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On-line since: 1999
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: Registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Also regulated by the official regulators in UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and France
Payment options: On-line checks, bank wire, paper checks and credit cards
Minimum account size: $2,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:100 and 1:200
Spreads: 2-3 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

FXCM Company is one of the leading online Forex brokers. Company’s clients are residents of more than 150 countries. International representation offices and branches of FXCM Company are located in all major financial centers of the world and it allows its clients to get high quality and efficient service. 

FXCM is under the control of regulatory bodies which have authority worldwide. Thus, activity of regional office FXCM in London (Holding LLC) is regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) in the UK.

FXCM 8/10 (votes 4107)
Author of FXCM : Fxterka | Date 2016-04-29
This is very bad broker. i have only bad experiences wit him. Trading platform is very slow and unstable, the execution very very slow and it is very difficult to trades with this broker.
Author of FXCM : Tiffany | Date 2016-04-28
Very high spreads, if you is looking for small profits so they will eat all your profits.
Author of FXCM : Pepper4X | Date 2016-04-27
They cancelled some of my profitable deals, but that’s the kind of thing you actually expect an offshore broker to do. Their customer support did not even try to explain why and what happened. I never double-risk my money, when I was once scammed.
Author of FXCM : Makrem_FX | Date 2016-04-26
I have decided to trade with this broker because of their advantages as a trader and also because I've improve my skills. Recently most of the time the trading platform was freezed and The spread issue is getting worst. I thought it would only happen on Sunday, but it's 12 midnight EST, the spread on Euro is 8-10 pips. Absolutely unacceptable.
Author of FXCM : Bobfx | Date 2016-04-25
I don't recommend Fxcm. Broker is not professional, customer support simply does not exist. Minimum amount for deposit is high and broker does not delivery high level services.
Author of FXCM : Weing | Date 2016-04-21
The gold price is about $3 different from the real market in a point of time.The currencies pair has about 10pips different from the real market. The more scary thing is that they amended the price in their server a few hour later.I sent an email to them but they never reply. I Strongly not recommend anyone using this platform if you don't want to lose money without knowing what is happening.
Author of FXCM : fxmanggalepok | Date 2016-04-20
I want to say that I disagree with the words that FXCM is good broker. Why? Because I've been let down by them, I had get a lot of losses. When I tried trading, the connection is always got problem when trying to execute even though I have been used the wifi with high signal or used good operator, profits that I can get in front of the eyes are destroyed. Each of my complaints to their customer support, always no response. I hate FXCM.
Author of FXCM : Paolo_It | Date 2016-03-29
i liked their demo acocunt. i've tried to fund my account, but it was not possible. They don't offer conveniente deposit metohds tome. I've tried to ask help to cliente support, but have no answer. If is not easy to send Money to them, I can imagine that it's much more difficult to withdraw Money. I gave up.
Author of FXCM : fxharyanah | Date 2016-03-23
I do not know what's wrong with FXCM, first there was no problem when registration and verification process, all went smoothly. But when I want to trade with the help of strategy and analysis from personal manager of FXCM, I cpuldn't trade. Their connection was bad, at the right time to trade, those connections disappear and I missed a lot of opportunities to make a profit because they have a bad connection. They remain in poor connection even if I use a good provider or use a fast wifi.
Author of FXCM : Andreas | Date 2016-03-22
FXCM is very old and reliable broker, with many licenses. But still it's a market maket that will always be against you. So i advise you to choose only true STP/ECN brokers where conflict of interest will not exist. If you don't know what broker to choose, I can help you , just add me in skype - vovkfx.
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