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Pardus Ulasan

The Pardus expert advisor

The Pardus expert advisor is a mechanical trading system which was developed on the basis of time-proved and high-performance trading system.
The usage of Pardus helps get high interest from the profit suffering the minimal drawdown.
When developing the Pardus advisor the main aim was creating the most efficient instrument for long-term, profitable and low risk trading.
The algorithm of the Pardus advisor includes some solutions that were used in the reliable 3WpU Advisor. There are the analysis of several technical indicators and the whole number of candlestick patterns analysis in the basis of the expert’s functioning.
Moreover, the Pardus advisor uses a filter system that helps to avoid high-risk positions. There is also a function based on the market fundamental analysis, which helps Pardus to open positions only during such trading sessions when trading is the most efficient (including the market reaction on significant news). It helps Pardus to open positions having a high probability of making profit.
Besides, working with the permanent lot the Pardus advisor uses an efficient Money Management mechanism, which helps to increase profit in the case of optimal risks.
The Pardus advisor includes the closing bar control function; so, you enter the market at the opening price of the next time period if the trading signal remains. It eliminates the problem of discrepancy between the results of testing and real trading.
The Pardus advisor’s peculiarity contains in two different programs that are used for opening and monitoring short and long positions. It means that there are two different algorithms for selling and buying. The reason for that is the market dynamics being different when the market grows and falls.
Due to the system’s universality, the Pardus advisor helps to trade successfully with almost any major currency pair and cross-currency pair.
Depending on a trader’s decision, the expert advisor can operate in any trading conditions set by different brokers: Market Execution, Instant Execution – the data format having 4 and 5 digits after the comma.

Pardus 7/10 (votes 35)
Author dari Pardus: Khim | Tanggal 2019-05-15
I am probably the happiest person on Earth now that I've purchased and used Pardus EA. It is not simply because I am now earning more than my usual profit rate but the fact that an EA actually worked makes me really satisfied. It also brings market analysis and financial news every now and then so I am always updated with the recent happenings. There is also no issue running this bot on my platform.
Author dari Pardus: Liwani | Tanggal 2019-05-09
Pardus expert advisor is a good trading EA, no questions about that. It regularly makes profitable trading activities, it has a section containing market reviews and financial news. It serves as a trading assistant and learning material at the same time. However, I cannot deny the fact that I bought it for a high cost. I looked into other trading EAs and this one is the most expensive among them all. It would be a bit of an issue if you are on a budget.
Author dari Pardus: Akter | Tanggal 2019-04-29
Pardus EA is actually impressive. I have been using it for nine weeks now and it has been bringing positive results. On the first three weeks, it has already returned the cost I spent on buying this. And after that, it has been profits after profit. It manages to do well on all kinds of market condition and the signals it provides are always helpful. I am completely satisfied with this EA.
Author dari Pardus: Eumira | Tanggal 2019-04-23
I don't know if Pardus expert advisor really did work for other people but in my case, it didn't. It has a lot of drawbacks and it did not meet my basic expectations. It doesn't even trade regularly. There are some days when it skips trading. It happens even during calm markets where you can be more at ease compared with high volatility. So far, it hasn't gained me any profit and instead acquired a few losses. This EA is disappointing.
Author dari Pardus: Lily | Tanggal 2019-04-12
I have been using Pardus EA since last year. It is very easy to use and is not complicated to set up. It was modest on its first few months, carefully opening positions with small lot size. But as time passed by, it gradually widened the lot size and with it came huge profit. I trade the pairs EUR/USD and USD/CAD with this EA and so far, it has increased my profit rate by 23%.
Author dari Pardus: Dennis | Tanggal 2019-04-05
I used Pardus for the past week and it performed poorly. I am still fortunate that I tested it out first on a demo account because it might have wiped out all of my account balance. My demo account had a $5000 virtual fund. The EA traded at least three times a day and most of its trades lost. It only had 5 wins out of the 28 trades that it made. And because of that, it lost $491.32. That is too much losses for a week, don't you think?
Author dari Pardus: Lin | Tanggal 2019-03-29
Out of the many EAs that I have tried, Pardus by far has the most satisfying performance. It works well across all currency pairs but I love using it the most with USD/JPY and AUD/USD pairs. Before using this EA, I used to earn around $15 per week. But now, it has doubled and the least earning I had was $34. I already recommended it to my other friend and it is also compatible with her broker's platform. She's also loving it!
Author dari Pardus: Hedd | Tanggal 2019-03-25
If you are going to get Pardus expert advisor, don't expect much. This is just an ordinary trading EA that would do the trades for you (but not very often) and will provide trading signals (though not always accurate). Given its performance, is it worth its price? No, I don't think so. I have tried another EA which costed almost the same as this one and that EA performed way better than this. I was supposed to find a better EA than that, but as it is, Pardus EA is not the one.
Author dari Pardus: Irenina | Tanggal 2019-03-18
It has been around 4 months since I started using Pardus EA. I got it for $200 and I was guaranteed with a 60-day trial period wherein if I didn't like the performance, I could return it and take a refund. But that was not necessary as this EA is superb. It trades wisely, keeping its losses to a limit and being grand with the profits. So far, it has already earned me more than $600. Even on my busy days, I can still expect profit because of this.
Author dari Pardus: Margi | Tanggal 2019-03-12
Pardus EA is a typical Forex adviser that both earns and loses. Although I must recognize that the earnings are still higher than the losses so it can still be considered profitable. I'm not really sure about their claim on the high profitability on long-term trades because it really isn't that impressive. Also, this EA is only profitable when trading major pairs like EUR/USD and USD/JPY but mostly fails when trading minor pairs like USD/CAD. It would be better if it works well on all pairs.
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