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On-line since: 2004
Country of origin: Switzerland
Regulation: Dukascopy Bank - FINMА, Dukascopy Europe - FCMC
Payment options: Bank transfer, bank card, bank guarantee, depository services
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.1
Leverage:1:30, 1:200
Spreads: from o.1 pips

About the company:

Dukascopy Swiss Forex Group Company has two main priorities: SWFX and Dukascopy. Dukascopy broker ensures the direct access to Swiss Forex. This trading platform is popular with banks, hedge funds and professional traders owing to its high liquidity. SWFX – Swiss Forex Marketplace - is a technical decision and Dukascopy registered trademark.

Dukascopy 8/10 (votes 4272)
Author of Dukascopy: Joe | Date 2020-06-02
I choose them because they said this broker use the technology of execution, but the reality is different the execution slow and freeze every time. I had experienced a fake slippage of 86 pips on GPB/JPY pair on their MT4 platform which caused my profitable opened positions closed with negative balance and I lost about $483. Even my SL was did not execute. When I sent them an email regarding issue they informed me that this they do not have nothing to do.
Author of Dukascopy: Kamila | Date 2020-03-31
Dukascopy is regulated. In fact, that is the primary reason I chose this broker. They are licensed by two regulatory authorities. Trading experience is good as well, but there are times when the platform would crash (especially during news announcement). Still, I am able to earn somehow. The only problem I see right now is their customer care service. Despite their promise of giving us the best support, there are still some representatives who are a bit rude and unprofessional.
Author of Dukascopy: Rose | Date 2019-11-22
I was only 4 months here. And I thought, I had lost a lot of my money and time to trade with them. They don't have an orderly system, everything was going so mess. From the first month I've suffered losses, as well as the second and third months. In the fourth month, I did not experience losses, but I think I had already lost a lot of my time, money and energy. I will no longer use my account to trade here. I need to looking for another broker.
Author of Dukascopy: Haliamiii | Date 2019-08-20
One of the worst experiences of my life. Their demo account is very different of real account. Everything works well and smooth in demo account, but I didn't see the same in the real account. I made a deposit of $300 two weeks ago. In just two minutes, I lost everything because the platform has frozen and my stop loss order was not executed. I got very furious and sent many emails to their support and they said this problem was due my internet connection. It's not true. I don't recommend it to anyone, they will drain your account and say it's your fault
Author of Dukascopy: Ramly | Date 2019-02-12
The signup process of Dukascopy is very easy. I was well-assisted by the customer representative and clearly explained to me the documents needed. It was almost just like a snap and everything was finished. Their platform is commendable as it is pleasing to the eye and really stable. However, I had some time when I couldn't trade for a few days or weeks due to my line of work and I don't leave any open position during those times. The problem is I didn't know that there was a dormant or inactivity fee. It wasn't mentioned at all while signing up. So I was charged with 100USD without any prior notice. They could have at least sent an email warning me about the fee because I really had no idea.
Author of Dukascopy: fxjiho | Date 2018-09-18
I am a day trader and I use short and medium term positions in Dukascopy. My trading experience is very satisfying in the first two months, they are trustworthy, no problems with orders or withdrawals. But last week I am experiencing problem that the one of trade that is closed on it's own and the support didn't helped me to fix the problem. They help is a bit slow and sometimes answer for more then an hour and dont work on weekends. I do not recommend them because I think good broker not only which set nice spreads from o.1 pips, minimum lot size: 0.1 and minimum account size only $100 but also provide good service and support for their client. And now I gonna stop making trading here.
Author of Dukascopy: Moyo | Date 2018-07-19
I have experienced strange behavior using Dukascopy. Placing a stop, the price could drop below the stop, and then bounce back up - stop was hit on the way up again, but stop price was at the bottom. What they do with stops, is they wait and see if the price bounce up, and then trigger the stop. Total scam, avoid at all costs.
Author of Dukascopy: piphahahaha | Date 2018-03-20
Actually I trade in Dukascopy because they have great prices with a lowest minimum account size: $100. I have been with this broker since last month, I made trading twice and they gave bonus of $30, also I was allowed to withdraw my bonus via diverse payment options such as Bank transfer, bank card, bank guarantee, depository services. I want to trade more, but the verification process is very difficult and the managers are not a good help for it. They seems like don’t have much knowledge about the process so they only can answer basic question. I think the verification process is very important, if the process is take a long time it will be very disturbing the trading. I have been stopped my trading process this week, but I hope they improve their service in order to satisfy the traders.
Author of Dukascopy: Giorgiafx | Date 2018-01-27
Dukascopy has one of the weakest platforms. They have delays in execution and so many times requotes. I started to trade with them after I check their demo account which didn't had any issues. And then after I deposited 200$ I started to trade currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JYP, GBP/USD the problems started to emerge. I called their support team and they can't help me, the only advice was to re-install the platform, and to use different server. The problem is still there, and I think during volatility times the broker is manipulating the prices.
Author of Dukascopy: Kiri | Date 2017-12-21
I had a bad experience with this broker.It has rules which don’t have sense. minimum deposit is too high and I used a wire transfer but the commission was very high and my profits weren't high neither. I reported this to the support but its was never resolved. I will surely replace them with the other brokers.
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