of indicators to provide maximum profits.
Options of EA Gold Shark ver. 5:
  • 3 unconventional indicators;
  • Parallel trading with several currency pairs (multicurrency trading);
  • Protection from false signals;
  • Locking and averaging of unfavorable positions to offset losses;
  • Trailing orders;
  • Inverse trading;
  • Stable trading even on highly volatile market.
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 may be used both in normal conditions and at high risks.
Having properly adjusted it, any trader, even inexperienced one, may use EA Gold Shark ver. 5 to raise his capital. 

EA Gold Shark ver. 5 8/10 (votes 918)
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Boncos | Date 2019-12-06
EA Gold Shark is a real scalper! If what you're looking for is a trading EA that would take advantage of every price movement, then I would highly recommend this EA. I have been using this since the start of the year and I am still in awe with its results until now. I still can't believe that it is possible to earn as much as this EA does because I honestly don't think I would be able to earn this much if I am only trading on my own. Currently, my profit rate is at 14%.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Ifenza | Date 2019-11-29
I don't understand why EA Gold Shark is being recommended by a lot of people on the forum I joined. I don't know if they are employees of the company but I didn't see that EA Gold Shark is any good. I bought it because I believed the recommendations but after using it, the EA has only been failing in its trades. My account is now down by 10% because of this EA.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Elora | Date 2019-11-25
EA Gold Shark is a great adviser. I commend its developers for creating a trading assistant that moves profitably. I have been using it for more than half a year already and it has been consistent with its trading results. As a matter of fact, it becomes better the longer you use it. Now I know that I made the right decision of purchasing this EA.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Geiko | Date 2019-11-18
EA Gold Shark works marvelously most of the time. However, I don't think it will ever be able to handle high volatility. I tried using this bot on news announcement but it only failed on both times. As for the profit rate, I would say that it gives a pretty decent one. I just wouldn't suggest using it on news release. But it still gives decent additional earnings.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Micheal | Date 2019-11-12
I often go on trips for my day job and during those times, I am unable to open my trading account so there are also no activities in my account. I am starting to feel that the time wherein my account is inactive is wasted time. That is why I decided to get a trading assistant which would proxy for me when I'm away. So far. Gold Shark EA has been doing a good job and it has a profitable trading technique.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Wynne | Date 2019-11-04
EA Gold Shark was recommended to me by another trader whom I met on a conference. She said that it worked really well for her and that I should give it a try. I bought it for only $100 and used it right away. I observed its performance for a month and I could say that it does its job. However, it works slowly. It earns little by little and you wouldn't easily notice it until the end of the month. Once accumulated, it still gives a fair amount of profit. But if you are looking for something that earns fast, then this is not it.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Amber | Date 2019-10-25
EA Gold Shark is a good scalping trading advisor. I was already impressed just from its performance during the first few weeks of using it. It doubled my profit rate and I can even leave my account for a few days without worrying. I know that it would always have good results so there is no need to check on it constantly. Presently, this EA has been with me for more than half a year already and I am still happy with the results it gives.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Marcell | Date 2019-10-24
EA Gold Shark is a great option for beginners. If they are still hesitant about their trading skills, they can purchase this EA and it will help them earn. This EA is an effective stand-alone trading assistant. It makes impressive trading actions that often turn out to be profitable. I guess, even professionals can benefit from this EA.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Henshi | Date 2019-10-02
I probably expected too much from EA Gold Shark that is why I am too disappointed but I don't think this EA was worth the buy. It said that it is able to have a stable trading activity even during high volatility but when it entered the market on a news release, it only lost a huge amount of money. It also caused a temporary glitching in the platform which never happened before even when I was trading on high volatility.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Larnae | Date 2019-09-26
When I got EA Gold Shark, I did not expect a lot. Of course, I expected it to be a decent trading assistant but I was surprised by how great this EA actually is. It earns twice as much as my regular profit rate and it retrieved the amount I spent on it in less than two weeks. It exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the results of its activities.
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