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IfamDirect exits market embezzling clients funds


On-line sejak: 2006
Negara asal: Inggris
Regulasi: -
Opsi pembayaran: wire transfer, uang tunai
Saldo minimum: $100
Lot terkecil: 0,1 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: mulai 0,2 pips

Tentang perusahaan:

IfamDirect adalah perusahaan broker yang beroperasi di pasar Forex sejak 2006.

Broker tersebut menyediakan sejumlah besar instrumen trading, lima tipe akun, spread pasar yang rendah dan juga biaya komisi ECN dan instrumen pasar saham yang minimum. Klien IfamDirect memperoleh keuntungan dari penumpukan bunga dari dana deposit yang tidak digunakan dalam trading dan operasi investasi.

IfamDirect menyediakan platform trading hybrid, IfamTrader 4, yang menggabungkan fitur dasar MetaTrader 4 dan pengembangan perusahaan itu sendiri yang unik.

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Author dari IfamDirect: Bram | Tanggal 2021-02-22
IfamDirect left a scar on me. My experience with them is something that I will never forget. I traded with them for almost a year and I trusted them wholeheartedly because they were very accommodating and nice. I felt so betrayed when they terminated my account just because I refused to deposit more and they never released any money to me as well.
Author dari IfamDirect: Karolina | Tanggal 2021-02-08
I lost a thousand dollars at IfamDirect. Looking at their website, there was nothing suspicious that you could see. In fact, it rather looked professional. That is why I did not hesitate to open an account with them when their employee called me to offer their services. I guess this is the length of efforts that fraudsters are willing to take just to rob people.
Author dari IfamDirect: Dutta | Tanggal 2021-02-01
I had an amazing experience at IfamDirect. They had a great trading platform which can even handle high volatility. I remember getting out of the market with huge profits during news announcements. But then the broker suddenly shut down and I was not even able to withdraw any amount from my account. The broker also did not bother returning our money anymore.
Author dari IfamDirect: Ukamaka | Tanggal 2021-01-26
I invested $3000 at IfamDirect. After almost a year, I was able to earn more than a thousand dollars. I decided to take the profit and keep my initial capital on my trading account. I sent a withdrawal request and was just waiting for it to be completed but a week has passed and there was still nothing. I asked for an update from the broker but they were not responding. A month has passed which turned into months and there was still nothing. In the end, the company closed my account without my permission and I never got my money back.
Author dari IfamDirect: Hayashi | Tanggal 2021-01-21
My account at IfamDirect was suspended for a week because of a violation which they did not clearly discuss to me. I had more than a hundred dollars before they suspended it and when I got it back, only $50 was left. They said that it was due to the charges I incurred. I thought that it was normal at first but then they started asking me to replenish my account and if I don't, I would lose what's remaining in my account and even threatened me that I will be in debt. That was when I confronted them and with that, they just closed my account and blocked me.
Author dari IfamDirect: Noviena | Tanggal 2021-01-11
My trading experience at IfamDirect was not perfect to begin with. Their trading platform is unstable and the fees vary too much that it becomes unreasonable already. I was only think about switching to a different broker but IfamDirect suddenly closed down without paying us or returning our funds.
Author dari IfamDirect: Kinzer | Tanggal 2021-01-06
In my experience, IfamDirect did not bother to make me believe that they are legitimate after I deposited $5000. They only played with my mind until I open an account. Then after that, they straight out terminated my account and took the deposit that I made.
Author dari IfamDirect: Christian | Tanggal 2020-12-29
My remaining balance at IfamDirect when I last checked was $986. I invested more than $1000 but this is what remained because of losses. I decided to close my account because I realized that trading was not fit for me. But the broker held my funds. They did not release it and instead terminated my account. This is when I knew that I made a terrible decision.
Author dari IfamDirect: Mulyana | Tanggal 2020-12-24
I lost more than $5000 at IfamDirect. This was a lesson learned for me. I realized that fraudsters have the capacity to make themselves so believable so I have to be very careful the next time. I guess, the only good thing here is that the broker has stopped their operations and won't get more victims. But I hope they still get arrested.
Author dari IfamDirect: Clarenze | Tanggal 2020-12-14
Karma will get back to these people. The law should have chased them but I think it is far from possible now. I am still hoping that they would be arrested and be fully punished for the deception that they did to us. I lost almost a thousand dollars on this broker. I trusted them but they betrayed me.
Author dari IfamDirect: Navera | Tanggal 2021-02-17
Why is it so unfair? Whoever is behind this company should have been arrested and punished when it was proven that they were operating maliciously. It is heartbreaking that the damage is only towards the victims' side.
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